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19-year-old BVI woman shot and killed in Puerto Rico

Stock image of a murder crime scene investigation.

A 19-year-old BVI woman, Rene Jack, has been killed in the neighbouring Puerto Rico where she resides.

Media reports coming out of the Spanish-speaking nation are that Jack’s body was found with gunshot wounds to head in an abandoned house on Saturday, May 10.

The Homicide Division of the Caguas Criminal Investigations Corps in Puerto Rico said she was killed following ‘an incident’ between Jack, her 22-year-old boyfriend, and two of their friends.

The boyfriend was also reportedly wounded by a projectile and has been receiving treatment at hospital.

Puerto Rican law enforcement authorities are still investigating the incident.

BVI News will continue to follow this developing story.


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  1. Kingfish says:

    Puerto Rico is not a NATION.Reporters please educate yourselves.

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  2. Dumb says:

    Puerto Rico is not a Spanish speaking nation. It is part of the US and is considered a Territory. Learn geography before you write articles.

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  3. Oh Boy says:

    Really, a young woman has lost her life and the topic is whether PR is a Nation or not smfh. Condolences to her family and my prayers go out to the family of the young man who is hospitalized

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    • 38 Spesh says:

      Umm well I’m what you may call a VICTIM BLAMER. My 1st question would be what did Jack and partner do to be shot multiple times in the head. My 2nd one would be is PR a nation commonwealth or state.

  4. Reader says:

    I find we here in the bvi dose argue over some foolish things a young lady from the bvi died all you talking about mistake made come on grow up

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  5. Jjdjfhf says:

    *Yawn* And why should I care? Bad things happen to bad people. Only natural.

    I ain’t gonna she’d one tear or hut my head up.

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    • Make it make sense says:

      Smh… Why bother comment then if u don’t care. Hop off tf. People too damn heartless, but want to be heard. just hush. This is why the world is so divided. You sound too damn bitter. RIP and Condolences to the Mother of this Young woman.

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    • So Sick says:

      Bad things happen to all people whether they are good or bad. A little compassion and humanity goes a long way. This is one of those times your parents (if you had any) should have taught you if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all. I don’t know the people involved but my heart still grieves for the parents who have lost their child. That’s called humanity. Apparently something you are lacking.

      For the others who are just looking something to say just don’t. Doesn’t matter if Puerto Rico belongs to USA it is still a nation. Just not a self governing one and Spanish is their primary language but again does any of this matter in light of such terrible news.

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    • @Jjdjfhf says:

      I hope nothing do not happen to you or any of your family, SMH.

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    • Lol says:

      Now i convince this person was looking attention so let me give you a little attention buddy. Hope the family doesn’t see your stupid comment.

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    • Forgive him/her says:

      Lord, please forgive this person for he/she does not know what they said.

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      • Anonymous says:

        My condolences to her family…

        On another note I do agree that this is not the time for commenting anything like that. Whether she was a good or bad person we do not know, so since we don’t we don’t lets just hope that this person has lived a life in line with Yahuah and if not let’s hope that they did get a chance to repent.. A life is lost ,but lets look forward to the next time she is awoken and hopefully she can live forever then…Let us all remember that most of us will die one day(some a second)..Let’s go forward and live better lives in accordance with the laws. Do not worry about saving this life. Again my condolences to this young ladies family and all who loved her.

    • WOW says:

      You really are a evil and heartless person. It is not every time someone is killed by gun violence..that the victim is a bad person. Innocent people are gunned down every day, so please dont come here with your evil mind.

  6. ... says:

    Ignore this coward.

    Condolences to the family

  7. Jfjfn says:

    Society so pitiful can’t realize the stuff happening to them is because of their actions. So what…

    Plenty more wicked people around I say. Ain’t gonna make me feel the least bit sorry or lose sleep.

    And yes I am bitter about the evil in this world just but other than that I’m ok. Lol

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  8. CornaGo says:

    Puerto Rico is not a nation.

  9. boss hog says:

    They need to take a long look at the boyfriend. Base on the article this sound fishy. An abandon house she is shot up bad but only a flesh wound to the arm. This story stinks.

  10. Bonz says:

    Will the BVI Charter boat business be up and running for tourists from the US and the UK this fall and winter? Are there any geographic locations banned from entry to the BVI? If so, will this change by fall 2020? Also, the big question I pose is, will Americans and people from the United Kingdom be welcome? If so, are restaurants and beach bars going to be open for business? I realize this is asking for one to predict the future. However, I’m wondering if tourist dependent businesses have begun to tap employees for the upcoming season. Thanks in advance for any valid information you are able to share at this time.

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  11. Closed says:

    Some one lost their life to gun violence and you here asking about your vacation? Stay home. We are closed!! And should be till the end of 2021.

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  12. aa says:

    Most of yall f***ing drop out of high school. Who give’s a f***…

  13. huh says:

    yall really tearin shii up doe

  14. mmm says:

    What you living PR and you from here? PR ain’t got s++t for ya…anybody know this young lady?what she PR doing body.That place is geto unless you got good money.

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