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200 deaths | Single highest ever struck off voters list in history

Supervisor of Elections Juliette Penn.

Supervisor of Elections Juliette Penn is reporting that 2018 has produced the single largest number of eligible voters to ever be struck from a BVI voters list in any one year.

Penn said roughly 200 eligible persons died between September 2017 and now. As such, they had to be struck off the list.

The Office of the Supervisor of Elections, in the meantime, recently released the preliminary voters’ list for 2018.

“This is something we do every year so that the list is updated. We are just updating your list for 2018. Elections were 2015, there was one in 2016, there was a list in 2017 but it wasn’t completed [because of the hurricanes],” Penn told BVI News.

She continued: “Next year, if God spares life, when the House [of Assembly] is dissolved, there will be a new list.”

Penn made it clear that this year’s preliminary list “has nothing to do with the election being called [earlier than the constitutionally due date in 2019].”

Nearly 14,000 eligible voters registered

This year’s list shows a total of 13,643 voters across the nine polling districts.

In the First District, some 1,478 have been listed.

A total of 1,389 voters have been listed in the Second District, 1,607 in the Third, and 1,346 in the Fourth.

Some 1,622 voters are listed in the Fifth District while 1,674 voters have been listed in the Sixth.

A total of 1,286 names are on the list for the Seventh District, while the Eighth and Ninth districts have listed 1,608 and 1,633 voters, respectively.

The list has been posted at various locations including at the General Post Office, the branch post offices and sub-post offices in the territory.

It can also be found at the Office of the Supervisor of Elections in Road Town and will be there for a period of 10 days starting from September 7.

Persons wishing to corrections to the list must contact the Office of the Supervisor of Elections to have it rectified during the 10-day timeframe.

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  1. Mick Mars says:

    And that’s just the folk over 18 and those that were registered. Mein Gott.

  2. BIG QUESTION says:

    what about those voters that were moved around to the various districts in order to oust the VIP???

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    • Truth says:

      The people who were registered in districts they never lived in should all know they have committed FRAUD. Hope they reading this. If you know you don’t and never lived in the district you registered in now is the time to move to your rightful place. Some of you are known so this is not a story.

  3. elections says:

    Ms. Penn, could you provide statistics of actual number of persons removed, by district, gender, age, and by occupation of blue collar and non-blue collar. This is useful information for the statistics department and inquiring minds like myself who want to know.

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  4. Alien says:

    Only 13k of some 35k people can vote. Ive been here 35 years and told that no applications are being accepted for belonger status. Economic activity is directly correlated to population yet BVI seems intend on shrinking down to the smallest number of nationals.

    • Anonymous says:

      The corrupt government and ruling families have done this on purpose to keep their little kingdom of descendants of the poor slaves to themselves. This is a possession of the UK and should be treated as such. Why does a UK citizen need a passport to enter a Territory that the Crown owns. Why does a British subject need permission from the local kangaroo government to stay in a possession of the Crown. The UK needs to re-enter and throw the racist and bigoted government in the toilet and take over management of the Territory. The defendants of the slaves have had 200 years and the have accomplished nothing but filing their own pockets with money. Enough is enough.

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      • Cheebo says:

        The same thing in South Africa

      • Citizen says:

        Thanks descendent of slave masters.Oh how we long for those good old days….

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        • Anonymous says:

          If you pulled your little brain out of your a** and took a look around you could not point to one country, territory, city or dayschool that is successfully run and operated by the descendants of the poor slaves. By the way moron, virtually every people has been enslaved at one time. Not just the Africans. If you spent a bit of time in a real school you might find this out by learning some world history. But then again it’s only the poor African descendants of the populous of the BVI that suffered. Get over yourself you bigoted jerk.

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          • The Truth says:

            This is the type of comment that BVINews allows while my comments get censored all the time. Duly noted.

          • Hold up. says:

            First of all, We are not Africans. We are Negros. The Choosen People. The Israelites. We are still going through modern day slavery at the hands of you Edomites. It won’t be for long though as the day will come when you will all acknowlege us!!!…So carrying on Essau.. carrying on…

  5. History is written for all to learn says:

    Mr/Ms/Mrs Anonymous… you are living in two worlds all wrapped up in historical and human ignorance. You are clearly living and thinking in an era where the Black skin was the object of bigotry, hatred, racism, oppression, enslavement, disenfranchisement and more, and appear angry that the oppressive control of the past over us cannot be a reality.

    First then, when theft is/was the means by which an object, land or country was obtained, that object, land or country is not the LEGAL POSSESSION of the thief. See legal and historical records.

    Moreover, where are the LEGAL documents indicating honorable, moral and legal ownership of these “UK and Crown possessions?”

    Further, aren’t words such as Crown and UK possessions simply terms that are synonymous with colonial, imperialism, plundering and taking ownership by force and death of that which wasn’t yours?. See historical records.

    The slaves gave four hundred years of wage free labor and, as a result, made the UK and the rest of Europe decadently rich.

    Their offspring’s are yet to be paid as much as an apology or a pence , but now you want to come in, or at least advocate such, and take over our little nest egg that we, the slave descendants, spent “200 years” developing.

    Such arrogance supersedes stupidity and Caucasoid entitlement. That’s a recipe for revolution, believe it or not!.

    Who, when, where and how did such possessions come about by the UK? wasn’t it not through guns, bullets, murder, extermination and falsification?

    The current descendants of those slaves monetary situation appear to be of a major problem. Why? Perhaps they being destitute would be quite more pleasing and approving?

    Finally, many feel some sorrow and compassion for the uncivilized, for they do portray others as they themselves view and exist within themselves, as racist and bigots.

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    • @ History is written for all to learn says:

      Well said! Well said!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      First, you are not indigenous to the islands. In fact you are squatters on land that your ancestors were set free on. You have no right to claim it is yours. Second, you are indigenous to the west African coast, mainly Nigeria. Thus, this is your homeland and you should return if you don’t like living in harmony with the white and other colors of the Territory. The Territory is not your nest egg. You have done nothing to earn it, improve it or create a livable environment for the inhabitants in 200 years. In fact, the only thing you have done is sell off land to white expats, steal from the government coffers and expect the white world to support you. This is your reparations. Enjoy it. It’s ending soon.

  6. @Anonymous says:

    Poor fellow. A very angry and troubled soul you are. Sad, very sad to read so much vitriol tracing through your racist, hateful, bigoted and uneducated waste.

  7. @Anonymous says:

    Continuous daily rape was the white man’s continuous play ground, torture, forced breeding, horrific brutality, branding, permanent separation from family and much more. Just some of the regular assaults of the white slaver.

    You continue to belittle us and our ancestors. Instead of advocating the return of the slave master, you must consider leaving this territory where the “poor African descendants now resides.”

    Your own English compadre urged you the other day to stop your spewing your hatred. You must try to. You are very miserable in mind and soul. You need psychological and spiritual rejuvenation.

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  8. Online Now says:

    It would be interesting to know how many of the registered voters are residing outside the Territory.

  9. peebles hospital says:

    hospital staff responsible for most of those death.

  10. I BORN HERE says:


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