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32 awarded gov’t scholarships for the first time in three years

After a three-year halt, 32 persons have been awarded government scholarships to universities abroad to pursue studies in areas of national significance.

According to Deputy Premier and Minister of Education, Dr Natalio Wheatley, government received nearly 100 scholarship applications.

He told BVI News this high number is because of the backlog that was created after the programme halted in 2017.

“We are very happy that we were able to restart the scholarship programme. After Hurricane Irma, it was stopped and it created a big backlog of students who either couldn’t pursue their studies or had to struggle to pursue their studies,” Dr Wheatley stated.

“We know that investing in young persons is something that we have to do, especially as we want to see more local persons qualified and trained to be in the workforce. So scholarships are essential to that along with our investment in H Lavity Stoutt Community College and other programmes that we have,” he added.

Areas of study

Dr Wheatley said he hopes choosing to award scholarships in certain areas will fill the void that exists for some professional roles in the territory.

These roles have consistently been held by expatriates.

“We were able to award the scholarships in a diverse number of areas. These areas correspond with priority areas in our economy including agriculture, construction, technology, nursing, sports, therapy and a host of other areas where we want to move into the future,” the minister stated.

HLSCC enrollment improves chances of attaining a scholarship

The Deputy Premier further said the system of selecting the individuals for the scholarships was rigorous but fair.

He also encouraged persons who are interested in applying for a scholarship to enrol at the H Lavity Stoutt Community College for two years, as the experience will assist with preparing them for studies abroad.

“We have a process that’s opened where anybody can apply but we’re encouraging persons who have graduated from high school to go to the H Lavity Stoutt Community College and they would stand a better chance of being awarded a scholarship,” he explained.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Premier, Deputy Premier and CEO: I have paid off my contract; have served a full, exemplary and productive teaching career, but am yet to receive either my full increments and equivalent salary to date. How much longer?

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  2. What says:

    What universities did these 5th graders earn scholarships for. Are they attending those online universities where they give you a diploma as long as you pay? What a waste of money. These useless will go to the US party, learn nothing and come back for a government job. A mind is a beautiful thing to waste. In the BVI money is wasted on useless minds.

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  3. Macado says:

    @ What….You are soo damn hateful and spiteful. learn to love ya neighbours!!
    young people do not loose hope you are some of the world’s prized possessions. Soar above the hate. do not dwell on negative comments….

  4. Really says:

    how is this sustainable?

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  5. Long Over Looked says:

    It is hoped that the tourism and marine industry from top to bottom management were not left out.

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  6. LOCAL says:


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  7. LOL says:

    PURE VIPees

  8. @local says:

    We don’t need a list of the students. What we have to do is be happy for the students, let them spread their wings and soar, bless them. We have some brilliant young minds in the BVI, all they need is the chance. I wish each and everyone of those students the best. I don’t want to hear any negativity from you selfish bad minded folks.

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  9. Dear young folks says:

    Please don’t allow negative people to stop you from reaching for the Stars. Continue to follow your dreams and always believe in yourselves. Good luck and much blessings to each and everyone of you.

  10. Agree says:

    We need to see a list of the students, who their relatives are and how much money they are getting. I believe we will see politicians and ruling offspring getting the scholarships. We certainly can’t have the wealthy dipping into their pockets to pay for the useless offspring. Let the government and the US pay. By the way do any of you Belongers that have US citizenship pay US income tax required by law? I don’t think so. What a criminal lot the Belonger is.

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  11. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Premier, Deputy Premier and Minister of Edcation and CEO: I have paid off my contract; have served a full, exemplary and productive teaching career, but am yet to receive either my full increments and equivalent salary to date. How much longer?

  12. Hmm says:

    A few of them are US born and finished high school in the US. The will be getting Financial Aid and other grants because of their status. I hope this has been taken into consideration with the amount they are getting from the Government here because I know they not telling Student Aid that they getting money from here.

  13. local says:

    I have nothing against Gov investing in our youths. I hope that they will return (All of them) and make the B.V.I proud.

  14. ..... says:

    if they aint Americans they aint goin no whereee

  15. Names says:

    Who are they that got my hard earn tax dollars? Would you please name all of the recipients please.

  16. Spork says:

    A*** went down to Trini last year on the promise of a scholarship.Then when Covid stopped so did the money, he couldn’t pay fees, rent or food. Natalio tell him they have no money but he has asked the Premier. (It took more than 2 months to even get that). Then it goes to the UN lady. Then all of us friends are sending him money so he ask government for help getting a ticket back. But no, he abandoned. he isn’t from a top family at all, so he no one they think they need concern themselves with.

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