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Persons living in cemetery after hurricane -Fraser

Opposition parliamentarian Julian Fraser. File photo

By Davion Smith, BVI News Online Journalist

Government is being warned that it may end up paying a heavy price if it does not urgently address the issue of housing for residents, including those said to be living among the dead since they were left homeless last month by monster hurricane Irma.

Representative of the Third Electoral District Julian Fraser revealed in the House of Assemble last week that a number of his constituents are staying in graveyards and among rubble.

“I didn’t say dead people in the cemetery; [I said] living people in the cemetery.”

“I have gone to places; I can show you where they are if you haven’t gone there. Just as you make the right turn to go on the race track [in Sea Cow’s Bay]…people live there. Right now it’s a [pile] of heap,” Fraser asserted.

The district representative said he is concerned that even more persons may be without proper shelter before the end of this week.

According to him, persons living in the emergency shelter at the Multi-purpose Sports Complex in Road Town are being told to leave that facility.

“I was told that they have to leave by Wednesday. Where are they going? That’s the government’s responsibility. I have not seen one trailer come to this country for the temporary housing of people. I haven’t seen it; I didn’t say they didn’t come,” Fraser said, adding that there are no shelters in his district.

“These are homeless people. We gotta address this issue head-on, and there is no getting away from it. If you try to run away from it, you’re gonna pay a heavy price for it, Premier [Dr D Orlando Smith]. This is our responsibility,” added Fraser, who also is a member of the parliamentary opposition.

The total number of houses reported damaged or destroyed during Hurricane Irma stood at 4,240 up to the end of September, according to the Third Situation Analysis of the hurricane presented by the Department of Disaster Management and the National Emergency Operations Centre.

The report added that approximately 22.5 percent of the territory’s population has been displaced. The 2010 Population and Housing Census Report said the British Virgin Islands has a population of 28,054.

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  1. Lily ann says:

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    They need to bring tents and trailers to put the tents in … this is ridiculous…
    Lord have mercy on those souls

  2. Hmmmm says:

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    Again we are acting proud because those in power are comfortable. We need outside help and FAST!!!

  3. Tears says:

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    What is this? Closing shelters! I’m sorry but all I have been seeing and hearing is of homes destroyed. Missing roofs, walls and windows. Reports of landlords expecting tennants to continue to pay full rent for destroyed homes.

    Many renters who have no jobs to go to because the businesses have been destroyed. Many renters without insurance for their lost belongings. How do these people survive? Where do they live? How do they pay for food or phone?

    It seems there is an assumption that all the people remaining on island are wealthy and have homes to live in, cars to drive and full bank accounts. This is not true.

    Is there any financial support coming from government to help these people who were the low to minimum wage earners who had a rough time meeting the cost of living pre-Irma and now have no pay check, no belongings, and no home to go to.

    Living in graveyards? Is the thought to ignore them and maybe they will disappear?

    • Unknown says:

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      U are so true landlords dont even cate all they care about is their money my landlord came over and i wanted to have a chat with him and he ignored me never came to listen,i hv broken windows damage doors,yes i have a foof over my head but all my stuff got wet i had to throw away 2 of my beds all my rugs dressing table whos paying forr that

  4. Barbie says:

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    While I agree that the government should be helping with those displace by both hurricanes, it is not solely there responsibility to provide housing. If persons resort to living among the dead then that speaks loudly about their characters.

    I am sure they have relatives and friends who will take them in but because of the some issues they are unwilling to do so.

    This begs the questions. Are they virgin islanders, belongs and residents of this country. If not then they should leave if the have no place to live and no job. They could return at a later date when things pickup.

  5. Want2Kno says:

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    Before Irma, didn’t the Government stated that the “had a plan in place?”

    Where is that plan? Was it blown away too?

  6. Politicians says:

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    Most of these reps just a bunch of wind bags just talk a bunch of crap for the cameras instead of working behind the scenes to try bring about solutions, fake.

    • Albion says:

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      I was thinking the same thing. Hurricane or no hurricane, you will still get politicians getting up and grandstanding but offering no practical solutions to the problems the country is facing.

      Some things will never change.

  7. Predictable says:

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    How many of these people are refusing to be evacuated to their countries.They should be forced to do so if they are not able to sustain themselves in the decimated islands of the BVI, There is but so much that can be shared .

    • Please says:

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      Stop the hate god make the world and people he didn’t designate any ownership to no man.

    • Concern says:

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      It is very sad when the ppl of the BVI telling down island as we are called to get out . We the down island ppl build the country. We pay our taxes , we support every events , if wasn’t for us down island ppl who would do the meanual jobs … in this crisis where ppl of the BVI plus down island has suffered.. down island ppl rent apartments … I payed my rent of 2 months ( August An September) because I went away on holiday . I supposed to return on the 23 rd of sept ( kind me payed my rent because it is due on the 1st of every month … I came back to see my land lord in my apt an destroy what little that was left from Irma . I cannot get my deposit back no rent back An no place to live … I have to take rescue at some one else house …. how great is that …. we the down island ppl this is what we have to put up with … sad but true …. so this is what they have to tell us get out … this is God land god place … ppl need to change their behavior An way of thinking … but as I see it it will never happen …. it is always this word …. GET OUT 🙄

  8. 3rd district says:

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    Fraser your leadership has been poor in the handling of the 3rd district after IRMA.

    • Anny says:

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      His well was even closed to the public so people cannot even go there to get a bucket of f water in a time of need. What a shame

  9. Sadeyes says:

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    If a person live in an apartment and did not prepare the building and the hurricane cause damages shouldn’t the owners pay for my damages because the building was not prep for the hurricane

    • Sam the man says:

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      v true sad eyes but sadly many are not responsible enough including the government and either haven’t prepared properly or made sure their property insurance was paid up to date – charity is needed sure….and we are all responsible for that not just the government to our neighbors – food/temp shelter etc for a short term period but then folk need to provide for themselves.

      The Government is no bank and can’t provide for everyone – sad though that in times of crisis they can’t even organize payments of government employees salaries – quite shambolic really….just when folk really need that pay check

    • Unknown says:

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      So true all my furniture got damage

  10. Hummmmm says:

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    The ground is saturated where will these tents go I hope they have bedding as well not only tents

  11. Unknown says:

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    Who paying for our stuff that got damage lanslord didnt c9me to see if tents ok all they did was come sign recipt to collect rent whos payin for my stuff that got damae

  12. Concerned Native says:

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    Residents of the BVI stay awake and pay careful attention to your district representatives. How many of them can actually say and prove that from their personal pocket books they have chipped in and donated to the residents to help them or help the BVI with the recovery?

    Mind you, majority are all wealthy business men.

    They unfortunately don’t have a heart or compassion for the very people who voted them into office and are still very much only looking out for their personal interests and not the best interest of all.

  13. Liberal says:

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    The people of the BVI have been once again fooled by the present Government the NDP administration regarding to going back to the Premier’s statement saying the country isn’t broke. However, it’s over a month and still no sign of the government putting persons to work in a fast and effective way to get the country clean up..That’s tell you peop with a brain that there is limited moneies. Another matter very disturbing is, why cabinet decided to lift the state of emergency so the governor can’t control and get things done in the proper manner?

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