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313 relief workers recorded

Local authorities have reported that, at the end of September, there were 313 relief workers in the British Virgin Islands rendering assistance  following widespread devastation caused by category 5 hurricane Irma.

Those workers are from 19 different regional and international organizations, according to the Third Situation Analysys conducted by the Department of Disaster Management and the National Emergency Operations Centre.

The relief workers have been providing assistance in areas such as health, security, infrastructure, education, and general humanitarian efforts such as the provision of food, water, and clothing.

More than half of the 313 relief workers were assigned to security. The United Kingdom sent 117 persons from its military and external police,  while overseas territories and Crown dependencies sent 76 security personnel.

The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) sent the third largest group of relief workers, 42, to provide general humanitarian assistance.

The Caribbean Fire Fighters Association provided the fourth largest complement of workers — 24 persons.

The Ministry of Health and Social Development, in the meantime,  said it is ensuring that all organisations arriving in the territory ‘are duly registered and working in support of the national relief and recovery process’.

Here is a list of organizations on the ground, as presented in the Third Situation Analysis:


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