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18-month sentence for assaulting white man


Kiover Hatchett has been sentenced to 18 months at Her Majesty’s Prison for assaulting a caucasian man more than three years ago.

In handing down the sentence recently, Magistrate Shawn Innocent said he rejected Hatchett’s case that he was acting in self-defence at the time of the attack.

The magistrate described Hatchett’s claims as ‘fanciful’ and made note that the victim had tried to walk away from the incident.

“The Prosecution proved their case,” said Magistrate Innocent, adding that the ‘seriousness of the offence’ warranted a custodial sentence.

The magistrate also said the use of a weapon during the assault aggravated the crime.

On the other hand, he said the fact that the incident was not pre-meditated and the fact that the victim did not sustain serious injuries were the factors that served in Hatchett’s favour.

What the court heard happened

The court heard that on September 26 three years ago, the victim who had just moved into the territory was searching for an establishment that sells meals in the Long Bush area.

After sourcing food, he was seeking a place to sit when he walked past a group of young men.

The court heard that the group, inclusive of Hatchett, immediately began hurling racist slurs like ‘white trash’ at him.

Through a written statement to the court, the caucasian male said he was told that he doesn’t belong in the area and he should not come back.

Following the verbal attack, the young men started throwing beer cans and bottles at him.

The victim said he left the area as he did not feel safe there. However, on his return home, he passed the same group of men who attacked him previously, and they proceeded to attack him again, this time using sticks and a metal chair.

He eventually escaped and sought medical attention.

A report was subsequently made to the police who launched an investigation into the matter.

Hatchett who was represented by attorney Isis Potter was the only one who was eventually arrested and charged in the matter.

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  1. resident says:

    why couldn’t the headline read 18 months for assaulting a man, why bring race into it

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    • haha says:

      because by “hurling racist slurs like ‘white trash’ at him”, the assault was inherently a hate crime based on the differing races of the perp and victim?

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  2. Anonymous says:

    That sound like a “typical” caucasian made up story.Unfortunately, the judge believed it.

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  3. wize up says:

    one person get 18 months for misconduct against a child while the same 18 months is given to another one for touching a white

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  4. What!!! says:

    Spread the hate with your headline “white man”. He was attacked no need to headline the colour of his skin. The world is reading these news casts we maybe loosing our financial industry we do not need to make people, no matter what colour their skin feel unsafe to be here.

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    • Yep says:

      I agree. But you can’t expect any better cause all the sites have their own agenda…the yellow one only post certain comments mostly the negative ones and ignore the positive

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    • Brad Boynes says:

      Makes it look like there is a specific charge for assaulting a white man. Hear the rage of the privildge class.

  5. Reply says:

    Dissapointed with this headline. The race of the victim is immaterial to the case.

    BVINews, you should not be fanning the flames of racism. There is enough division among the populace already.

    As one of your biggest fan, I think you should reconsider that headline. Its beneath you.

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  6. son of the soil says:

    These are the same types of headlines that were used in south africa

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  7. Bla bla says:

    It was a racist,senseless and cowardly attract. Send him to America for 12 months so he can learn a real worldly lesson. The press needs say it as it is. No muzzles no filters factual reporting.

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  8. And says:

    these are the same types of head lines the white privilege’s basks in.

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  9. The Answer says:

    I wonder how the comments would read if the roles were reversed? A group of white man attacked a lone black man……..everyone would be calling it a “hate crime”. As we know, this would never happen though.

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    • @ The answer says:

      As the world has been knowing for centuries until this very moment, hate crimes occur against Brown skin people, in European controlled continents across the globe solely, by Europeans citizens, motivated solely on the basis of that “Brown skin color, a pigmentation condition they or them had/have no say in making.

      Thank God they keep their hate to their segregated communities here in Tortola. And they had better keep it that way.

      It a well known fact that racism and hatred of the Brown and Black man is taught in every nook and cranny of the white community every where in the world, including right here in our lands of paradise. So do not try to fool us with with those thumbs down to blogs that suit your racist narratives.

      Why, if you think so much of us as good, decent, capable, intellectually well endowed people, a school had to be built just to accommodate your children, when our schools can and have produced brilliant minds of every profession, for example.

      And don’t respond with the crap, “i have a choice of where i send my child.” What if there were only, as there were before, only public all Black schools? What would your choice be then? Over seas where you come from of course!

      Therefore, your choice and philosophy are based solely on ingrained biases and concrete prejudices, period!

      So why all of a sudden all the amnesia and denial all so apparent in these comments and thumbs down signifying their blatant hypocrisy?

      It is abundantly clear, that the longer the Caucasians take to confront the man in the mirror and his racial challenges and ask himself to change himself, the longer the world will continue to suffer under racial discrimination on all levels, human, personal and institutional in Tortola and across the globe.

      Because, for centuries and counting, it is the greatest scourge, disease and blight that the world and its people of color has ever faced, and it is retarding and obstructing progress of the human race, and prohibiting it from achieving its authentic purposes on earth in this moment in this time.

      Therefore, wake up and evolve humanity! Down with racism!It benefits only those that benefits from it, which is why they do not want to see its end.

      But great news!! The greatest beast of the jungle one day, will become the meekest, insignificant nothing, even unable to feed himself.

      Hence therefrom, he will wither and die. Such are the laws of nature.

      That is what history has taught all that has chosen to learn.

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    • Nondoman says:

      No it would not because you can’t have a group of white man. Nor any other kind of man for that matter.

  10. John says:

    The Prosecution proved their case,” said Magistrate Innocent, adding that the ‘seriousness of the offence’ warranted a custodial sentence.

    How exactly did the prosecution proved their claim? The plaintiff enjuries cannot be this alleged evidence for it doesn’t proof that the defendant didn’t act in self defense.

    What i see here is that he was sentenced based on hearsay, not evidence.

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  11. Smh says:

    I don’t believe anybody crazy to just attack another person on the street. These white people have a sense of entitlement, where ever they are. They feel they can act and go on anyhow they want. He should have put him ** under. Sick of these people. Pity monkey of a magistrate believed the BS!

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  12. Its on says:

    Them youth see a weakness,,,something was said…man probably under his rum.We used to lime 42 street hard…stones etc..never had problems…unless you got bent outta shape with somebodytring to chat up your gal..stil that area gone down hill years caucazoids got better things to do….like stayin home an burning love….

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  13. Blaks says:

    Black against black biggest crime about hate.

  14. Canadian says:

    My wife and I and a couple friends are heading to BVI in a couple weeks for the first time for vacation. We will make sure to stay away from the Long Bush area.

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