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$185K contract signed for temporary housing units to be constructed on Tortola and Anegada

Photo provided by the RDA.

The Ministry of Social Development has awarded a local construction company a contract valued nearly $200,000 for the construction of temporary housing units on Tortola and Anegada.

The Recovery & Development Agency (RDA) said on its official Facebook page that Roy Garraway of Quality Construction signed the $185,189.19 contract on September 30.

Three units are expected to be constructed with two in the Fat Hog’s Bay and the other on Anegada. A fourth unit whose location was not disclosed is only expected to receive electrical work since the structure has already been constructed.

The other works contracted to be carried out includes essential connections for the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems of all the units.

According to the RDA, the four recipients of the housing units met the criteria set out by the Ministry of Health & Social Development’s Housing Recovery Assistance Programme.

The second part of the project which includes the construction of temporary housing units and essential connections for beneficiaries on Jost Van Dyke is scheduled to be signed later this month.

This project is a collaboration between the RDA and the Ministry of Social Development and is jointly funded by Unite BVI and central government.

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  1. Faith says:

    What is that little bit of money going to build. Thatch houses?

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    • VI gyal says:

      It does say temporary housing so I do not expect a concrete structure or permanent structure.

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    • Peaches says:

      Is that your business? I am sure the recipients are quite happy to get some place to rest their heads. I am am that the contractors will construct reasonable structures.

      Your comment makes you sound like a very ungrateful person.

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    • Peaches says:

      And if you had ‘Faith’ you would exercise in and speak words of ‘Faith.’

  2. well meh boi says:

    He again? He just came off the high school and the fire station. Like this RDA dont know about sharing?

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    • Cant blame a man for looking work says:

      What you really should be asking is why the other contractors ain’t out there submitting tenders? Clearly, he’s putting in the work and being rewarded. Dont hate. They need to step up.

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    • Hit the Nail on the Head says:

      @well meh boi

      It is not about sharing!

      When the RFP proposals are publicized, all capable contractors are allowed to apply. There is a process and may the best man wins. There is no rule that states that if a contractor had a job recently that he is not entitled to bid and be successful on another!

      Be real.

      If the young man followed all of the protocols, he is entitled to get this one. It is not business as usual. With each job, he gets better. Therefore “well meh boi” stop promoting this entitlement syndrome. That is what been keeping SOME of us BVIslanders back. There I have said what nobody wants to say. To those small and medium sized contractors, get your financial, administrative and project management aspects of your business together in order to compete in the new BVI of recovery and development.

    • Are you BLIND? says:

      UMMMM…..High School and Fire Station were not RDA projects.

      Do some research before you type nonesense.

  3. hit the nail on the head says:

    What about the Alms Half Way House in Long Look under the auspices of the Social Development Department.

    Chief Social Development Officer, please present your plans for the rebuilding of that structure. Don’t let the money finish before that gets done?

    Honourable Dr. Wheatley of D7, please do something!

    Honourable Malone, we have persons still residing in the EE/LL Community Centre. Don’t let the money done before these items get dealt with!

  4. O no says:

    If that’s the same contractor that did the fire station I can just imagine how ugly those buildings are going to be. By the way , is the fire station complete? It’s the ugliest looking thing in town, with all that money not even little paint, I hope it’s not done.

  5. Details says:

    if someone gives you money to buy a Ford for them would you buy a BMW? The answer is no. You people need to stop commenting on things you know nothing about and for the one who asked how much money Yellow wants , the answer is clear . Enough to give your mother when she begs

  6. CW says:

    Typical haters that have ZERO KNOWLEDGE about the things they complain about while offering ZERO SOLUTION of their own. I think we call those types STRUPES

  7. Managing director says:

    Again temporary solutions! The only real long term solution for the bvi that has a 50 year plan that gives the bvi global recognition. We need a permanent CHANGE mindset approach for other pending matters; like people who live in mansions but are impeded with carcinogens and toxic fumes REGARDLESS of date for over 10 years in west end!

  8. Roy says:

    I hope they are building them to width stand a cat5 hurricane.

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