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$60K earmarked for independent investigators hired in BVIA probe

Photo by BVI Airways

Some $60,000 has been earmarked to fund the experts who have been hired to assist local police with the criminal investigations into the failed $7.2 million BVI Airways deal.

This is according to the Office of the Governor who said government will be shouldering the expense.

“We don’t expect all £60,000 to be needed, that’s just the max figure,” the Governor’s Office said in response to recent inquiries from BVI News.

The experts were hired after Police Commissioner Michael Matthews made a request to the National Security Council for independent financial investigators to assist with the probe.

In a previous statement, Governor Jaspert had indicated that once this investigation has concluded, further investigations can commence into “any potential breach of rules and regulations by public officers”.

These investigations were prompted based on the findings inside the Auditor General’s special report on the controversial BVI Airways deal.

The Auditor General’s report has suggested that a number of negligent acts from government officials involved in the BVI Airways deal contributed to many of the decisions that resulted in taxpayers losing $7.2 million in the project.


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  1. Hmm says:

    More investigation, more secrecy, more coverup, more tax payers money wasted allegedly.

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    • HUH! says:

      I thought that the firm did everything on a no win no fee basis – I hope that they are not getting a cut of the recovery as well as the $60k!

  2. Jack says:

    The D. Orlando Smith administration did this then the hospital name after him. What an embarrassment and torture for bvislanders… Then bvislanders accept this nonsense. Look at things to march about but nobody marching. The police commissioner and governor are joking around. Them taking so long to solve one little crime but quick to kill the poor man for petty crime. Look corruption all round. I swear these men came from the UK on vacation.

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  3. Local says:

    60,000 Pound sterling equals 74,374.50 United States Dollar. This is according to the Office of the Governor who said government will be shouldering the expense, does that mean all of them in HoA going pad up or is it Taxpayers money?

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  4. virginislander says:

    spoken by a loyal NDP supporter nobody got time to hear from you. let justice run its course

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  5. Doh says:


    $60k gone and disappeared into thin air.

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  6. lol says:

    when yo look he bring in one of his retiree partner to do the job

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  7. magic says:

    By the time the BVI people get the scales off their eyes the country would be dead broke. I am not sure how much of us are paying attention to the movements of these magicians. They are very clever and they know how to take from right under your nose without you noticing.

  8. EAST MAN says:

    60k is nothing unless the substantial ground work has been done. I hope they hire the right set of people because getting good out if the labyrinth ain’t wouldn’t be easy. Over and out.

  9. WOW says:

    What a shame

  10. Plague of discontent says:

    Sin is sin no matter how you put it. We are wasting money fighting these crimes when legislators of the past did Similar sins on a smaller scale. Some got money for task they were challenged to do and never fulfilled. Was that money returned? Theft is theft weather large or small. Before each one tries to find the mite in his colleagues eyes They should look and clear their own eyes first. Wasting money just to prove a point. So then maybe we should hire agencies to investigate all the money of the past that was unaccounted for. You think we forgot. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black. Sin is sin.

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    • GTFOH says:

      BS, nothing in the history of the BVI compares to this disgrace. All of what were considered bad or terrible deals in the past at least bore some fruit whether the price was too costly. A bad deal doesn’t mean a crime was committed but $7.2 million for flights to Miami and we end up with $7.2 million gone no service provided and payments made before contractually agreed schedule If you dont see anything wrong with this then youre a part of the problem.

      • Concerned says:

        What about the 20 Million we are paying some water-company they signed a deal with after the Biwater deal had been already signed, what fruit did that bear? What about the 6 million for Greenhouses which had never been used?

  11. Hi says:

    we coming for those responsible. Enough is enough! This will set a precedent for other

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  12. Disgusted says:

    We need decent roads, we need running water, we need to live in a paradise not a big old junk yard
    Stop wasting our tax payers money for nonsense. This country is a ghetto, fix it up and stop giving away our money for consultants and what ever else you are wasting it on
    I’ve been working all my life and soon up for retirement, what kind of social security pension will I receive if the government continues down this slippery slope?

  13. Smh says:

    Meanwhile we are cutting people’s salaries and taking away their health benefits. But we find money for what?

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