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RDA: Legitimise your business before bidding for contracts

Construction workers repairing a roof on Tortola. (BVI News photo)

Local contractors and service providers have been told to legitimise their businesses so they can benefit fully from the myriad of projects that will take place during the next few years.

That statement came from Clarence Faulker, the Deputy Chairman of the Recovery and Development Agency (RDA), whose five-year mandate will be to execute the territory’s recovery and development plan.

“One of the challenges we’ve recognized that is a lot of small businesses simply show up and say we would like work or we would like a contract but the business is not necessarily a business. It is just somebody just trying something,” he said.

“What it creates is a false impression that you have a legitimate business that you want to be recognized for but when you are then put to the test we realize it is not.”

He said it is critical for even small businesses to go through the channels that would make their businesses legitimate.

“Don’t run your business from your pocket. Become an employee of your business,” he reasoned.

“We need to demonstrate to the international community that we are serious about recovery by demonstrating that the people that we are entrusting to execute the work operate at the highest standards.”

Faulkner said it would benefit all parties concerned if contractors and service providers accept his advice.

“Tell us what you need to help you to rise because the opportunity is there. We have fought long and hard to make sure that the persons in the territory benefit from the process but it makes no sense if we are going to all that process and you do not step up to the plate to be able to be awarded those bids. Put your house in order if it is not already.”

He said there will be a database of all the contractors and service providers that participate in contract bidding so the process for future projects is made easier.

According to Premier Dr D Orlando Smith, it will take billions to restore the territory to its pre-hurricane condition.

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  1. Yes says:

    I love it! The chickens are coming home! Rebuild BVI #Bigger #Better!

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  2. Brad Boynes says:

    The Premier now recognizing it’s going to take billions to rebild/restore the Territory! . Hmm.

  3. Political Observer (PO) says:

    What does the Deputy means by contractors legitimizing their businesses? Does he means contractors getting a license and if so what is the criteria for procuring a license? Does he mean no fronting? Does he mean no labour brokering, ie, contractor must have some construction experience, not just capital, ie, skin in the game? Does it mean a home office with equipment, staff (inspectors, superintendants, accountant)?

    Continuing……..Does it mean contractors should be bonded with the bonding company assuming the responsibility for project if contractor defaults? Does it mean contractors honouring warranty (s)? Does it mean contractors honoring bids, completing projects on time? Does it mean contractors paying liquidated damages for their project delay(s)? Does it mean contractors having bid, payment and performance bonds?

    Will this construction paradigm shift result in government getting value for money, higher quality projects that meets their design intent………etc?

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    • Truth says:

      He is speaking about those that got Trade Licenses back in the day when VIP was giving them out to every Tom, Dick, Harry and Mary! Because they were legally processed they can’t just take them away so they’re out there. If you want a construction license now the process is a lot more rigorous. What Faulkner is saying really is that you have to be a real business, i.e. paying all fees, have your certificate of good standing, proper staff, able to get references from prior jobs, able to carry out a job similar to under the CDB projects where you must use your own money to take the job to a certain level before getting paid, being able to qualify for bonds etc. He is making it clear that those smaller contractors shouldn’t waste their time if they don’t meet a certain criteria and he is right.

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      • ndp heckler says:

        Why yo don’t talk bout how o-/m—– dem were giving out trade licenses left right and center? Talk that!

  4. Bite and blow says:

    Ask Dept of Trade how many construction licenses they have issued and are currently valid ie paid up. You will be surprised.

  5. oh yeah says:

    What they put this man on the recovery board for. This man like he has an attitude towards locals. How are they going to check the outside companies that want to do business here or only the locals have to go through the process. With all his past statements i wonder if any locals will meet his criteria. The government is who should set the guidelines that govern how this agency should be run not by a man who just like to hear himself speak. He is only the deputy and going on like his words is law. Typical example of locals going out of their way to make sure other locals don’t make it.

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