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117 quarantined locally, 9 awaiting test results for COVID-19

Health Minister Carvin Malone has said more than 100 persons are currently in self-quarantine across the British Virgin Islands, with nine under investigation and awaiting official coronavirus test results from the Caribbean Public Health Emergency Agency (CARPHA).

The minister’s remarks immediately follow news that the territory has recorded its first two cases of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Those two male patients — a 56-year-old and 32-year-old — were tested among 27 persons overall. The remaining 25 persons had negative test results.

Giving a breakdown of the of number of persons being monitored locally, Malone said: “There are also 117 persons inclusive of the number above currently on self-quarantine due to the level of risk.”

The minister further said the territory would undergo testing, containment, quarantine, contact tracing and follow-up strategies “around the clock in accordance with World Health Organization technical guidance”.

BVI’s readiness

In the meantime, the Health Minister informed residents during a live broadcast with the Premier and the Governor on Wednesday that his ministry had assessed the preparedness of the territory’s health facilities to meet the anticipated increase in demand of services.

He stated that they continue to address the “existing gaps” relating to additional supplies and equipment to deal with the virus.

“Although at this present time we have enough personal protective equipment on the island for our health facilities … as the needs grows, we are importing and purchasing additional amounts. We have a storage of respiratory medicine, and as the need grow, we will assess this further for any additional orderings that may occur.”

He said these efforts areas supported by a communications campaign to keep the public updated on the virus and its impact.

He then urged residents to adhere to infection prevention and control measures, “as they will be key in reducing the spread of the virus.”  

To date, COVID-19 has infected nearly half-million persons around the world and has killed more than 20,000 people so far.

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  1. Cool says:

    And I’m sure these 2 persons are just dealing with it and waiting it out as opposed to being hospitalized and in critical condition like the media wants everyone to believe!

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  2. Political Intelligence says:

    No one should be allowed to self quarantine if they are suspected to come in contact. IT SHOULD BE MANDATORY

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    • eyes says:

      Second that temptation is a thing with the mind telling they aint go know and aint going to see me.

    • Well Well says:

      Political which you are. Don,t you read well? the Premier said that they are MANDATORY Quarantine.
      Lets work with this and help each other to save each other.God Bless and HELP US ALL.

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  3. PurpleHaze says:

    You must Stay ah home! You just go out to work or shop food. In Italy they are closed at home since 11 March 2020! All Italians!

  4. Do Better says:

    I thought we had the ability to test locally. Why haven’t those person in “self quarantine” been tested? What new lies are you, the government, telling us.

    Why wasn’t all this information shared before. TCI posts a daily status report showing all the related numbers, actual cases, suspected cases, persons in self quarantine etc. Why can’t our inept officials do the same. Instead they are sitting on information and putting people’s lives at risk.

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    • Feel same says:

      @Do Better i wish i knew this before cause i would have taken more precaution when I was out on Tuesday. I went about my business a little less cautious since there were no confirmed cases in the bvi. This population is small and we all go to the same businesses so the chances to get infected
      Could be easier as the numbers of ppl in quarantine now might have been up and about.

    • smh says:

      I will tell you WHO is putting lives at risk…. The hardheaded, know-it-all people who will not listen and heed the advice of the professionals. That is exactly how the virus got here in the first place.

  5. Me says:

    This may sound like an invasion a privacy but if we truly want to stop this spread you need to release the names of those infected. People would’ve been in contact can know to come in on there own.

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  6. @Me says:

    There is no way they can release anyone’s name that has the virus and in quarantine. Sorry, but you people in Tortola will be spreading the person’s name all over the Island. The lady in Jamaica who was on the flight from the the UK to Jamaica family said that the public passing by her house calling them the Corona family.

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    • Jeanne Justice says:

      I understand your frustration, but please keep in mind that many people have no symptoms, particularly the young. You should treat everyone, including yourself, as possibly positive for the virus. Keep distance, hand wash. Take your temp daily.

  7. Nope says:

    To stop the spread, stay your A** at home and stay away from large groups of people and keep your hands sanitize.

  8. smh says:

    I will tell you WHO is putting lives at risk…. The hardheaded, know-it-all people who will not listen and heed the advice of the professionals. That is exactly how the virus got here in the first place.

  9. Hmmm says:

    Some that should be at home self quarantine but they up and about. Wat about the ppl they love with .’they too should be quarantined

  10. Bubble says:

    Most people who are under self quarantine will not isolate themselves from family members within their household. This creates a major issue as those family members leave the home and possible take the virus to others. This is the challenge that we must overcome and hence the reason for everyone to stay at home. If not, we will have an out of control situation on our hands.

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