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$60K bail | Court employee just ‘visiting’ when gun, drugs found

High Court employee, Alisma Wheatley photographed at left among the other three accused persons.

Twenty-four-year-old High Court employee, Alisma Wheatley, who was arrested along with three others following a police raid on Thursday was just a visitor at the Sea Cows Bay residence where the gun and drugs were reportedly found, the Magistrate’s Court has been told.

Reportedly, she was only spending that night at the residence in question with her co-accused 29-year-old boyfriend, Gregory Alleyne Jr, who lives with his mother Doris Mills, and his brother Kervis Collis Rhymer — the other two accused persons.

This was revealed during their arrest appearance before Magistrate Christilyn Benjamin on Friday.

The four were jointly charged with keeping an unlicensed firearm, unlawful possession of explosives, two counts of unlawful possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply to another, two counts of possession of a controlled drug and possession of proceeds of criminal conduct.

They were not required to plead during that court appearance.


The court heard that on October 31 police conducted a search at the Sea Cows Bay-based residence at about 6:10 am.

During the search, police allegedly recovered $2,800 cash, some 543 grams of cannabis, and 25 grams of cocaine in two bedrooms belonging to Alleyne and Rhymer. The estimated street value of the cannabis in totality was said to be $5,430 while the cocaine reportedly valued $2,500.

The court was told that police also recovered a loaded Glock pistol. It is alleged that 17 rounds of ammunition were found in the magazine of the gun while one round was found in the weapon’s breech (the section of the gun where the bullets are loaded and ready for use). The gun was reportedly found in the bathroom area of the house.

When asked whom the contraband belonged to, Alleyne allegedly told police: “It belongs to me”.

Alleyne also allegedly told police that the suspected cocaine and cannabis found in his bedroom was for his personal use.

When police asked Rhymer what was the vegetative substance found in his bedroom, he reportedly replied: “I don’t know what it is or whom it belongs to.”

The court heard that nothing illegal was found in the third bedroom belonging to their mother, Mills.

Meanwhile, the court was told that police had also recovered two digital scales and empty dime bags.

The four were subsequently arrested and charged.

During a police interview, the quartet reportedly chose to remain silent.


Mills, Rhymer, and Wheatley were each granted signed bail in the sum of $60,000 with one surety.

Their only bail condition is to surrender all travel documents to the Road Town Police Station.

Magistrate Benjamin, however, denied bail to Alleyne because of his previous convictions and the seriousness and prevalence of the offences.

He will remain on remand at Her Majesty’s Prison.

Attorneys Patrick Thompson and Reynela Rawlins represent all four accused.

The matter was adjourned to November 15.

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  1. Now says:

    The 3 who are on bale should be a no case submission on their behalf because the 1 guy already took responsibility for the stuff. Very weak case against them imagine according to BVI news on line NOTHING was found in the mom’s bedroom common let the woman go. This is a grown adult child how many of us go thru or search our grown adult children bedroom?

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    • haha says:

      how many of us should?

    • Outlaw says:

      @ now, you might have a valid point but the system don’t work that way. Yes it is alleged that he told police at the home that the stuff belongs to him but at the station in a recorded video/audio interview he choose to say nothing. Hence the charge against all four stand. Until this man pleaded guilty to all charges before the court, accepting full responsibility, then the charges will stand against all four. Knowledge is one of the ingredients the prosecution have to prove, his girlfriend spending time with him, he dealing in drugs, drugs found in his brother room, gun found in bathroom and you want to tell me all of them don’t have knowledge about these things.

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    • Silent says:

      Know what is going on in your house. Often times there are signs but we benefit from the p—— so we turn a blind eye. I would be very surprised if anyone in this case was truly ignorant about contraband.

    • Huh. says:

      Does Mom own premises where the illegal find was located? Was she present and a part of the crime scene? When a bust takes place by law enforcement,everyone present is suspect until reliable and confirmed evidence proves otherwise.

    • Reply says:

      The legal system will sort out who is guilty of any crime. I just have a few observations relative to the family dynamics in this case:

      Why are these 2 grown men still living up in there mother’s house? Something is wrong with that picture for me. I could never have imagined living up in my mother’s house at their ages. And my mother would not have allowed it unless I was sick or going thru some temporary hard times.

      Making matters worse, bringing a woman to sleep overnight under the same roof as my mother. No kid of mine can do that crap.

      No kid of mine dare bring a man/woman in my house and lock any door. If they want to play man and woman, they will have to find their own darn place, but it will not be in my house. Mom should never allow her son to disrespect her home in this way in my view.

      As for the young lady caught up in this drama, if she was my child and she was open to listening, I would have advised her to stay clear of men with a criminal past. Sorry, thats just me. I want the best for mines.

      While people deserve second chances, my advise to my daughter would have been she deserve better like it or not.

      Clearly this young lady appears to have been on the right track otherwise, and holding a decent job. For her sake,
      I trust she is cleared of these charges, as it appears she was just an overnight visitor, and she will be able to resume the apparent positive path she was on.

      Hopefully all involved would learn from this experience going forward after the dust settles.

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      • @Reply says:

        We don’t care what your children can and can not do.

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        • Reply says:

          Lol. Thanks for letting me know. I expected that of you. Im dissapointed. My heart is broken that you do not care. Not!

          You probably got grown @ss kids living in your house dragging you thru the courthouse in handcuffs.

          Meanwhile, my kids are long gone out my house. They get in trouble with the law, they stand in front of the judge on their own.

          Don’t be a mo mo. Kick those grown kids out rather than letting them hanging around and getting themselves and the entire family in trouble. Dont wait until the PoPo come knocking waking you out of your bed 6 o’clock in the morning.

  2. Sad says:

    It hurts seeing that girl in cuffs! Sigh

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    • Jacperlance says:

      @sad, it’s real sad for real but sometimes the company you keep that really distroy your reputation. Sometimes you cannot choose for people in life. I know Allishma from a little girl, a young lady I have a lot of admiration for but I was most disappointed to know that she got involved with that — g— w—– t–. Come on young ladies make wise choices, protect your reputation and keep your heads high, high, high.

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  3. DEDE says:

    Boi, I wish I dain snitch out my pana dem down rock.

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  4. Now LaFlare! (G4L) says:

    Hmmmm, Feds better keep off my pana cotch man. Yuh hear wa I tell u. The Cotchest man. Keeep off tha man who live behind the ghetto U hear wa I tell yo

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  5. STOPPPPPP says:


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    • Becauseeeeeeee says:

      When you have a job working for the court system,you don’t date men that is involved in c——– activity. That’s on her.

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      • Llll says:

        That’s not true some of the law people even get kids for BVI Criminals

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        • TRUTH says:

          You don’t just “get them” you are responsible for raising them and inspiring them to become well morally balanced and well educated. It’s not like the stork drops “them” down your chimney for you to feed and you simply roll the dice to see how “they” turn out.

    • Hmmm says:

      When you lie with dogs you catch fleas…..hint hint!

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    • N says:

      S–,M—- and —— —- in that house were aware of the illegal activities. Chances are that t— benefitted from the financial income that was generated. Folks like these under the guise of phony r———–y are the ” innocents” who know the lil and big secrets of past and present m——– and current crimes. The source of imported and transactional drugs and guns t—- know and they should inform the police. T—- are aiders to the detriment of the VI and should be held in contempt until they are hung up and wrung out of all that they know.

  6. Wow man says:

    Girl got a good job.

  7. @G4L/ LaFluke says:

    I thought Ebonics was a thing of the past. Repeat after me,partner,not Pana. you, not yuh. What, not wa. The, not tha. You,not yo.Keep or kept, not Keeep.

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  8. Damnnnnn says:

    The walk of shame.

  9. Duh says:

    I agree – if one man has said it is his the rest should be let go and not be paraded through the system like this. It’s a waste of resources and is bull. Pretty much every one on the island knows someone who smokes weed or does coke. The BVI aid wasting resources on crap like this. Legalise weed, tax it, make it a BVI own industry and half of this crap would disappear freeing up court and police time.

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    • .¿¿》》》 says:

      Unless that one man on the scene of this police raid is Jesus Christ in person,all mortal present becomes part and parcel of the crime including the legal and lawful owner of the premises,until a full investigative evidence and or a trial proves otherwise.

  10. duck1951 says:

    Too many incidents where guns are discovered . Local gun laws should be stiffened . Glocks are cop’s favorite guns.

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  11. Tola says:

    All who get not guilty know exactly what the fella was doing. Everything comes to end.

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  12. Caribbean Girl says:

    Maybe is true that the mother did not know. But with previous record if you live under my roof I search and make sure you don’t get me in trouble with the law.
    Poor judgement on the court clerk getting romantically involved with an individual who has a criminal record and —- user. Hopefully this will not be of major negative consequences in her live.

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  13. Eric says:

    Gregory Alleyne Sr. Must be turning over in his grave. I can’t believe how Gregory Jr. turned — ..I will continue to pray for him

  14. Brad Boynes says:

    29 and living with mother and bringing girlfriend to spend the night. How convenient.

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  15. Please says:

    Ownership and harboring are two different charges. It still have to be proving that the others have no prior knowledge.

  16. Narco trade says:

    Guilt by association. I think the prosecution wants to look into who benefited. The others could have been unaware victims just for being there. Still that’s their family house.

    Some say the Islands are used as a transit hub between larger regions. Inadvertently this brings in a lot of money exchange in the islands.

    These islands have marine borders and as such the risk presents it self all too often. VI is not alone when it comes to Narco trade problems, most of the Caribbean islands spend millions annually to fight this illicit trade.

  17. Cudjoe says:

    We lament hypocritically about those among us with knowledge of crime and the scores of unsolved murders. We collect first hand witnesses red handed ,beneficiaries of crimes, trustees of truth in crimes,purveyours of secrets and source but holler let em go!!

    T—-e are not innocents no matter their respectable jobs or bible thumping or chronological age.

    T—e are the ones who are most guilty in destroying the VI and its economy with protecting,aiding, raising and abetting the dregs in our community.

  18. Jon doe says:

    —– snitch on them man!!

  19. Please Stop says:

    Dude! Stop Up and down posting like your me. If you have something to say – don’t be a punk and hind behind my name! Can’t wait for the cops to pick you up! Never mess with God Sent children!

    BVI new please remove the Gumption.Offiical comment for it’s not authentic!

  20. Hill billy says:

    Them police just like taking poor ppl money partner done own his thing them y lock up his gal and mother smfh

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  21. Lawyer says:

    In the Uk they will only charge him for the gun. Them small drugs will be consider personal and left alone.

    Now the gun was found in a common space, so hence the arrest of all in the house.

  22. Friend says:

    Alisma, Keep your head up high mama. You’re still a lovely young lady despite all of the challenges you may be facing now. Junior….You was such a nice young man meeno wha happen. As for Kervin and Doris; Tek Dat! Ayo like sit down and talk bout ppl. Now look at ayo. Karma

  23. Tellthem says:

    D—– —— knew what her children were doing. They want to live big life with d—- money. Let her take responsibility of her household. Let the big men go and find their own place.

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