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4-year case ends | Cop convicted for leaking information

Starcy Huggins (File photo)

Interdicted police officer Starcy Huggins has been convicted of ‘breach of trust by a public officer’.

Magistrate Ayanna Batiste DaBreo found Huggins guilty when the four-year-old matter concluded last Thursday.

The cop now faces prison time of up to three years.

According to the BVI’s Criminal Code Act, “a public official who, in the discharge of his/her duties, breaches or commits any fraud or breach of trust affecting the public … commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to imprisonment.”

Prosecutors say, back in 2013, Huggins assisted criminal suspects by warning them of a covert police operation that was underway at the time.

On November 29 that year, a group of officers was selected to be part of a special police operation in search of two suspects.

Huggins who was among those selected was reportedly briefed about the said operation.

While the police party was en route to apprehend the suspects, they stopped in a section of a community and exited the vehicle. Prosecutors say Huggins remained inside the police vehicle where she telephoned the suspects saying: “Hey, hey … ayo owe me big time. They (police) coming; they coming now.”

Huggins is scheduled to be sentenced for the offence on January 19, next year.

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  1. Laura says:

    WOW! Sad and unfortunate that she had to stoop to this level of dishonesty but how many more of her kind still remain within the force today.

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    • Juror says:

      and waiting for a case to conclude after 4 years , then another wait for sentencing is almost or akin to miss carraige of justice,

  2. Well done says:

    Put her ARZZZ in the clinker for running her big mouth.

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  3. cruise pier/air plane debacle says:


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    • Tola says:

      This is no small matter.She put her fellow officers lives on the line by alerting the suspects.Should get some time.

  4. ??????? says:

    Ayo owe me big time. She is a perfect example of a s—- rat. Snitch out a police inverstagation for a couple slices of cheddar cheese and peanut butter, thé offical sewer rat meal.She need to be locked up for a while.

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  5. unbelievable says:

    The court system here is just weak and a joke why this matter took four years and why sentencing is put off so late in January. The chief justice does see what going on in Tortola.

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    • Albion says:

      Four years is bad. But what I don’t understand at all is why they need to wait another 6 months – until January 2019 – to sentence her. Four and a half years after the proceedings started?

      If she is smart that gives her plenty of time to flee the Territory and evade the very slow moving wheels of justice.

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    • Time will tell says:

      Hmmm.. do you realise that the DPP can only bring a case when it has sufficient evidence? The question you should ask is why did the police take soo long to collect the evidence required. What we know and what can prove are two different things. Think about it!!!

  6. also says:


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  7. More says:

    And the others still not learning they doing this same thing every day. Talk to much no trust or confidence in the whole bunch.

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  8. VI gyal says:

    After all the years past which is more than her sentence, why not leave her out. why does it have to take so long to deal with simple matters. A matter like this should not have taken so long. now still months before she can be sentenced.

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    • LOL says:

      Why, I don’t see anywhere that she is in jail. The BVI has become a lawless society and she is part of the problem and needs to pay for it.

  9. Not so fast says:

    Put her ARZZZ in the clinker for running her big mouth.

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  10. Telling You says:

    If they dont give her jail time, As a law abiding citizen, I am going to write and go to every agency hère and in thé UK to make sure she serve some time in prison. She betrade her team, her badge and thé oath She took to uphold thé law.

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  11. Concern says:

    She is not the first cop to warn suspects and won’t be the last – she just happen to get caught.

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  12. Concern ..... says:

    It is so sad what’s your decision but if you did what they say you must pay but what about the senior officer who went hospital when the big man get shot and advice him, what about the forensic officer who hide the evidence, what about the officer that use to work persecution that when his son get lock up went in the station and told him don’t give police no information. All these officers need to go before the court to.

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  13. Half cracked system says:

    So what we doing about the male cops that did the same thing or about the drug and money thieving cops or the rapist/molester cops, or or the cops that sexually assaulted/ harassed their colleagues?????!!!!!

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  14. Sun Fish says:

    I agree That She should be sentenced to prison. She ratted out her unit.Things could hâve gotten real bad.In thé normal police world She world hâve been in jail from day one untill her hearing.If She IS Not sentenced to do jail time, thé other officers,yes other officers that is doing what she did will continue to get away with it.

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  15. $$$$$$$$ says:

    @Concern…..and they will.Just remember, no matter how slick you think you are, someone is always watching. Believe this, their jig IS going to be up soon.

  16. Politician says:

    wa good for the goose good for the gander -lock up others too

  17. It’s Fiddy € says:

    Welcome to another Episode of the BVI Series Power
    They say this is a Big Rich Town,
    I just come from the Poorest Part,
    No Traffic Lights Bumpy Roads,
    This is Where it goes Down,
    I just happen to come up Hard,
    Legal or Illegal I gotta make It.

  18. Stop jt says:

    Hanleys Huggins Tortola bred St Kitts ppl stop giving your SK bloodbad name..thank you.

  19. Danny says:

    Unfortunately this is one of the reasons they don’t trust BVIslanders in the police force. It will be a very long time before a born BVIslander is appointed Commissioner of Police.

  20. Sis O' de Soil says:

    It’s unfortunate what she did but she gice jack he jacket. So sad. This one shock me because she’s a nice person. But, she’ll be ok. She just forfeit her pension for these guys. I hope they “pay you back” since they “owe you” long after the dust settles and you’ve served your time (or not- we can never guess how the wheels of justice will turn nowadays).

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