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1000 jobs in 1000 days not a gimmick | Premier gives local jobseekers employment guarantee

Premier Andrew Fahie is assuring locals that his government’s ‘1,000 jobs in 1,000 days’ initiative is not a political stunt.

The Premier made that statement at the official launch of the initiative on Wednesday, August 21.

“As I look around and meditate, I get the feeling that some of you feel that this is another political gimmick and that you’ll not get your hands on a job and that this is just a fanfare. But I want to assure you that this will not be a show,” the Premier said.

To ensure a close eye is kept on the progression of the programme, the Premier said he will be giving his Deputy Secretary, Geraldine Ritter-Freeman, oversight of the initiative.

“I told her: this assignment with Labour and Immigration — I’m assigning full-time to you for a weekly report because we are extremely serious about making sure that each and every Virgin Islander/Belonger that is not working, that has a passion and desire to work, to improve themselves get that opportunity,” Premier Fahie said.

Fahie, who is also the Minister of Finance, is also urging all public servants and business owners to take the initiative personally since the goal is to ensure the British Virgin Islands has a prosperous future.

Programme for underemployed persons too

The Premier said the programme also has opportunities for BVIslanders who are underemployed.

He stated: “There are Virgin Islanders who are not in jobs that match or suit their qualifications. Some are in the fields that are different than what they are qualified in. I want to ensure that such persons come forward and register under this programme because there is a possibility that … we will be able to help you get into a role that is more applicable to you.”

Minister responsible for Labour, Vincent Wheatley, also addressed the issue of underemployment as it relates to the initiative, stating: “This is just not about sticking persons into vacant spaces, it is about matching talent, it’s about helping to match individuals with sustainable and meaningful opportunities.”

Great turnout

Meanwhile, the ‘1,000 jobs in 1,000 days’ initiative, which was originally part of the VIP’s election manifesto, saw a great turnout of interested jobseekers.

Following the ceremony, persons were seen assembling in queues outside of the Central Administration Complex building in Road town to collect, fill and submit application forms.

Employers were reportedly also inside the building conducting on-the-spot interviews for potential employees.

The initiative was initially set to be launched in May 2019 but was postponed until August.

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  1. Trickster says:

    Thank you Premier for continuing the youth unemployment services program that was started by the NDP under the former Minister Walwyn. The Premier seems to think that we are all stupid but I for one isn’t. I see right through you con man. Re-name Walwyn’s program and call it your invention. Anyway I hope it goes well for the sake of the young people.

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    • Black Jack says:

      Mehson cart yourself talking stupidity!

      Myron need to come apply also since he too is unemployed. When your head is bigger than your body and you believe that you can’t be moved from the top, then you hit rock bottom well that should hold you behind.

      VIP is the party for the people.

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      • Go Fish says:

        I thought MW was running restaurants and other businesses. How could he be unemployed? Hmm

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      • @Black Jack says:

        How you doing????,???,???all wrapped up in one package.That is who you are.

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      • That make sense says:

        You said Myron is unemployed? Is that what I just read? So he had nothing to do before being elected?

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      • Reality Check says:

        Running your own business brings in much more money than a politician’s government salary.

        The Pub in Fort Burt, The Pub next to Village Cay, The Pub now in East End across from Rite Way, Moorings, Charlie’s are just a few restaurants.

        MW is an employer…cash that in the bank.

        Disclaimer: I’m not even a MW or any one party supporter.

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      • @Black Jack says:

        What a Black Jack A**!

      • @Mr.Black Jack/ monkey Bread says:

        Myron is a well established up and comming entrepreneur. No matter what you haters have to say, none of you can step in his shoes. Hi Mrs.Walwyn,such a nice lady.

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      • @Black Jack says:

        Boy Byeeeee, go sit your ignorant A** in the dunce chair somewhere in the back of the room. You are going to be one of the first ones BAWLING LIKE A WILD ??? when…….

      • black jack says:

        kiss mw buhind

    • Truth says:

      @trickster… I couldn’t agree with you more

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    • SMH says:

      Does it makes a difference who initiated what or when? The reality is that attention is being given to the Issue of Unemployment and a Solution is being implemented. For once can we look the wider frame instead of focusing on on one piece of the puzzle.

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  2. YES says:

    So rather than giving credit to someone who did good work and build on what they started, we rename their intiative and relaunch it and call it our own. Mr. Premier this is the youth employment services program that was put in place by the former education minister Walwyn. This is you trying to make up for your own shortfalls when you were education and youth minister. This is what is wrong with our home. Too much jealousy and envy. We can’t just commend other people when they did good work. No wonder the whole VIP campaign was about getting out Walwyn. They had no problem with his work standard it was pure old crab in the bucket mentality. Kudos to Walwyn. Even after he is gone he is still an inspiration even to those in power now.

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    • @Yes says:

      This is something from the youth employment services program. I thought so at first until I did my own investigation. The 1000 jobs in a 1000 days government is actually looking for the jobs. This is not being handle by labour department that does the placement when employers contact them.

      Let’s see if this will work.

      I am not a vip or ndp.

  3. Fanfare uncessary says:

    The hoopla with balloons, confetti, ribbon cutting was very unnecessary. The fanfare should have come after we reached the goal of 1000 jobs in 1000 days.

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    • Go Fish says:

      I thought MW was running restaurants and other businesses. How could he be unemployed? Hmm

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    • The Priemer says:

      Is a poser,he is always biting off what others create and then end up taking the credit.Looks more like a damn baby shower to me.

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    • Hand says:

      Agree, the fanfare should not have come at all because some of those same persons at the fair went home to an empty refrigerator and leaking roofs…so insensitive

    • Earth says:

      I just wish they hadn’t released balloons….
      We care about the environment with one hand and release balloons with the other. C’mon now!

  4. 2 Grand says:

    will these jobs have longevity and productive gains

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  5. Who is creating these jobs says:

    Unless the govt is hiring 1000 people the govt better start making it easier for expats to set up business here

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  6. Ok says:

    It sounds good but what about proper training and preparation for the jobs? No business especially in this climate is going to hire someone just because they are local. The BVI does not have an unemployment problem, we have too many unskilled persons and it will only get worst. Announcing a job initiative at a time when the economy is at its worst and not mentioning any initiatives to boost businesses in the Territory is quite laughable. This is a horse and pony show that will benefit a hand full but cannot fulfill its mandate unless its done in a comprehensive manner which means understa ding the needs of businesses first and putting proper educational and training prgrams in place to ensure the applicants are suitably qualified to fill the spots.

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  7. Wow says:

    1,000 jobs in 1,000 days means, 1000 jobs in roughly 3yrs..roughly 156 weeks…meaning an average of 6/7 jobs per week for the next 156 weeks (1,000 days). Jobs doing what? Hmmm ok.

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  8. Smh says:

    Why waste all the money on the decor just to start this program? Why not spend that money on training programs for the job seekers that will need it.

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  9. Mr.Premier says:


  10. @Mr.Black Jack/ monkey Bread says:

    Myron is a well established up and comming entrepreneur. No matter what you haters have to say, none of you can step in his shoes. Hi Mrs.Walwyn,such a nice lady.

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  11. :) says:

    Some people’s job is just to go on every article spreading propaganda and being cynical about everything. I hope the Premier put a few of the jobs on layaway for these losers. Whatever the motivation maybe there are scores of people that are looking forward to a job and will appreciate whatever assistance they get to earn some kind of income. This is a good initiative regardless of which party start it or continue it.

  12. Neutral says:

    How bout ayo just shut the f**k up. Because regardless of whose initiative was it Or who did what; y’all couldn’t do anything to better yourselves in the first place, but talk S**T!!!

    And who vex dead MS!!

    I rest my case.

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  13. @black jack says:

    Isn’t Myron a lawyer? I could swear he was a lawyer before he went into politics

  14. vip heckler says:

    This means more bush-cutting, painting curb walls and guard rails also ghut/drain cleaning and sweeping roadside

  15. Watcher says:

    I really enjoy watching this “show” now from the outside. Very glad I left the islands and moved on. When I see what happened to this community after the storms and how everything has changed I am nothing but stunned. It really brought out not the best but the very worst in people. Just read all those comments and you’ll have a very good idea where this country is heading. Best of luck to all of you.

  16. Watching on says:

    This is a wonderful idea but should also encourage young BVI lander to become entrepreneurs I am not from the BVI but there is a lot of talented young people in the BVi and some are struggling because they need an avenue to help them to start up there business and I personally know some very talented ones who started and struggling because they paying all these taxes wether there business make money or not these small start up business should be given a tax break.Some of these individuals will go places but just need a tax break.

  17. Qthan says:

    Thanks for the job in advance but please with all this money I am hearing about flowing through this place I think the minimum Wage Should Increase To Nothing Less Than 10

  18. @Watcher says:

    What a mess.Watching all the drama from Sunny Key West Florida where the chickens and roosters can roam free among the tourist and locals.

  19. granny say says:

    “a drowning man always catches at straws”

  20. The Truth says:

    Most of these comments in here talking political rubbish as usual. Yall worse than Trump & MAGA. It is the best interest for EVERYONE for the residing govt to do well. We can’t afford failure.

  21. Move on says:

    I am here in disbelief. Isn’t this the very same program that was being coordinated under the former minister of education ? It was killed after election and the people on the program were left hanging by this New government. Now the government is relaunching an old program from the previous administration to make it look like its theirs for political points? I am growing sick and tired of this way of doing things. All the balloons and big speech just to put your own stamp on something that you could have continued and build on. Renaming the program doesn’t make it yours. It’s the same program as before. Sick of the gimmicks already man.

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