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12yo threatens magistrate in open court

A Hispanic minor is likely to face criminal charges after he disrupted the Magistrate’s Court and made repeated threats towards Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo on Wednesday.

The seventh-grader enrolled at the Elmore Stoutt High School was the son of a mother who was before the court on criminal charges of her own.

His outburst started when the court placed his mother on $30,000 signed bail for assault.

“Let me see her face. I am coming back for you. I am coming back for you,” the 12-year-old shouted to the magistrate before attempting to storm out of the courtroom.

It took his mother and two police officers who were stationed inside the court to subdue the seemingly infuriate pre-teen.

Don’t make excuses for your son

Following the outburst, the Magistrate DaBreo ordered that the minor be brought before the court along with his mother.

“Do you think a child who comes into a court and threatens a magistrate is the proper result of good parenting?” Magistrate DaBreo asked the mother.

The mother told the court that she had never seen her son behave that way. She said when her son heard of the bail amount, he thought that the court would ‘take her away’ because they did not have the money.

“That’s no excuse,” the magistrate replied. “I sat here and explained to you the process. You see that attitude you have in making excuses for him? You are setting up your child for the biggest failure.”

My son is a good boy

The mother then told the court that her son is ‘a good boy’.

“I am a very strict mom. My son goes to church and he doesn’t behave that way. It is a surprise for me,” she said close to tears.

Turning her attention to the young man, Magistrate DaBreo then said: “I do not take threats and disrupting my court lightly. You are going to be charged.”

She continued: “And you are coming to my court smiling like it’s a joke? It’s not a joke so you will be charged with the offences that you committed here today.”

The magistrate said had she not taken a five-minute hiatus to ‘calm’ herself after the incident, “he was going straight to Balsam Ghut”.

“Every one of the people in Balsam Ghut; their mothers swear they were good.”

But after repeated pleas from the mother, the magistrate said if the young man received counselling for his anger and behavioural issues, and showed positive results, she may consider not levelling charges against the youngster.

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  1. Wow says:

    Ok I get it that you have to maintain a strong control image in your court but on the human side, look at the situation. The kid did not understand and thought his mother was going away. He loves his mother. She tried to explain to you but there was no need for the ICE Attitude Magistrate. Look at the Human side of things. Yes there are some who go out and commit crimes because they love it but there are those who have been dealt a lot of failures and want to survive. The child, yes child is upset. The Law is not absolute, if it was there would be no need to a court or magistrates. Humanity

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    • Uhm says:

      A normal outburst would have been him crying and screaming for his mother. He said let him see her face because he’s coming back. Coming back to do what? hmm

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    • Hmmm says:

      Read before you comment. Any threat in millenial age should be considered serious BEFORE loosely saying “He is just a child.”

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    • b.s says:

      the young man needs to be taught to respect his elders

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    • “Human side”? says:

      It doesn’t matter what situation the youngster was faced with, how he responded was INAPPROPRIATE. There are others in far worse situations and I can garauntee that not everyone is going to behave that way. By pulling the “human side” card it almost seems as though his behavior was “normal”-seems pretty inhumane to me. The magistrate was right to deal with it the way she did. “I’m coming back for you”…??? Our crime rate is already higher than usual. What do you think was going on in his mind when he said that?? She was right to NIP IT IN THE BUD!

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    • nope says:

      the magistrate did the right thing. upset or not. RESPECT YOUR ADULTS!!!! plus he getting a chance

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    • TurtleDove says:

      @ Wow

      He should have asked the Judge if she could PLEASE lower the bail not threatened her. This is a good teaching moment he needs to be jacked up and taught a lesson. This is not how to act in society. We need to stop making excuses for young people. The reason people don’t put their hands in fire is because it hurt like hell.

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    • @Wow says:

      At 12 years this child should be able to recognise authority in whatever form… the authority of the court and recognize that his mother is subject to greater authority. It’s scary cos they said the child goes to church. It takes a village to raise a child and we all bear a responsibility in this. If it was long time when anybody could correct a child this wouldn’t happen but we have lost the old foundations.

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    • wel sah says:

      till that same boy rob you later in life. then you would say if they had lock him up this wouldn’t have happen. he wants to be a man then let him see what happens to big men .

  2. @Wow says:

    “Excuses are monuments of nothingness. They build bridges to nowhere. Those who use these tools of incompetence, seldom become anything but nothing at all.”

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  3. wow says:

    you don’t get it..

  4. son of the soil says:

    This is the kind of dregs we allowed into the country and then a few years later give them belongers

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  5. Huey says:

    Sit and speak with your children everyday, or they will learn from the streets, internet and music artists.

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  6. Me says:

    @wow are u serious.12yrs with that mentality.Boy if ur a** born some wher else high tail it cause u seems like a little wanna be.The magistrate should ‘ve really used u as an example.Thank god she used her human mentality

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  7. Anonymous says:

    These are the little monsters that grow up to be big criminals.

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  8. VICKIE says:

    These young people need to stop this before it get out of hand the Magistrate have to teach him a good lesson. We do not want this place to over run with people who do not respect the courts and the laws of this place.

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  9. Teacher says:

    Hmmm. Nothing new. We see this type of behaviour in our schools all the time and when we try to nip it we are accused of being heartless.
    These same children are given chance after chance but very little if anything at all changes.

  10. neutral man says:

    Since the magistrate needed a 5 minute break to calm down, it says to me that she has some temper issues of her own as well.

    Maybe she shouldn’t have allowed a minor into the courtroom in the first place. Am not 100 percent impressed with her comments on this matter,

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    • Question says:

      Are you dumb or high he threatened her anyone would ve upset he’s lucky she didn’t let her anger issue him a harsh sentence she showed restraint.

      • hmm says:

        hes lucky he didn’t get his beat or killed for threatening someone in that way.

        The world is a big place and some people take threats seriously.

        let him see her face? coming back to do what?

        any child can pick up a weapon.

  11. Respect to all teachers says:

    Imagine what the teachers have to endure!! There are many more like him in the school system. We often teach in fear!!

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    • Real teacher says:

      Always some nonsense. Control your classroom. Speak and act with autbority. Otherwise quitbecause this is half the battle: control. If you do your part and the child still acts up that is where parental notification and Principal and guidance counselor may be brought into the plan….steps….
      They will either in the end have to ship up or ship out…
      But ya see teachers not like they used to be…
      They on their phones during class and during breaktime ( students sometimes getting bullied right in front their faces)
      Telling students to listen in assembly whils they converse aloud with other teachers or chew gum during prayers.
      They don’t identify well with concerned and caring parents who inquire often about their children’s daily activities and challenges; yet quick to say parents are to blame for all the issues with the children
      If children fail they don’t think that maybr just maybe if a whole class performed poorly that perhaps the issue is the teaching method not the students.

      They don’t realize that students are perceptive..they know teachers who care from those who don’t

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  12. Enough says:

    Why is everything in this country based on where your from. Just deal with the issue at hand and move on. BVI Islanders are not Saints, So just speak to a issue and move on please.

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  13. Just remember says:

    There are large number of Spanish speaking people who are belongers and there is also a very large number of disrespectful Beolngers. So please just deal with the issue, Young people now a days tend generally to be very disrespectful where ever they are from.

  14. When Will These Mothers Wake Up says:

    “That’s no excuse,” the magistrate replied. “I sat here and explained to you the process. You see that attitude you have in making excuses for him? You are setting up your child for the biggest failure.”

  15. This is so true says:

    This is so true…I could hug you

  16. 1st flight says:

    My son is a good boy

    Lol.. says every mother of every criminal.
    She has it down pack for the future

  17. Musa says:

    Where i come from when u say u coming back u leaving dead young boy.

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