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$100K bail | Women allegedly caught with over 700 grams of cannabis, $20K

Accused women Caroline Hodge-Clarke (foreground) and DJanne Varlack.

Two West End women allegedly caught with roughly $20,000 cash and more than 700 grams of cannabis this month were each granted $100,000 bail when they appeared before Magistrate Shawn Innocent on Tuesday.

Charged with possession of cannabis and possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply are 39-year-old Belonger Caroline Hodge-Clarke and her 22-year-old local partner, DJanne Varlack.

The accused duo have not been officially charged with any offence relating to the large quantity of cash that law enforcers recovered at their shared residence.


Acting on a tip, police intercepted the accused female duo who were driving in the Hannah’s Estate area of Tortola on December 7, the court heard.

Hodge-Clarke was the driver while Varlack was a passenger in the vehicle, the court heard.

At the time, nothing illegal was found on Hodge-Clarke but a search of Varlack allegedly uncovered a transparent plastic bag containing eight grams of cannabis.

After being cautioned, she allegedly said: “Officer it’s weed, it’s mine.”

The court heard that a subsequent search of the vehicle allegedly uncovered another three grams of the drug. Hodge-Clarke reportedly accepted ownership of the controlled substance.

More cannabis was allegedly found inside a red Kipling bag on the floor of the front passenger seat.

That quantity amounted to 741 grams and had a street value of $7,410, the court heard. When questioned, Hodge-Clarke allegedly said the bag belonged to Varlack but she found the drugs and secured it in the said bag.

Police also recovered $163 cash from Hodge-Clarke, the court heard. They were arrested and charged.


One day later, police executed a search warrant at the women’s Belmont Estate home in West End.

There, police allegedly uncovered approximately $20,000 cash in a single bag behind a mirror in the bedroom of the house.

When questioned, Hodge-Clarke reportedly told police: “That’s my life savings.”

The court heard that Varlack added: “Officer, we worked hard for that money doing all kinds of jobs.”

Police also found another four grams of cannabis which Hodge-Clark allegedly claimed as her own.

The drugs and the money were confiscated for investigation purposes.

While granting bail to the accused women in court on Tuesday, Magistrate Innocent said $10,000 of the $100,000 bail offer must be paid in cash for each of the accused persons. The remaining $90,000 will be signed by a suitable surety.

As part of their bail conditions, the duo is to submit all travel documents to the Road Town Police Station.

They are not allowed to travel beyond the territory’s shores and are to report to the Road Town Police Station every day between 6 am to 6 pm.

Attorney Nelson Samuel represents the accused women.

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  1. Wow says:

    This is rough for ya all..

  2. Nonsense!!! says:

    $100k bail amount for $7k? Furthermore, this substance come up out of the earth. Cannabis is a plant.

    The bail amount for the gun possession, incest and rapists violators. Not for this.

    Something appears wrong with some people head – the more educated, the more stupid …

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    • @nonsense says:

      I agree with you, but lets never forget that the law has not been changed and its still illegal to possess ganja

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      • vibes says:

        Remember slavery was legal.
        Whould you have been one of the uncle toms that would try to report harriet tubman?
        think about it, food for thought
        Not because its legal or illegal makes it right!!!!!
        Start with the law of Jah…

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      • Billy bob says:

        What happened to the incest / rapist dude? What was his sentence?

    • Natural order says:

      We need a change in this place.

      many non violent, non trouble some persons and yes your otherwise innocent kids(!) Are viable to spend time with real criminals

      Over a plant that the white man made illegal to oppress people of color. Facts.

      Now they changed their laws and we are still following their wrongful & hurtful rules.

      And the cowards in power do not speak up for the people on this matter,even if they have used it themselves.

      Selfish- selfserving- sold out politicians

  3. Weary eyes says:

    Who would have expected that from these young women? That is why when unexplained things happen around here, to some people, we can never be too sure what they are a part of. Lucky for them it was the police who “nabbed” them

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    • @Weary Eyes says:

      There you go judging. I pray you are the only one in your family because this can happen to someone you love as well. Judge ye not……

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  4. Them says:

    keep “nabbing” and incarcerating us for a plant, but they will never go in our EU segregated communities and do the same law enforcement work.

    That is selective law enforcement, plain and simple, plain for all to see.

    Now go ahead and voice your dislike for truth!

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    • Jane says:

      I assume by EU segregated communities you mean white people? What should white people be doing to avoid being criticised for living in a “segregated” community? Seriously, I am interested in the perception here. What do us whiteys do that makes the wider community think we want to be segregated? I didn’t move to the Caribbean to get away from black people or to subjugate them. I come from an ethnically diverse city and had friends from all different backgrounds, religions etc and that’s pretty common for most younger people from the EU. I have found that I am not made to feel welcome in lots of places here in BVI because I am white, I haven’t generally found BVIslanders warm toward me (although down-islanders and Jamaicans are very friendly).

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  5. Fluffy says:

    “Acting on intelligence””when one things that others are a threat to their business they “snitch”out one another!!Trust me!!These young men on the west need to go and find constructive things to do with their time.sitting under a tree, smoking the same weed , drinking ,then going home in their parents houses to eat and sleep 7 days a week.Regardless of what this lady is a hardworking if she stepped on your turf to do her business thats no way to snitch her out.because others will come!!

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  6. Going Green says:

    Why my tax money going towards locking people up for going green? Govt need to revisit laws, my tax money can go into doing better things like structures and programs for the youths.
    This place is just bringing down the younger generation, making it hard for young people to do anything. All the jobs are going towards expats and no on the job training for skills students looking to get money.
    Imagine looking up or putting someone in a system that won’t help them after coming out of jail.
    The jail is just a hotel, keeping people off the streets temporary, so why waste the time. The Magistrate and DPP are failing us! Look at the fines and cases being dismissed?
    Govt need to do better.

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  7. Brad Boynes says:

    They younger generation doing it to themselves. They made the conscious decision to do what they did.

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  8. What!!! says:

    Are the courts not tired yet of hearing “I found it” guns, drugs , money, whatever , how come I never “find” anything???

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  9. FREE THE WEED says:


  10. Eagle eye says:

    I’m not a smoker but a researcher.No longer look up to these politicians judges lawyers etc.they are educated jack***s.

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  11. ??? says:

    Having a decent amount of cash in your home is illegal now???

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  12. Lol says:

    Those 2 hencocks were caught

  13. Resident says:

    legalize it

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  14. Idea says:

    Man hard times in Tola!

  15. J.B says:

    So… just to clarify is this two d—s in a relationship?

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  16. Well says:

    Don’t get high on your own supply!!….. homegirl lips on all

  17. Natural order says:

    Acting on a “tip” ….smh some bad mind individual dropping dimes for what. And to catch them at the exact right time hmm.. sad

    These arent bad people like others have said not rapist ect and they have to pay even more bail than the robbers and fighters…

    100k bail for a plant, no violence or indecent assault.
    How does that make sense?

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