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20yo accused of having sex with minor granted $60K bail

A Hannah’s Estate man was granted $60,000 signed bail on Thursday after he allegedly had sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of 13.

Charged is 20-year-old Kwayne Francis who was not required to plead when he appeared before Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo.

This is because the matter is indictable, which effectively means it is triable before a judge and jury.

What the court heard happened

Prosecutors allege that sometime last year, the accused man met and made friends with the minor.

The pair allegedly began communicating via Facebook during which time the accused reportedly told the minor that he wanted to prove himself to her.

On May 22, the court heard that the minor returned from school then left her home to visit a friend’s home.

It is alleged that the accused, who is said to live near the friend’s home, joined the minor on her journey.

They then had sexual intercourse, it is alleged.

The minor’s mother eventually found out and reported the matter to the police. The accused was subsequently arrested and charged.

During a police interview, the accused reportedly denied the allegations saying, “I didn’t do it.”


In court, Francis was ordered not to have any contact with the minor or any other witnesses.

The matter was adjourned to October 2.

Attorney Patrick Thompson represents the accused.

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  1. Wow says:

    When are we going to educate our young men relative to such matters? We are aware that many of them are fatherless and immature in their ways. Mr. Minister of education, please consider having certain discussions as part of the school curriculum at an early age. Maybe topics on crime that young people on a whole hets into can be part of the social studies program in the high school. Then young people will have no excuse. We always come on here condemning and saying lock them up. But let’s think real hard about this. Topics – sex, drugs, alcohol, stealing, handling stolen goods, anger management, peer pressure, self-esteem, other activities that can cause them to be incarcerated or a nuisance to the community, etc. I am sure a list can be put together and members of the police force can help in this endeavor because they are aware of the common criminal activities young people get themselves involved in.

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  2. Wow says:

    What kind of conversation could he be having with a girl under 13 to talk about proving himself.

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    • Me again says:

      It goes both ways ; he is insecure of himself as a Man so he preys on the under aged
      She is SMART enuff to know what to do So U don’t think she knows SHE should Not be having sex ; and with a big man ? Both of them want dem A** cutting

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      • Bolly says:

        Probably did not even know that she was under aged.

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        • No says:

          No, no, no, that child was under the age of 13 at no point is an 18 year old going to think she is 17, on an island this size, you know how old she is. She is a child CHILD, yes she may talked to him on Facebook, but he is the adult, it is never her fault. He should know better

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    • Hmm says:

      You would be surprised of the conversation children talk about these days. It’s truly sad

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    • Bolly says:

      There was no intention to have any conversation.

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    • @Wow says:

      Let’s see, video games,McDonald’s happy meals and Burger King.

  3. Parents step up!!! says:

    That’s y parents need to step up and be parents and protect our young girls from these men’s, even dressing there age and acting there age, so much young girls out there having xxx getting pregnant at the wrong age with no job or education ,, we need to do something about it to protect them.

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    • Instill says:

      It starts at home. When I see the way some of the parents allow their young girls to walk around looking, all I can say in my mind is oooh child. Teach these girls that education is the key. Parents have to take control and stop letting their girl children turn out to be damaged goods.

  4. Not good says:

    Wow for ah girl that age need to be more into her book and not man

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  5. Parents step up!!! says:

    I know yall parents out there won’t want to hear that something happen to your child and then yall going want to blame the child… Blame your self for putting and training your child like that.

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  6. Canadian says:

    Toss the keys away

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  7. Sorry Folks says:

    Look at the way some of you parents let your girl children leave the house looking like hoochie mamas. Teach your girl children to dress and look like decent young ladies should and suppose to look. Teach them to have respect for themselves.These dudes out here is just lusting and looking for a booty call.

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  8. Anonymous says:

    Sadly, this is no isolated incidence. It is as common as going to school, and from the youngest of ages on up.

  9. unknown says:

    these your girls going around tell young guys wrong age ,we have to just cover our young ppl under the blood of Jesus Christ instead of calling them down ,these young girls need to stop it my god, i kn the young man, Lord Jesus Christ cover him Lord he is a fatherless man, young girls stop putting these young men’s into trubble, just pray for them..

  10. wize up says:

    when everything you see you want in today’s BVI comes
    Sexual favours: the mother did the right thing by reporting the matter to the police: some other mothers condone such conduct because the man usual help pay bill in her household

  11. Hmmm.. says:

    13???? Girl is sum cut a** u woulda get if you was raised with me.. To see u even leave to do it again

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  12. GWEN says:

    Children live what they learn. Our young people spend too much time on social media instead of trying to better their lives by educating themselves. Before there were computers and cell phones a book was the best option. Young people have to have a hunger for knowledge and need to have a purpose for living. Sex is not the answer. Once you give your virginity away you can never get it back. Young Ladies, there are boys who will have sex with you to boost their ego, but you will never play any significant role in their life. Haven’t you heard about HIV, Syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases? Save your self for someone deserving of you. Become the best of who God intended YOU to become, Get an education, a career, don’t follow the crowd. Be a guiding star and let others emulate you.

  13. ghutty says:

    as long as apartments are this high, groceries, parents who wants to live beyond their means, this problem will never stop. the apartmentts are so high that prents have to work 2 or 3 jobs to support their families and by doing so, the children are left alone to take care of themselves. also if people l;ive more simple in the bvi and force such complex life on themselves, things will force to drop such a food, rent etc but he is wrong because a child is a child no matter what.

  14. You men says:

    Also need to leave these underage girls alone.No good comes out of messing with underage girls, you either end up in a cell or standing before a judge.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Some of ayo making it seem as if the boy raped the girl. For him to have a conversation allegedly saying “he want to prove himself” clearly shows that they BOTH were talking sexually. Also, I am 18 years old and I am also a female. There are some girls who are way younger than me who u would swear are older than me. So u can’t blame the dude for believing she was older and I have a strong feeling that young lady didn’t tell him her corrrect age

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