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Visitors to start paying environmental levy on September 1

The government has announced that visitors to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) will start paying an environmental and tourism levy of $10 at the territory’s ports of entry, effective September 1.

The levy is being implemented after the House of Assembly, on June 9, passed the Environmental Protection and Tourism Improvement Fund Act 2017.

The Act was gazetted on June 12, paving the way for visitors arriving in the territory via air or sea to be charged the levy.

The legislation, however, makes provision for the following persons to be exempted:

1. Residents and belongers

2. Non-residents two years old or under

3. Officers of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court

4. Guests of the Government

5. Official representatives of the Government of any country/territory

6. Persons accorded diplomatic privileges in accordance with the Diplomatic Privileges Ordinance

7. And persons exempted by the Minister by Order published in the Gazette.

“Other exemptions include visitors arriving in the [British] Virgin Islands on a second or subsequent occasion in the course of the same visit, persons in transit who on arrival do not leave the airport or dock, and crew of vessels,” said a media release from the Government Information Service.

“All visitors must have the necessary documents available to help determine their status.”

The National Democratic Party government said the funds collected will be used to facilitate environmental protection and improvement, climate change, as well as the maintenance and development of tourist sites and other tourism-related activities.
In the meantime, a few days ago, the BVI government also announced that, effective August 1, cruising permit fees for home and foreign based-charter boats will increase respectively to $6 and $16 per person per day.

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  1. King Kunta says:

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    and we can assume, like the cruise pier, there will be transparency into where these moneys are allocated after collection?

    • British Virgin Islands says:

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      Nature’s Little Secrets

      Secret no 1 – the Govt will fleece you for $10 when you arrive. It claims to be an environment tax but will be squandered on recurring expenditure.

      Secret no 2 – if you are sailing, the Govt will fleece you with crushing fees and taxes that will add $100s to the cost of your trip.

      Secret no 3 – the immigration officers and taxis will be rude to you.

      Secret no 4 – your taxi driver will fleece you by making a charge you per person rather than by trip, and will expect a further tip.

      Secret no 5 – restaurants will fleece you by using pro-forms blank bills and will be completed to include a 15% service charge under the “tax” line and then leave the service charge line empty in the hope you will pay a further 15%.

      Secret no 6 – the Govt will fleece you a further $20 to leave.

      Secret no 7 – it will take you longer to get through security at the airport than to drive there and check on. No such problem at the port at West End where you just pass your bag around the scanner.

      Secret no 8 – there are much more welcoming places in the Caribbean.

    • concerned says:

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      They will clean up around the ferry terminal!!

  2. Shadow says:

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    Hear ya …it’s just all about money spending in that place People soon stop go there

  3. huh says:

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    We dead now

  4. Kemp says:

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    Look confusing haay..

  5. Observer says:

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    lets fleece tourists. That will encourage them to come.

  6. Jeez says:

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    That’s abuse

  7. Smh says:

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    The NDP government is all about money. I personally believe some those money going in you all pocket.

    Time hard everyone is struggling..yet every week is some kind of money talk. Time for you all to go!!! Worst government ever!

  8. John Acland says:

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    Lets rob the tourists more! Money collected wil be wasted

  9. When will it stop says:

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    So does the fee apply to cruise ship visitors or nah?

  10. Bvislander here says:

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    So can we legalize Marijuana now because with all this f#£&ery going on we all might need to start smoking

  11. Adios says:

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    This visitor won’t be paying it. I’m done. Adios, Moving On. Just look at who is excluded, everyone but the visitor, who government just loves to f*** in the ass with fees,taxes etc.

    I’m done being nickel and dimed and not getting VALUE for my MONEY. Who always uses THAT phrase?

    And you knoe what? It’s not the money. It’s the GD Principle…I’m tired of getting screwed. Aloha. See ya in Havana.

  12. BVI-By Decent says:

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    So if I visit by plane, I pay a $20 tax to enter and exit (hidden in the cost of my ticket)?

    If I visit by ferry, I pay a $10 dollar tax to enter and exit? On top of that $10 tax I pay when visiting by boat, I now pay an extra $10 for an environmental levy?

    I better go certify my BVIslander/Belonger status so I can save my self some money when I bring my kids to visit family. It might not be much but geez.

  13. NotOblivious says:

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    Such short sighted “leadership”, but the sun is awfully blinding. How about benefits for incoming visitors instead of faux taxes.

    Do they not think that the USVI will seize this information to further their own benefit? There was a short story about three people and what they did with the money they were entrusted with…..I read it in a very famous Book once……

    Anyway, NDP will find their $1.00 exactly where they buried it! Oh, and I love how they tack on “climate change” in hopes to garner more support – LAME!

  14. Tax again says:

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    This government will tax there way to poverty. Because visitors and people who want to come here to make a better life will just go somewhere else.

  15. Reconsider says:

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    They are going to run every f****** visitor and potential visitors out of this over their greed Keep taxing everything and see where the BVI ends up not like they care they’re rich already.

    There’s already a decline cause some visitors vacationing on st Thomas and St. John say it’s to expensive for a day trip to Tortola especially if you have a large group or family.

  16. jerry says:

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    this trip I already paid for to the BVI’s will be my last.

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