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Students to gain credit in cleanup

While noting that sections of the Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS) had flood waters up to six feet high, Principal Sandy Underhill has called for maximum assistance from the community to clean up the nearly eight-acre campus.

She said students can earn academic-related credits if they turn up to lend a hand.

“Students who have stepped forward – we also want them to know that this is an opportunity to get community service hours as well. It’s a lot of work and it’s going to require all hands on deck,” Underhill said.

Acquiring a certain amount of community hours is a graduation requirement for students.

Underhill, in the meantime, told BVI News Online that ESHS sustained considerable damage from heavy rains, adding that a vast number of equipment and other school property were affected.

“Our school seems to have sustained significant water damage – a lot of water in the basement of the new east building… I can’t give you an overall estimate [of the value of damaged properties] but it is significant.”

Underhill further stated that the close proximity of the school to a major ghut is what contributed to the institution being flooded.

“It would seem – although I’m not an expert – that the ghut overflowed at some point during the course of Monday evening, and that is what poured out into the school. And because the rain was non-stop, there was not enough time for the water to have any real escape. So the water settled up to six feet in the basement of the new building of the school.”

“Six feet means that it went into the windows, into the classrooms, and pretty much all equipment and resources were under water,” Underhill added.

Sandy Underhill. File photo

Flood waters also knocked out sections of the recently-built perimeter wall at the school.

Underhill said community members already started to assist with the cleanup. “We’ve had overwhelming support, but we are asking for more. Our school is about seven-and-a-half acres in size and there is debris everywhere. There is mud, lots of water damage, and again we’re just asking for anybody else in the community to just come out and assist. Again, heartfelt gratitude to those you have already stepped up – we are extremely grateful and thankful.”

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  1. alright says:

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  2. Stpppps says:

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    Where is Walwyn? Where are the funds allocated for cleanup?

  3. No name says:

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    Yes, where is Walwyn? 👀👀👀

  4. Abby says:

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    Does the Government pay to have any of their properties insured for times like these?

  5. Helping says:

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    I suppose you don’t get the meaning of the word community? Not the government but the PEOPLE.

  6. really/ says:

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    this is not the time to be bashing the Govt. Govt have no control over mother nature.

    We need to stop the stupid talk and go lend a helping hand, get our school ready for the next school year [September].

    Hats off to all the volunteers including the various organizations that came on board. REMEMBER WE ARE ONE BVI.

  7. Truth says:

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    So they pocket all the money and the people do all the free work. I am sure the people do not mind doing community service if the mxnxxxxxs were being truthful to them.

    However let them go to hell with all the money. It is our country let us work hard to get it back on track.

  8. True Virgin Islands Culture says:

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    If parents truly cared about the schools and the environment in which their kids are learning in, they would encourage their children to go out and help clean up the schools.

    Before we started to change as a people (true Virgin Islanders), we used to be our brother’s keeper. We used to help our fellow community members build their houses and look for nothing more than a plate of food and a drink.

    Stop looking for the government to do everything. Let’s come together and clean up this place.

  9. Chupes says:

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    You shut the hell up. Yoaur government cares and cater to some more than others.

    Let the ones they look out for get out and help them clean. It’s not our job. When we started paying taxes and voting, that’s where they begin to serve us. Especially in times like these. Call in the force that may to assist and stop pocketing the dam money that is there for such a time like this.

    Chupes. They send the money to some offshore banking and the community clean up their troubles.

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