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100+ vehicles allowed to discharge after 2 months | Shippers slapped with storage penalties

After more than two months, the shipment of vehicles the BVI Ports Authority (BVIPA) prevented from being discharged at its Port Purcell cargo facility has finally been allowed to return and offload.

The shipment, which contained 109 vehicles, a tractor, and a boat, was allowed to discharge on Sunday, May 31.

However, residents who had ordered these vehicles were made to pay unplanned expenses ranging between $220 to $330 per vehicle. These were expenses that accrued when the ship carrying the vehicles had to seek out storage facilities in other countries in the region.

“There were lots of complaints. They (residents) weren’t happy,” said Christopher Haycraft, the Managing Director of Island Shipping — the local agent for the ship responsible for transporting the vehicles.

“Some were just not happy but they understood and they paid. Some thought that we were the ones collecting the money and keeping it and so we educated them that this was the shipping line’s costs and we were just collecting on their behalf,” he explained.

“The little man ended up having to pay through no fault of his own but due to the unfortunate decisions made by senior management [of the BVIPA],” Haycraft further told our news centre.

What happened

Back in March, the ship carrying the vehicles was given approval from local health authorities to dock and discharge the cargo. But when it arrived, the BVIPA barred it from offloading.

In a subsequent letter to Haycraft, the BVIPA claimed that non-essential cargo — all goods that do not fall into the category of food, COVID-19-related response supplies, fuel, and medication — would not be accepted into the territory because of health concerns related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

However, health officials later confirmed with our news centre that no such instruction was given to the then Oleavine Maynard-led Port Authority.


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  1. BVI GOVT AGAIN says:

    Thank you BVI Government…. Thank you again for crippling the economy.


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  2. Statement says:

    Various statements concerning the arrival of vehicles at the port.
    1 – we are delighted that the vehicles arrived today, and are pleased that we unloaded them in record time. Congratulations to all our staff. This just goes to show what a competent acting MD can do on his first day.
    2 – the ship has never been to the BVI before, and we categorically deny that it was ever refused entry or turned away.
    3 – alright, the ship did come to the BVI before but was refused entry for operational and security reasons. We cannot make any further comment for operational and security reasons.
    4 – the ship tried to dock last month but its mooring ropes were too short to reach the dock so it had to go to St Martin to buy longer ropes.
    5 – the vehicles were unloaded months ago when the ship first came, and we don’t know why the owners have not cleared them off the dock yet. The storage fees must be paid before we release the vehicles. We summoned the ship back to collect the vehicles that have not been cleared.
    6 – the individual responsible for issuing official statements has gone to come back.
    7 – there are too many right hand drive cars in the BVI already. We drive on the left side of the road, and it is not safe to drive right hand cars.
    8 – how are our hard working taxi drivers going to earn a living if we keep importing cars.
    9 – we have not been paid any increments for 10 years.
    10 – please stand behind the yellow line and observe social distancing.
    11 – you will understand that in the light of the Covid 19 pandemic, we cannot do whatever it is that you are complaining that we have not done.
    12 – the staff at the ports authority, immigration and customs are one happy family who work tirelessly to ensure that clearing goods at the port is effortless and not subject to tiresome bureaucracy designed to frustrate everybody using the port.

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  3. Tu says:

    Right hand drive vehicles is the vehicles required for countries where they drive on the left.

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  4. After says:

    becoming billionaires from the territories economic potentals over decades, it is the humble view of the modern thinker, humanist and christian as they are, that the Haycrafts, Rockefellers, Peter Islanders, Biras and Bitter Ends and many others, should by now have installed schools of enterperneurship, economics and supporting services designed to educate, develop and expand the mental, business, intellectual and economic potential of the people into creating local entrepreneurship knowledge and financial independece.

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    • Concerned says:

      “After” I don’t know under what rock you were hiding, the Haycrafts spend about 2 million on a school after Irma. And as thanks their business has been attackt this way. Really would like to know who was responsible, is there going to be any investigation going to happen?

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    • Here goes... says:

      Wow, talk about haters got to hate. Firstly I don’t think any of these people became billionaires due to their business dealings in the BVI. The Haycrafts have no doubt done very well but at the same time have given a huge amount back to the BVI, besides money given to rebuild schools (something the government seems to be rather poor at), the family also were instrumental in putting together the largest sporting event in the BVI; the Spring Regatta which provides a huge economic boost to the economy. All in all most countries would celebrate having such an entrepreneurial family and philanthropist in their midst but not the BVI of course…

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  5. Example says:

    Haters when you all going to stop hate you black brother and sister from the other island, you talking both taxi who tek taxi?same island people hold an you soon have to put the sheep and the foul in dem ,were else you see where the drive on the left and drive left hand vehicle you all mad bad til you blind

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    • Smdh says:

      This is our country and we can use left hand drive to drive left. We don’t go to your country and tell you all how to run it. I’m so sick and tired of this bs. If you are not satisfied with how Virgin Islanders run their country then leave.
      For some reason you all think that we can’t survive without you all, think again.

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  6. Rubber Duck says:

    Sounds like some idiotic power mad bureaucrat screwed things up. The normal in BVI.

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    • Concerned says:

      Wouldn’t be surprised if some other Merchant didn’t like these cars coming in and instigated that.

  7. Norris Turnbull says:

    Too much cars in the bvi.

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  8. Ok says:

    Too many vehicles coming in and old ones just piling up alongside the road… they need to limit vehicles per person and household… too many vehicles on this small island

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  9. Ok says:

    Well not here… ayo like to come here and change up everything… and our government allows it…

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  10. Me says:

    You sure do have alot of time on your hands to sit and write all that lolol still on lock down i see

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