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4 charged after police raid recovers gun, bullets, drugs

Road Town Police Station

Four Sea Cows Bay residents were charged on Thursday in connection to gun and drug offences, local police are reporting.

Charged with keeping an unlicensed firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, and two counts of unlawful possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply are 55-year-old Doris Mills, 29-year-old Gregory Alleyne Jr, 24-year-old Alisma Wheatley, and 35-year-old Kervis Collis Rhymer.

They were implicated during a police raid at a residence in Sea Cows Bay this week.

The raid yielded one loaded pistol, nearly 40 rounds of ammunition, and a quantity of two substances believed to be cocaine and cannabis.

The arrestees are scheduled to make an appearance in the Magistrate’s Court.

“This is one less illegal firearm on our streets because of the dedicated work of these officers. While it might seem like an uphill battle with our seemingly porous borders, the Virgin Islands is continuing to benefit from work carried out by officers of this Force in seizing firearms, arresting persons keeping these weapons as well as those engaging in the illegal drug trade,” Police Commissioner Michael Matthews said while commenting on the bust.

Police have been making a considerable amount of gun busts in the last several weeks.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It appears there is a vibrant underground economy centered around the sale of illicit drugs. How many times have I read about some drug find/bust along with guns? I’ve lost count.

    Despite people are being arrested quite often and making news relative to it, it appears there is no end in sight. Someone gets arrested, and another apparently takes their place and fill the void. It’s one big cat and mouse game. Who is feeding this economy?

    On another note, how are these guns getting into the country? Every time something goes down, a gun is being found. Crazy. Looks like part of the American drug and gun culture has invaded the BVI. Sigh.

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  2. what!!! says:

    Great work by our police hope the courts do there thing ,NO slap on wrist.

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  3. I Say says:

    It is time to re-educate these youths and teach them there are other ways of making money besides pushing drugs and shooting people.

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  4. Gumption.Official says:

    Kudos to the RVIPD????‍♀️????‍♀️????‍♀️????‍♀️. We now have safer streets because of your good work. Best news I’ve seen all day

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    • JailMan says:

      Rubs hands like bird man.

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    • Gumption.Official says:


    • Hmmmm says:

      @gumption.Official | that’s the 1st decent post you’ve made using my username. That I’d agree with. However I’m happy BVI News and VINO and BVI Platnum won’t be publishing anymore comments with (Gumption.Official) name for key reasons people like you Are using it like it’s me and you’re actions can be opposite to what I believe in or stand for.

  5. Luvz says:

    Good work by our police officers.

  6. well sah says:

    Just last week i saw that one dancing up a storm in dominica

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  7. Yessssss says:

    Keep dropping those dimes people, keep dropping those dimes. You would think a 55 year old WOMAN would have her S**t together. Good they got snatched up. You all continue thinking the police is slipping.

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    • 55 or older, it does not matter says:

      That is not a sober statement bc when popo come search your house, even if you are not aware that drugs may be in your house you going down with the popo, whether you are the owner or not, whether you live there or visiting. Once you are at the house at the time of the search.

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  8. Good news says:

    This is the kind of news I like to see. Good job to the RVIPF cause that gun probably would have taken the life of one of our brother,sister,uncle,aunt,cousin or father. Weird thing is after the West end shooting some people made comments about a court employee who had a son going around popping off his gun. We have been plagued enough by senseless gun violence so let’s take back our beautiful BVI from these criminals.

  9. Sixty Six says:

    (To Anonymous) Drugs and guns are not a new development in the BVI. Matter of fact what we have now is petty compared to the 1980s and 1990s. Still it is a cause for concern, I agree.

    Where the guns are coming from you ask? Do you have any idea how many speed boat trips are made between here and St. Thomas/St Maarten at night times, and back before day break?

    • Reply says:

      “Do you have any idea how many speed boat trips are made between here and St. Thomas/St Maarten at night times, and back before day break?”

      I had no idea this kind of boat traffic has been occurring during the nights. I live mostly under a rock. Those kind of hours I am trying to get me some sleep, so I’m clueless on these happenings.

      That being the case, I hope Customs and Immigration is out there trying to intercept as many as they can because it appears these guns are all over the place.

  10. Retired says:

    Perhaps an intrepid reporter at this news site could follow up these gun confiscation stories with a report of what actually happens to these weapons while in police custody. For example are the weapons destroyed, undergo a ballistic test, re-cycled for the police, etc. If the weapons are tested for ballistics then perhaps the individual gun could be linked to one or some of the many unsolved gun crimes and murders in the BVI these last 30 years.

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  11. Sis O de' Soil says:

    Corruption on all levels.

  12. Hmm says:

    Let’s see the Wheatley with all that attitude now!!!!

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  13. Guest says:

    What’s the quantity or is sticky hand police still deciding how much to claim they found …

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  14. Parent says:

    How many of us parents know what our grown adult kids do? She does not share her grown adult kids bedroom!!!! I am positive they will drop the charges against this woman I doubt she had anything to do with any thing. The same thing I said when they
    Had the lady from Pock wood Pond and the same goes for this woman….

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