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Premier eyes UK financial support to help rebuild

Premier Orlando Smith. File photo

Nedburn Thaffe – Premier Dr. D Orlando Smith has said that the British Virgin Islands will be counting on its mother country – the United Kingdom (UK) – to provide financial support to help rebuild the territory.

His statement comes at a time when the UK is being criticized for what has been described as its lacklustre response to help the BVI and other Overseas Territories damaged by Hurricane Irma.

“Rebuilding an entire territory is no small undertaking,” the Premier said in a statement this afternoon.

“A comprehensive economic package for reconstruction, backed by the UK Government will be needed over the long-term in order to return to normalcy.”

Premier Smith said he was confident that with support from the UK the territory can return to its glory days.

“I have every confidence that through the resilience of the people of the BVI and the support of our British partners, we will achieve this. I look forward to hearing more from the UK Government about its plans for working with us to ensure this happens in timely fashion,” he said.

Business Support

Turning to the business side of things, he said the BVI has begun working with the private sector to ensure “the business and financial services sector is able to function in good time.”

“Many overseas offices have come together to support the BVI and work out the best way of continuing to provide vital business services remotely until the BVI is in a position to bring them back substantively on the Island.”

“We are incredibly grateful for the contribution they are making and the efforts being made to help this part of the BVI economy get back on its feet,” he said.

Noting that the tourism industry is more heavily dependent on structural facilities, the Premier said it will take time for the territory to be in a position to welcome tourists.

“However, we are in close touch with our partners in the cruise and hotel industry, and of course our tourism colleagues  overseas.  We will continue to provide updates as we move forward,” he said.

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  1. my goodness says:

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    Get OVER YOURSELF!!! You want independence when you are doing wrong and Mama UK wants to help you get on the right path, You send away the ship Mount Bay when you needed it after the rain. Now that you are useless and overwhelmed you want UK there with money faster than a plane can fly from there to here. Just get out of the way and let the work begin.

    • Donkey says:

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      Hey man can you really compare rain to a cat 6 Hurricane? Really.As i get older I am realizing that the Caribbean is not viable and we are ill prepared regionally.We still follow an antiquated education system. We build nothing we manufacture nothing in the Caribbean but we beat our chest like Tarzan.UK still has to help the independent islands that sustain damages from storms every year. we are not self sufficient.

    • Tolian says:

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      The magnitude of this storm would overwhelm any developing country in the world.Winds of almost 200mph.Look at all the federal help the state of Florida is receiving .No country in the Caribbean could get through this type of storm unassisted.Let’s not turn a tragedy into a political game.We have to support our government as they have to make the hard decisions.Time for politics will come later.Lets support each other as we clean up and rebuild.The colonies help build the U.K.,now they have a moral obligation to help us rebuild.

  2. Nigel Godfrey says:

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    It does seem the Islands in the Caribbean were totally unprepared for what is a highly likely event. their criticism of the UK’s ‘lacklustre’ response is a smoke screen to cover their own negligence. within 10 hours of hitting, the RFA Mounts Bay, a vessel 3 times larger and much better equipped that the Dutch and French vessels, was on station (as it had been since March!) this had leaked the runway, fixed the roof and reconnected the power to the hospital and stopped a dangerous fuel leak at a large fuel dump. 3 RAF planes took off as soon as it was safe to do so. I hardly call that a lacklustre response.

  3. TYS says:

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    Big Cookie Jar

  4. Where says:

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    Are the Independentistas……I bet they eating crow

  5. Bohica says:

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    What is rather curious to me is the abject lack of press coverage on the BVI, granted it is all about the US now, but initially there was very little mention of the BVI. So what EXACTLY is the purpose of the BVI Tourist Board if during an extreme emergency there the BVI is an after thought, hell Barbuda got more coverage than we did initially……I find it very odd, considering it is their job to market the BVI to the world, and yet nobody has really ever heard of our home.

  6. Debbie Weaver says:

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    I also find it strange that no news coverage has come forth regarding damage to the BVI after Irma. I have been trying for DAYS to get information. I have friends living throughout the BVI. I also find it very, very strange that so much coverage has been given to CUBA! This country is obviously the new darling of the left. The left wing news media is having a new love affair!!! Cuba is the new Haiti. Cuba hasn’t done a damn thing to help the world or the support left’s revered “global economy” as the all of the other Caribbean islands have with tourism alone!

  7. Margot smith says:

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    A British friend is trying to leave the island. He has been stopped by the ‘security’ at W.End Ferry dock as he isn’t a US citizen.
    The government has already approved this.
    He wants to return to the UK via St. Thomas and has a ticket waiting for him.
    Can anyone please do anything about this?

    Last time I checked it was the BRITISH Virgin Islands!

  8. Ex Expat says:

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    Curious to see the need for UK funds now after failing to make financial books more transparent.
    I suggest that aid to rebuild will have many conditions attached which may not be very palatable.
    History also shows that after a disaster fraud and corruption comes to light.
    Hopefully when rebuilt you will be a more open, transparent, fair, and honest society.

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