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Irma injures 125 in BVI – Report

Peebles Hospital

A total of 125 people were injured as a result of Hurricane Irma in the British Virgin Islands on September 6, according to the latest report issued yesterday by the Department of the Disaster Management and the National Emergency Operations Centre.

“The number of  injured persons seen at the hospital during 7 to 8 September 2017, was 125. Services accessed through  the Road Town Clinic during the same period averaged 100 persons per day,” the report said, adding that the main clinical services at Peebles Hospital were not interrupted.

“Main clinical  services at Peebles Hospital  were  not  interrupted  during  the passage  of  Hurricane Irma as  the  hospital at the time had 38  inpatients. Full functionality, in terms of access to Surgical Services and Emergency Department Services, was accessible immediately following the Hurricane. A defined Needs List  was developed and
shared  with the Pan American  Health Organisation. The  Health  Disaster Coordinator  is coordinating the medical  support teams  and medicinal donations in  keeping  the  Medicines Donation Policy.”

The authorities, which noted that the Situation Report covers the period up to September 30, said the death toll for the territory remains at four. In a previous report, the government said three of the deaths happened on the island of Tortola and the other on Virgin Gorda. The names of the deceased persons are yet to be released officially, but the casualties include athletics coach Dag Samuels.

Meanwhile, Junior Minister of Tourism Archibald Christian said the category 5 hurricane would have claimed more lives, had it hit the British Virgin Islands at night.

“Thank God we haven’t lost more lives. I can say that, if this hurricane had hit us in the night, it would have been a different scenario. Thank God we were able to have a day hurricane where we could see, move from house to house, or from room to room, or from bathroom to bathroom or whatever it is,” Christian said.

Hurricane Irma impacted the British Virgin Islands on September 6, with winds of 185 miles per hour (mph) with higher gusts up to 215mph. Initial assessment reports recorded widespread damage to road infrastructure, housing stock, ports, telecommunications, electrical and water infrastructure, as well as critical facilities.

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