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17 int’l passengers enter on Day 1 of seaport reopening

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Management of the BVI Port Authority (BVIPA) has said Day 1 of the reopening of the territory’s seaport to international traffic went smoothly.

According to the BVIPA’s new Acting Deputy Managing Director, Oleanvine Maynard, 17 ferry passengers entered the territory from St Thomas in the neighbouring US Virgin Islands.

“The process went well as everyone complied with the health protocols given,” Maynard told BVI News Thursday night.

Tourism Director Clive McCoy echoed similar sentiments, stating: “We are thrilled that the seaport is open. It is a testament to the hard work that HM Customs, Immigration, Public Health, BVI Tourist Board, and many others under the leadership of the BVIPA have done to get to this point. Yesterday went as expected and we anticipate that any hiccups will be addressed moving forward.”

Under the existing restrictions, up to 50 persons are permitted to enter the territory via seaports daily.

Meanwhile, yesterday’s reopening marks the first time in more than a year the BVI’s marine borders are officially open to international traffic — an important sector of the territory’s economy.

For now, ferry-transported visitors will only be able to enter the territory via the Road Town Jetty on Tortola, where health officials and other resources have been set up to screen incoming passengers.

Only one round trip is being operated daily.

After a year, the BVI’s seaport finally reopens for int’l travel




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  1. wow says:

    Seems like it easier to get to heaven than to enter the bvi

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  2. the dance cant pay for the lights says:

    17 cant pay…not profitable at all

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  3. oh boy says:

    St.thomas is getting 1700 per day

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    • St. Thomas says:

      Yes to that, everyone is making something for themselves. Car rentals and Hotels is booked. The charter Companies is doing very well.

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    • USVI says:


      • bvi resident says:

        Because your government is smart

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        • Freak says:

          You must be from a different country. My Government
          and specially Andrew have no idea what to do. These are hard decisions but even when they make a decision they have no clue how to actually make things happen. It’s like we are led by kids who are asked to get together and solve a problem but just sit in a circle making comments but nobody DOES ANYTHING.

  4. Hold on to your horses... says:


    Wow , hold on, don’t panic now. If you work really hard and diligently you might just be able to handle the rush, remember this is only going to get worse, tomorrow may 19.


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    • Perks says:

      But they got to have another ceremony to show how great the gov’t is, and this time they didn’t have to even bother signing a contract!

  5. Time to open up NOW says:

    for fully vaccinated passengers per 1 June 2021. There is an opportunity to get 3 more months of business before the hurricane season is in full force..

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  6. F** albert again! says:

    This is totally ridiculous. This government has no idea how to manage this economy during covid. What sense is it to have one boat per day? Those 17 people cannot even pay for the gas or diesel used to run the boat for the trip. And then the people have to spend additional money per person for all our requirements and quarantine for 5 days. Who in their right mind would come to the BVI for a vacation with all these restrictions and excessive costs? But F** Albert is out there saying the economy is strong. His personal economy and the economy of his cronies is strong!

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    • Agreed says:

      A return fare costs in excess of $500 If you include taxes, taxis, covid testing, quarantine etc

    • BIG E says:

      The BVI and there gov’t is a joke I can catch a flight to go to California for under $ 600.00 and to ATL or Florida for around $ 300.00 to 400 round trip please stay closed People ant stupid, You needs to get rid of ENGLAND VACCINE Why they sending it to the BVI and to the Caribbean and they are tying to get the one from US think about it. People want to come to the BVI but its to costly IF i get a neg test 4 days before travel all yo have to do is check my temp but u still want to charge for quarantine for 3 to 4 days too much rubbish just to come to the BVI

  7. Fully reopen says:

    I’m eagerly waiting on the protocols required to open fully on June 1. Here is my guess based on experience.

    June 1 will be changed to July 15 (announcement on May30th)
    Only 50 people allowed per day.
    Ferry will slow down, not stop – passengers will have to swim the last 300 meters.
    4 government officials will greet them
    No 4 day quarantine, just a rectal PCR test – you’ll need to wait in the arrival hall 12-108 hours for results.
    The cost of the ferry will be $300 each way but daily cruise permit have been lowered from $6 to $3. testing will include a pregnancy test (for men and women) at a cost of $600 – we don’t want anchor babies. After a thorough delousing you’ll be free to go but will not be allowed to use the letter “e” during your stay.

    Have fun – BVI Lov.

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  8. Tim says:

    Gov will still brag they opened up the bvi or will see this as a clear sign that it’s entry policies that must change?

    They saw it in December and still didn’t figure it out…

    People must get vaccinated and take the Gov excuse for not opening up…

    They won’t solve the problem, only the people

  9. Please answer this says:

    If I can drive myself to the ferry dock or airport terminal and leave my car. Why are you forcing me to pay services for a taxi to take me home and back into town for day 4 or day 14 testing? Why is this money making scheme being allowed when nothing is wrong with my parked vehicle? Do I not deserve to save a few of my hard earned dollars?

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    • Tim says:

      Ha… They solved your concern but in a slightly different way you would expect…

      True the 175$ used to cover the taxi and not everyone needs it.

      To address this issue they decided to simply cut the taxi service. If you need a service, hire one, if not, good for you.

      Only catch… You still need to pay the same 175$.

      You see, they are very creative in solving citizens concerns… BVI love

  10. Math says:

    Will be good to do the math … how many passengers need to come on shore to see any return on the investment made in infrastructure …

    Sure, those investment would be there for a long time but man … what a waste of time, energy and money… so much for nothing.

  11. Rubber Duck says:

    They worked hard to get the port open? Scuse me. They have been sitting on their backsides being paid by the taxpayers for the last year. Did they have to get off them? Oh dear, the poor loves.

  12. Reality says:

    Our one seaport (1) is not open to international travel. It is open to one ferry with a maximum of 50 persons per day. One ferry, nothing else.

  13. 2cents says:

    This is why they need only 1 ferry per day. No demand!

  14. Air BVI says:

    The ferry from STT should copy the old Air BVI policy of leaving when the boat/plane is full. That way it will need to make only 1 or 2 round trips each week.

  15. Nonsense says:

    Friday their were more people came up on the ferry ⛴️ progress is moving slowly. It’s only one day so let’s not be too quick to judge.

    • tim says:

      same was said when the airport was opened …

      but maybe you considered that as a success …

    • BIG E says:


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