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16-yr-old male charged for sex underaged girl

BVI News understands that a 16-year-old male was this week arrested on suspicion of having sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of 13 years.

Our News centre understands that the young man attends a prominent high school in the territory.

It is understood that the police charged the 16-year-old in the presence of one of his parents.

It’s not yet clear when the young man will appear in court to answer any charges. Our news centre also hasn’t ascertained the exact charges laid for the suspected incident.

This offence is the second sex-related offence reported within the public sphere this week.

Police yesterday charged a 52-year-old male for raping a minor.

The police reported this week that a BVI resident who’s a native of St Vincent.

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  1. Education says:

    Serious education is needed in this place as many don’t seem to understand that sex with a child is illegal !!!!! It is RAPE!

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  2. #@@ says:

    someone, please correct me if I am wrong! These are two school children. So how come one is charged? Not saying that what happened is okay.

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  3. HMMM says:

    16 & 13…Three years apart…Im sure the person/s who’s pushing this doesn’t have kids and if they do, they’re not in their life…these are kids, educate them, not charge them

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    • Really says:

      The article states under the age if 13
      So one wasn’t 13 and one 16
      Reading is fundamental

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    • Advocate says:

      The report said the female is UNDER the age of 13. Sixteen is the legal age for consent. Breaking this law should remain punishable. However, I do agree that more public education is needed.

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      • @advocate says:

        Being under the age of 13 basically means you can be charged for having sex with someone at age 13 and under and even at the age of 16 you can still be charged, for having sex with a girl under the age of 16 even when they say that’s the age of consent

    • !! says:

      She’s not 13 years old yet! The article says she is under 13. She’s 12!!! Maybe younger.

  4. ... says:

    16 legal age to sex 18 legal age to drive and drink

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  5. other way says:

    what if it was the otherway around….girl was 16 and boy was 13? what would happen?? because here are two children experimenting… is needed here.

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  6. Not suggesting it's right. says:

    But everyone knows and accepts the fact that way younger than those two are engaging in sexual activities and having sex on the daily.

    This is not a new phenomenon, it has been in existence from the beginning of man.

    Education will not curtail human nature. And, no amount of education will stop or erase the powerful influence of media advertisement, subliminal and in your face messages.

    The most effective tool is in home teaching and guidance. Parents are the only ones that may mitigate the pressure young people encounter to have sex early.

    But, at the end of the day, it is human nature. Frankly, the law is understood for the protection of young children from grown adults and predators, but the same people that are charged to enforce it themselves were having sex from age five and up, like almost everybody else.

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  7. Smh says:

    Only ghetto people will try to twist and turn to make this seems ok. People like ah you need fi go inside of a fish pot

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  8. Ausar says:

    So, WHY are we not learning of the name of the sixteen year old student?

    Is it a case of last name prominence, so as to not bring public disgrace on such?

    Yes, the act of sex is a natural phenomenon for the continuity of human life, but it must occur by consenting adults for the act to be considered legal.

    And “under thirteen”, is not legal nor can it be consenting..

    I think continued sexual education, is the key here!

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  9. Hmmm says:

    The law should go both ways.

    In addition to education, make it illegal for an underage, 12+ to have sex with someone of ‘legal’ age – under 18 – and I bet all these so called underage will stop their nonsense!

    If the boy was the girl’s age and the girl’s the boy’s is it still illegal, O BVI?

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  10. nothing new says:

    like someone said.. it happening everyday.. only thing is these 2 got caught.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Willis got his hand full with Daniel he is very rude to his father .so I guess this will teach him a lesson

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    • Ghost says:

      This is the most stupid law the bvi can create,they are both kids and I am sure the judge and the one that came up with that law did the same or worse when they were that age.

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  12. Latin law says:

    This is the most stupid law the bvi can create,they are both kids and I am sure the judge and the one that came up with that law did the same or worse when they were that age.

  13. CONCERN says:

    Parents speak with you kids.Be close to them love so they wont look for it else where.

  14. Citation needed says:

    Can someone post the law on this cause I thought 13 and 16 is in the same bracket.

  15. Local BVISLANDER says:

    Is this boy or his parents from down the island where such behavior is as common as a cold?
    Asking to be educated.

  16. Gwen says:

    Education and training begins in the home. Its not the social worker or the court’s responsibility for the training and upbringing of your children.
    Children live what they learn.
    If you teach them well,then you have done your job.

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