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47 married years of adventure

The Callwoods of Jost Van Dyke

By Esther Durand, BVI News Staff

Tessa Callwood said she “took a chance” when she left her Australian home for the Caribbean in 1971. She in was in search of a worthwhile business venture.

That chance has since resulted in what she described as 47 adventurous years of marriage to local legend, Philicianno ‘Foxy’ Callwood.

“I was in the hotel business and I thought of coming and looking at the hotel business in the Caribbean … so I took a chance and went to Gibraltar. I was sitting in a bar on the main road waiting for the boat and then down the road comes a group of men. I recognized the skipper of the boat and among them was this black guy in a yellow slicker — he proved to be my future husband.”

She and her soon-to-be husband — who was returning from Europe to the BVI for what was an upcoming tourist season — shared a cabin during the trans-Atlantic journey to the Virgin Islands.

It was during the voyage that Foxy decided to ask her to work in his bar. She agreed. And as Mrs Callowood described it, “the rest is history”.

The union produced three children — Justin, Christian and Jemilla Callwood.

I found what I was searching for

Thinking back on to the moment she decided to venture to the Caribbean and the moment to accepted Foxy’s request work at his bar, Mrs Callwood said she found what she was searching for when she met her husband.

“An adventure — that’s what I was in search of and that’s what I found. You never could predict what was going to happen or what would happen. We had a saying back then: ‘When you come to Foxy’s, expect the unexpected’, and that is what life was like. I threatened to leave a lot! But I never did, I am still here,” she admitted.

“In retrospect, life is different from when you are starting up. I guess I’ve changed my idea about pre-nuptials because maybe it is not such a bad idea,” she said lightheartedly after being asked if she had any advice for persons hoping to marry.

She continued: “You want to decide on your role, and your own route and the other person should decide on theirs so that is all out in the open and you know where you are going, and you are going together.”

Who is Foxy

Foxy, the barefooted musician, is perhaps one of the most famous residents of Jost Van Dyke and the wider Virgin Islands.

He is known for his tamarind bar, his annual Old Year’s Night party, the Hemp Fest, his school of music, among other things.

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  1. Michael Helm says:

    Congeatulations my very very good friends.

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  2. thing to talk says:

    Quito’s, Myettes, Fat Hog’s Bob, Tonic’s all followed suit by marrying caucasian ladies in vue of success

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    • Just Wrong says:

      When you see racism, it just promotes racism.

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      • @Just wrong says:

        What exactly are you trying to say?

      • bull says:

        We all know that a business takes off after a white face is seen. Those guys married white ladies in order to become more successful. WHAT IS RACIST ABOUT THAT ???

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        • @bull says:

          That is pure fallacy. Half truths to the extent that white supports only white business where ever they are on earth. That is fact. What does that behavior indicate and suggest then? Oh, they are not racist. We got yah.

          If you are a Black person “Bull,” come back in a few generations to see who owns what. And if you can remember some of the opinions on this thread, you will say to yourself, ” they were right.” unless of course Black people wake up and hold on to what they own.

          And that is all we are messaging to Black people. Hold on to what you own Black people, for your future generations. Now what is racist about that?

          Afterall, white people do not support, sell to, or leave anything behind for Black people to use, enjoy or develop wealth from. They take, most times steal cunningly and keep for themselves. Go study history and behaviors then come back and prove us wrong. We dare you.

          Read that paragraph again. Is it not factual? Is it racist or speaks truth? Case rested.

          Wake the hell up Black people or continue to be a disenfranchised people, yard weeding, dish washing, food serving, bar tending, bed making, objects of no wealth generating slave.

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          • Poor white dude says:

            @bull, not saying you’re wrong, but think about what you wrote and substitute “the wealthy class” for “white people” and “the poor” for “black people” then start to think about which group benefits from infighting between factions of poor people.

            Yes, the wealthy are mostly white, but most whites are not wealthy. I think you are dead on with your accusation, but just a bit off with the identification of the parties involved.

          • Original Man says:

            If he wants to expose his offsprings to Lou Gherigs or Barain Syndrome and whatever exoctic denetic deficiences its his choice. More power to you.

        • Fred Hill says:

          Perhaps they marry the person they love who just happens to be white.

    • Forward Ever/Backward never says:

      @thing to talk
      You racist jackass, wasn’t Quito married to a local black lady and was successful before he married his present wife? Who ever you are I pity you. Very shallow comment.

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    • @thinf to talk says:

      Unfortunately, you must know WHAT to talk…..smh

    • @thing to talk says:

      Unfortunately, you must know WHAT to talk…..smh

  3. Nice says:

    I love this piece! You both look so happy! I wish you 47 more years of happiness!

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  4. Reply says:

    Congrats to the Callwoods. 47 years together is something to celebrate. I wish them many more years of happiness together. Their golden anniversary is around the corner. I think they are going to make that and beyond.

    A good pain killer to the happy couple.

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  5. pitapata says:

    slap that hat off his head urrrgh!

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  6. One eye fowl cock says:

    For God sake when you met FOXY you was b***e made money off the poor hard working woman like O****a. V****a now the rest is to shameful to talk no racismn the plain truth

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  7. Anonymous says:

    A evidentuary example of the most patient, cunning, long range thinkers, long term planners, sneaky people in earth.

    They will deny from now till hell freezes over, but it is no coincidence, or result of “love” that the main gold mine beach fronts [except for Fisher’s Property] remaining in Black local ownership have white wives attached to them.

    They will deny with a thumbs down here, but what they can’t deny is their history, psychological make up and their known desire to own every thing valuable on earth, especially every thing valuable that Black people owns.

    Truths are truths. f we don not wake up, our future generations will not be owning CB, JVD or any other bay in the BVI.

    But do ignore these words and see where you end up.

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    • One eye fowl cock says:

      O my God we need 100 more people like you to hit them hard again let the truth be told all of FOXYS children have kid for white women do the maths …

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    • Reply says:

      Why would you want to ascribe ulterior motives to these wonderful people who have been married for 47 years with some racial stereotype and conspiracy theories?

      Interracial marriages are not a crime, and if the Callwoods did not love each other, they would not have remain together for 47 years and raise a family. People marry and love who they want. Skin color should not be an issue.

      You and I have not idea what brought these people together. Is it possible they just love each other as oppose to what you are thinking?

      I would submit to you that Foxy is no less a black man despite having been married to a white woman for 47 years.

      Look, not every black person is your friend, nor every white person your enemy. Judge people based on the content of their characters, and act accordingly.

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      • @Reply. says:

        Naievity always kills the sheep. Can’t trust all Black just as we can’t trust no white person.

        Again, they are subterreanian and pernicious beings. They should never be underestimated.

        Clearly some of would fall for their tricks and deceit, as you have, but not all of us will.

        There is to much history that speaks to us. We shall therefore not be nieave.

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      • Reflect says:

        An effective cure for white racism is non-white wealth and power… whites will continue to flow into Foxy’s genetic line until it is turned fully white, by the 3rd or 4th generation.

        I hate to imagine it, but as the BVI gets richer its population will turn lighter. Like in Bermuda and Cayman.

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  8. Slap says:

    Why don’t u slap yourself. IDIOT!

    • I am going to say it says:

      Who want to get mad can go right the H*ll on. The Caucasian people have treated me BETTER THAN MY OWN BLACK RACE.

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  9. @The New Government and BVI Local Land Owner says:

    We must warn ourselves. We must no delude ourselves. The earthward colonial master is alive and well, subterranean and pernicious to the core. Don’t delude yourself current BVI leaders and people.

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  10. Ausar says:

    “Anonymous”, you have hit the nail on its head!

    And watch to see who the progenies of these “unions”-miscegenated unions-,end up marrying and creating future progenies with!

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  11. What a ting says:

    One has no right to tell people who to love ,The some people of the bvi are jealous envious and downright evil ,If the man and his children are happy let them be Some of you are married to your kind and fight like dogs then appear in the public like all is well ?

  12. My poragative says:

    People can fall in love and marry whom ever they like. I would prefer to be married to a Caucasian man than a Black man any day.

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  13. Confucius says:


    Wishing you two many more happy years together. You are to be commended for rising above all the adversity you’ve both had to deal with over the years. Jealousy, envy, racism are ugly things. But you have prevailed through thick and thin.

    Keep on keepin’ on Tesa and Foxy. Those that matter, matter – and we love you both!

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