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20 complete latest RVIPF training | ‘Humble’ local named top recruit

Nineteen-year-old Officer Jeremy Tuckett is attributing humility to his success in sweeping several awards and being named the top recruit in the third cohort of officers to complete the recent series of police recruit training exercises.

The East End man took home the awards for best all-around recruit, being best at police duty subjects, the commandant’s award for perseverance, best shots, best drill, Commissioner of Police Award for excellence, best recruit, and H Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC) President’s award for excellence.

“To be honest, I am very thankful but at the end of the day, I just feel very humbled and I want to thank everybody who helped me get to this point,” he told members of the media following at third Police Recruitment Training Completion Exercise and Passing out Parade at the HLSCC grounds in Paraquita Bay on Thursday.

He said he did not expect to be the named the top recruit because “it was a tough competition”.

“The past six months was a little bit tough. We had to deal with a lot of problems, and our instructors tried to break us down in order to build us up. But, at the end of the day, we had to stick it out and survive to the end.”

Tuckett said he intends to provide service to his country until he can “work no more”.

He also has his eyes set on the Major Crimes Unit, a department which deals with high-profile offences such as murder.

Other awards

In the meantime, Officer Tishema Smith took home the award for leadership, Officer Sakena Codner was awarded the highest academic achievement award and the award for best at physical (female).

The award for best at physical male went to Officer James Ramprashad, the award for best at evidence went to Officer Jahmal Mickel, and Officer Tracey-Ann Forest was named the most disciplined recruit. Officers Johan Anthony Browne and Ryan Joseph, Jr also took home awards.


During the ceremony, Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews joined in welcoming the new officers into the RVIPF.

He said: “I am delighted at the commitment and determination they have shown to achieve such success to be here today.”

He said the quality of new recruits continues to increase and was again reflected among the new officers.

“These and others to follow are the future of the force, and I join you in wishing them every success in their future careers as police officers,” the top cop noted.

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  1. mark my words says:

    Those higher up island man gonna keep ayo down

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    • If you only know says:

      What you don’t know is BVIslanders who are higher up you have to worry about the most.

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    • Anonymous says:

      @mark my words: I disagree with you. A good police Officer who is willing to work hard and is disciplined can go far. What I would encourage Mr. Tuckett to do is enroll at HLSCC to do an associates degree and turn that into a Bachelors Degree eventually. The Police along with the help of the Government should commit themselves to provide the funding to pushing a local to take over the top jobs of the police force. It’s not rocket science. With a Masters degree in criminology or Criminal justice or Manager, any police Officer with a good policing foundation can do the job as Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner.

      If you have the natural ability to lead people and you have a commitment team of managers at the top and the middle level you can achieve what needs to be achieved. It may cost some money but government should be willing to invest in BVIslanders to prepare them for these key positions. Some people argue that a BVISLANDER at the top could be subject to political pressure or may not be able to carry the job with impartiality but if you find the right individual who has integrity this will not be a problem. Invest in your locals like he bigger Islands do such as Barbados and Jamaica, and Bermuda. Even Montserrat has a local as Commissioner so why can’t the BVI have the same?

      It’s shameful that there is no qualified and experienced BVIslander to take over as Commissioner of police. Mr. Matthews is a good man and is the best we had from the U.K. to-date but but when he leaves the post should be filled by a qualified BVISLANDER and the Government along with the Governor and Mr. Matthews should ensure this happens.

  2. It's About Time says:

    Well done Mr. T

  3. Anonymous says:

    That statement is so correct, but we must fight through that psychological dysfunction that is still a weapon used in against us.

    Indeed, there are those in the force who are not favorable to locals. However, those that are there must stand strong and demonstrate to the hateful, envious and jealous that we belong as much they are.

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  4. Family says:

    Good job Mr Tuckett

  5. Local home boy says:

    Don’t mind the noise about locals and expatriates, every workplace have its good and bad, Continue to strive for excellence and you will persevere. Congrats again Dee Dee.

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  6. VI says:

    We need more locals involved in the police work, I look forward to seeing all those who completed the training out there working with the public to make a better BVI.Good luck team.

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    • Fire says:

      Decriminalize cannabis and watch local males feel better about the work of the police force.

      Right now they cant take no oath as its a oath to oppress fellow non-violent BVI landers.

      What people are saying right now is “we need more locals to join the oppressors.”

      Make the law just, then invite locals who would not have to sell out their family or betray their oath to the force.

      Decriminalize and watch they police culture change for the better.

      When we stop criminalizing our people over a green-seed-bearing-bible endorsed plant…

      Then the real criminals will be under pressure.

      This is the BVI natures little secret not Nazi germany, we do not sell out our family.

  7. ESHS says:

    Well done Jeremy. Keep working hard

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