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52-yr-old charged with raping a minor

Police yesterday charged a 52-year-old male for raping a minor.

The man is a BVI resident and a native of St Vincent. He is scheduled to appear in a closed sitting of the Magistrate’s Court.

Head of the police’s Family & Juvenile Unit, Detective Inspector John Antoine is asking the public to be sensitive when commenting on the matter on social media or in the public domain, especially since the victim is underaged.

“The circumstance surrounding this incident is so sensitive that the name of perpetrator and all parties involved in this incident are being withheld. We are asking that the individual names and circumstances surrounding this incident be kept out of the public arena,” the Inspector noted.

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  1. Belonger says:

    Good luck with that officer.
    The “down island” bashers will soon be on.

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  2. Maybe says:

    Maybe C***y can used her time now to talk about issues like this?

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  3. DISGUSTING says:

    Disgusting! Send he back where he from please.

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  4. Fay says:

    Vincentian with this type of behavior again! Mannnn STUPES

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  5. Disgusting says:

    Castrate him and lock him up.

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  6. Just saying says:

    Officer, You put it in the public domain and don’t want the public to comment about it. The man is 42 the news say 52. Did the news ask you for news. Then you should say can’t comment.

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  7. Sickening says:

    All I want to no is if anybody ain’t cripple he yet. My head a spin cause i can’t imagine what this wolf put de likkle child thru. He could a come from timbucktoo, his an animal he is. Sorry child. Sorry parents and family. Nobody ain’t safe. Them deh kind of people alot of time does be somebody who the child know good. Stranger is bad too but alot of time you carnt trust them deh who round you.

    Hope the judge dash whey the book on him. Hah no star! Most ah the people more concern bout him country. Evil deh round the world and is an island on to himself. Dude like him need to get punish slow and harsh. To tek him out too easy.

    I am praying after I done bawl. Things like this is hard to understand even when it not you

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  8. Norris Turnbull says:

    Do that to my child and something will happen to you.

  9. Anonymous says:

    He’d make really good shark bate. Lets not spend money feeding and housing him up balo

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  10. Father Time says:

    He better be lucky the police caught him before the family did.

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  11. Sickening says:

    Why isn’t there a sexual offender registry yet? We have to get tougher on these offenders.

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  12. Hmmm says:

    Don’t worry the lil pinkney has family up Balo. One of them will get their hand on his a**. Balo family don’t have mo mercy on this animal.

  13. Unknown says:

    Kill him slooowwwww……reaaaallll slowwwww. Thank you.

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