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59 dengue cases for 2020 and rising! Mosquito hotspots in East

Dengue fever continues to be on the rise in the British Virgin Islands, with a total of 59 reported cases since January 2020.

This is according to Chief Environmental Health Officer (CEHO) Lionel Michael who told BVI News the virus — which is transmitted through the Aedes Aegypti mosquito — has mostly impacted Tortola; especially in the eastern area of the island.

“They tend to be sporadic. We have more hot spots for the cases and the mosquito concentration is in East End and Greenland and Long Look and Bellevue. But the cases are not necessarily concentrated in one area,” said Michael, who noted that the local presence of dengue problematic since it is a serious and deadly virus.

 “We do have an increase in mosquito infestation too; especially the one that transmits dengue,” he added.

Septic tanks an issue for breeding

Michael also said his department had discovered that septic tanks within the hotspot areas have been posing a threat as a breeding ground for the insects.

“The septic tanks are cracked, they’re broken and they allow the entry and exit of mosquitoes when they reach their developmental stage. They need to repair the septic tanks, septic tanks are a major problem,” he stated.

The CEHO further advised residents on a number of measures of which they can take to help eliminate mosquitoes within their households.

“You need to make sure you cover or destroy all water holder containers outside the house. So you need to cover your containers with wire mesh or used natural covers, change the water in your flower vases or flower pots,” he said.


Meanwhile, Michael said his department has already begun the process to reduce the number of mosquitoes in the hotspot zones through fogging.

He said fogging will be concentrated within the areas that are mostly affected by the virus.

Fogging will continue today in the communities of Long Bush and Lower Estate, then the Sea Cow’s Bay community on Friday.

All fogging is scheduled to occur between 4:30 pm and 7 pm.


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  1. Lmao says:

    Going to shut the Territory down for this as well. Anything for the Foy to keep his knee on the neck of the people

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  2. Earl says:

    Dengue and Covid together would be a bad combination to have at the same time !

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  3. look me crosses says:

    cocoa bay pon top ah yaws

  4. Ausar says:

    Interestingly, US Virgin Islanders were among the banned, from the BVI,during these difficult times!

    But we have NO cases of dengue here!

    What is it that we are doing that you guys are not? After all, we have an abundance of mosquitoes here also!

    Should we,here, consider a ban against BVIslanders due to dengue?

    Dengue is also quite an infectious disease, Premier!

    I will leave the answer up to you!

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    • safe says:

      Here’s your answer: You certainly have nothing to boast about in the area of public health. Could it be that your appalling Covid figures – 1,324 cases and 20 deaths, have obscured your dengue problem in the USVI?

      “Visitors” from St Thomas have caused severe health problems and economic and disruption here. This is why there is a Royal Navy ship stationed on our Western approaches.
      Get your house in order.

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      • @Safe says:

        Please feel free to stay your @ss out of St. Thomas when your borders are reopened. I so wish that we would start requiring visas for you and your fellow BVIslanders to come here after the treatment we have received with this Covid-19 mess. USVI / BVI Friendship, my @ss!

        • Keep asking, one day we all will says:

          Be careful what you wish for. Do your research and you will see how much BVI contributes to USVI economy. Thank God, I dont do St. Thomas anymore and the whole of the BVI need to follow.

        • Ausar says:

          No, “Safe”:

          My vision has not been obscured.

          But at least we knew who died from COVID, unlike the BVI, where sooo many deaths, STILL remain questionnable!

          Again, Dengue is quite an infectious disease and we have NO cases here, despite our abundance of mosquitoes!

          Should we institute a ban on y’all?

          I fo’ sho’ na wan no dengue!

        • @@safe says:

          St. Thomas would not be where it is now if it wasn’t for us BVIslanders so you need to relax. All them stores like PriceSmart, Kmart and etc getting most of their sales FROM BVIslanders. We is who does shop up down there so hush your mouth.

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  5. Mandingo says:

    So it is ok to release all this chemical smoke (called fogging) but a man can’t even burn a little back yard bush (organic bush)….smh

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  6. 2cents says:

    Almost the same number as covid

  7. 1st district says:

    The fu fu health department need to come to Carrot Bay and remove ALL the deleric vehicles causing a health issue. Along with open aged cisterns,large cuban frogs, rats,rodents, mosquietos and farm animals. WHAT A HEALTH MESS!!

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