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Murder victim was with woman; man held released

Jefferson Joseph

Jefferson Joseph

While confirming an earlier BVI News Online report that a man was detained in relation to the murder of 41-year-old Jefferson Joseph, police said the late resident of Mountain Valley in Huntums Ghut was in the company of a woman when he was shot dead.

The woman was treated at hospital and released. The police did not disclose the reason she had sought treatment.

The man, who was held this morning in relation to the murder, was released from police custody.

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF), in a media release this evening, stated that its officers are asking the public for information that could help in the murder investigation.

“Initial inquiries suggest that on Sunday morning just before 4am, Joseph and a female companion had left a nightclub close to the CSY Dock, and was about to leave in his vehicle when shots were fired. Joseph was pronounced dead at the scene. His female companion was treated at hospital and discharged,” said the RVIPF.

It added that a crane service was sought to remove Joseph’s vehicle, which ended up over a road barrier following the shooting incident.

“One man detained and questioned by police in relation to the murder has since been released. Persons with information can contact the RVIPF Intelligence Unit at 368-9339. Investigations are ongoing,” added the RVIPF.

The late Joseph, who was released from Her Majesty’s Prison recently, was before the court for allegedly inciting another person to murder Melbourne Francis in Long Look, Tortola, on May 9, 2013.

The prosecution claimed that Joseph offered St Kitts native Andraes Norford $13,000 to murder Francis.

It is further alleged that, following the shooting, Joseph and Norford had several conversations about what took place, and Norford even admitted that he carried out the gun attack.

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  1. Offshore says:

    And what about Ashy? When are we going to turn on the news and see/hear that someone has been apprehended in his case? We hope the police is still actively looking for his killer(s)?.

  2. Tolian to the Bone says:

    I second that. We are waiting and praying to hear something about Ashy’s killer being apprehended and thrown to the back of the jailhouse, after due process of course.

  3. Nonsense says:

    This is how ppl get them death, he is not here to defend himself but even in his death you news ppl quick to blast something negative out before the man could have defended himself.

    All you all good for is going off of hear say, nonsense. Always quick to judge a man because he messed up in the pass.

    If it was someone else that got killed and he was brought in, he would not been questioned but accused and locked up. He never had a chance.

    Every time he got in something you all (the police force) pin something else on him because you all don’t solve a dame thing. I blame the hands of his murderer, the news and every negative force that came against him.

    Now he is gone lets see if this shit stop happening. I am sure it wouldn’t.

    All this senseless killing and breaking down of ppl got to stop. Just when this man was getting his life back on track and keeping positive.

    • Friend says:

      Nonsense i agree with all that u said. It will mever stop. I hate tola people u all need to stop the nonsense. Thats y am not coming back to tola

      • @not coming back says:

        Good riddance. When President Trump deal with you all any rock will do, including this muddy one. Never say never!

    • Really? says:

      This guy has been bad news for years. In and out of jail, always in fights in school, deep into drugs and by the way who do you know walks around Tola with bullet proof vest on them? What are you into?

      Why do we family members continues to see our own doing wrong and pretend it is ok to shelter them?

  4. Hoops says:

    You lucky

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