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2 of Vanterpool’s companies doing business with gov’t for over $860K

Mark Vanterpool

Premier Andrew Fahie will today ask the House of Assembly to exempt Fourth District Representative Mark Vanterpool from vacating his seat as an elected member.

This request will be made because the government is currently doing business with two companies that Vanterpool is associated with.

In the first instance, Vanterpool is a director of OneMart Superstore — a supermarket in Purcell Estate that has been contracted by the Ministry of Health & Social Development to provide $869,773.34 worth of food packages and sanitary supplies to assist the Virgin Islands population during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This contract was signed on July 21, 2020.

OneMart also provided food packages and sanitary supplies to the government from March 2020 to May 2020. According to the government, OneMart has already been providing food, furniture, appliances and household items to all government ministries and departments and the residence of the Office of the Governor.

In the second instance, Vanterpool is a Director of Shoreside Development (BVI) Ltd, whose registered office is situated in Pockwood Pond.

The government has transferred a lease for 0.125 acres of land to Shoreside Development. The lease was previously granted to the Estate of Lillian A Romney. The value of the lease agreement has not been made public.

According to the BVI constitution, an elected member of the House of Assembly shall vacate his or her seat if that member is a director or manager of a company that is contracted to business with the Government.

However, the constitution also states that the House of Assembly allow this member to remain in his seat if such contracts are disclosed to the House within a reasonable time.


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  1. Mamasita says:

    1. What is a reasonable time? July 21 was 2 months ago.

    2. Was an evaluation done of the needs of qualifying residents’ such as an application made by these qualifying residents so that a) cost be established and not ovetflated and b) that these qualifying residents are the ones that receive the benefits of this initiative? Who will really benefit from this $860k+ venture? When this is utilized, will there still be residents still in need and so another contract signed? Was this put out to tender?

    What is really going on and whilst we do not need a whole heap of red tape at this critical and difficult time, are limited funds really being spent wisely? How does this work with the now individual and small business stimulus packages and the $300k that was given to each district rep? Is it the same sane same people going to continually get and when they do, the poor continues to cry out and so, let’s get another contract for one of our buddies.

    Ah mai boy. Keep wasting what we don’t have.

  2. Check says:

    Good job Marks eat eat I say eat. Let me hear all who complain about Claude little contract now.

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  3. Rock says:

    Well well I would stay quiet to me boy.

  4. So says:

    I still think that the approval should come first, and after it is received, then and only then should the action be done.

    Seeking authorization AFTER the deed is done? When lawbreakers are lawmakers it makes the populace feel like they should follow the leaders. Just like what continues to happen here all the time.

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  5. advantage never done says:

    When will this bull shiggidy end?

  6. one word says:


  7. ndp heckler says:

    No wonder he is so quiet in the house and don’t take part in opposition held press conferences…old k***k

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  8. VIP/NDP heckler says:

    all these guys have each others back. They are all birds of a feather-partners in krime

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  9. well meh boi says:


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    • Migoman says:

      Conflict of Interest in the BVI and other smaller territories is inevitable. We´re just too small. Its IMPOSSIBLE to avoid conflict of interest here. These sorts of things are expected

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  10. any surprises? says:

    sheep, carwind and action man

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  11. Joe says:

    Mr Vanterpool is doing a great job.

    Big him up for the good he is doinh

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