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62yo admits to molesting 14yo girl, mother walks in on lewd act

Cases of sexual offences against minors are seemingly becoming more prevalent in the territory — the lastest matter before the Magistrate’s Court having to with a mother who reportedly witnessed her 62-year-old Dominican boyfriend indecently assaulting her 14-year-old daughter.

The accused man pleaded guilty to three counts of indecent assault on a minor when he appeared before Magistrate Shawn Innocent on Monday. His name is not being published to protect the identity of the child.

At the time of the incident, the man was living with the mother and her daughter because his own apartment was damaged by a flood.

First occasion

The court heard that the victim and the man had a close relationship and so when the mother had to travel abroad briefly, she left her daughter in the care of the offender.

On a date unknown between the first and last day of December 2015, the offender is reported to have entered the child’s bedroom and sexually molested her.

The court was told that the 62-year-old touched the minor on her breasts, he placed his hands under her pyjamas and groped her buttocks. He also inserted a finger into her vagina, despite her pleas for him to stop.

He then reportedly told her to keep the assault a secret.

The second occasion

The court heard that on February 16, 2016, the victim’s mother went to the hospital to undergo a surgical operation and again left her daughter in the care of the carnal Belle Vue resident.

Once more, he entered her bedroom while she was asleep and proceeded to assault her. He repeated the same manner of things that he did to the underaged when he first molested her.

The third occasion

Days later on February 27, the mother had returned from the hospital and was sleeping in the living room. The court heard she felt most comfortable in that room because of her medical condition.

Sometime during the night, she heard the man head to the kitchen as if to prepare a meal. He left the kitchen area sometime afterwards and made his way towards the area leading to her daughter’s bedroom and the bathroom.

The court heard that, after a while, the mother noticed she didn’t hear any running water or sounds of him using the bathroom so she got up and proceeded to search for him. The mother found him in her daughter’s bedroom.

The court heard that she witnessed the man standing over her daughter with an erect penis. He was groping the child.

The mother immediately began shrieking when she saw what was happening.

Startled, the man asked her to be quiet and told her that it wasn’t what it appeared to be. However, her screams alerted the neighbours and the police were subsequently called to the home.

The victim was taken to the hospital for a medical examination and the defendant was arrested and charged.

The matter was adjourned to November 30 for sentencing.

Attorney Ruthilia Maximea represents the accused.

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  1. son of the soil says:

    This island animal needs deporting. This country needs cleaning up ASAP

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    • Justine says:

      What’s wrong with our prosecution and judicial system?

      This isn’t simple assault, this is rape. (Digital penetration is rape.) Raping children is a capital offense in many advanced civilizations. Here in the BVI it is swept under the carpet as we read yesterday with the case involving a man who raped his daughter and was charged with incest.

      By the way the punishment for capital offenses is usually the death penalty.

  2. Auntie Mary says:

    Wtf the lawyer going to say in this f**king pervert defense? She probably don’t get any work.

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    • ReadtoUnderstand says:

      The man pleaded guilty. What defense are you talking about?

    • Peaches says:

      My dear Auntie Mary, as bad as it might seem, he still needs a lawyer. Jesus himself intercedes on our behalf to His father.

      On the other hand, there seems to be a ‘Spirit of child molestation in this territory!



      Jesus got to come back soon because only God knows what the devil will instill in the minds of unconsecrated mankind next! LORD HAVE MERCY!

      Before I go, mothers please have a special relationship with your daughters. Talk to them about these situations and that they should not keep it a secret. If this mother hadn’t seen this……

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  3. Laura says:

    There is, of course, a world of difference between a man who grooms and abuses children and one with a predilection for younger women. The law has provided a line in the sand, and that line is 16. Even so, what are we to think of these men who pursue young people so fresh out of childhood?

    Even so, I still hear male friends defending these issues of underage rapings, which always makes me wonder: what if it were your daughter? If it’s within the law then it’s OK, they say. Well, yes, in one sense it is. But it’s also emotionally and intellectually unbalanced and potentially exploitative.

    We still have a long way to go before grown men stop seeing teenage girls as ripe for the picking. We as acoutry need to have more frank and open discussions with our young women and these older bugs need to find other ways of satisfying their libidos (times have changed from when you closed your eyes to older men groping little girls, we knoe better now and sas society should act accordingly).

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  4. Me To Movement says:

    It is time for a branch of the Me To Movement get started in the BVI. To many men is getting away with abusing underage girls sexually. If I was an Attorney, there is NO WAY I would represent that pervert.

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    • Peaches says:

      ‘Me too’ will not work in the BVI. This island is too small. Everybody knows everybody. The shame would be too much to bear.

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      • @Peaches says:

        I understand girl, but who is going to advocate for underage girls/boys who become victims of sexual abuse by the hands of the same people that is suppose to be protecting them. You have all these females running for office, when is one of them going to step up and advocate for this cause and do something. Sorry ladies,but I bet not one of you will step up to the plate.

        • Help for our children. says:

          There is a program called Darkness To Light being done through the Social development and the BVI Red Cross, Parents, teachers, youth leaders and care givers of children and young people can check with them for training and how to become a trainer in your community and stop this disease that’s plaguing our community.

  5. hurricane? says:

    Hell he troubling the girl long before the hurricane. sick piece of sh…t. As humans, none of us know what lies in the heart of another person. While the mother think she has a decent man, he there lusting after her blossoming daughter.

    We are quick to judge and categorize by where the perpetrator is from, but please know that once the man has a co..k and no control, no matter where he is from, his perverted backside going turn loose. Read only yesterday of a man from BVI with the same thing, but surprisingly the comments about his origin were very quite. Let us see perverts as a real issue and not classify.
    Men, if who home can’t satisfy you, there are places where you can go and pay for it. Leave the little girls alone.

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  6. Reply says:

    Jesus! What the h**l is going on? Just yesterday we all were outraged about the actions of another pervert, now this. This is outrageous.

    Mothers with young children inclusive of boys should be very very careful about the men who they expose their children to. Trust no man around your children 100%. Child molestation is more common than you think be it in the BVI or elsewhere.

    The man you think you love sometimes is actually loving your kids or eyeing them inappropriately.

    The men who are more likely to commit such an act is typically an uncle, a boyfriend, or a cousin, but as you read yesterday, even fathers molest/rape their children as well. Typically when fathers do so, the relationship with the mother was broken somewhere along the line.

    Never give men the opportunity…the key word here is opportunity to harm your children. In this case, do not leave your vulnerable children alone in the care of a man. Find a responsible female relative to leave your children with if the need arises.

    If you are a single mother, do not be in a hurry to introduce or bring men around your children. Take time to know the man you are getting involved with. Your children should be the last person you introduce to a new man, and even when you do, still not trust him to be around your children 100%.

    Not all men of course molest children, but the truth is young girls and boys are quite vulnerable to this kind of crime when there is an opportunity.

    Mothers need to understand the role they play in this crime and assume some responsibility as well. Do not help create the conditions that would allow your children to become sexual abuse victims because you are in love and need a man.

    Now, back to this pervert. He needs his @ss kicked ten ways till Sunday as much as that perverted father of yesterday. He also needs some good time at Balsum Ghut, and once he has done his time, deported to his home country.

    Finally, there has been a call for a sexual offense registry in the territory. Whomever forms the next government needs to make this a priority.

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    • Thank you reply says:

      This is a big concern for me. This is a big problem in our land. We broke up our marriages for simply things. We throw out our partners and we bring in our so call boyfriend in. The things that we never did to our husbands we are involving our children saying we are in love. Our children are hurting inside and we think that buying things, taking them places are making them happy but in truth they are emotionally troubled and become vulnerable to your boyfriend. They get close to him and they like to see things the so calllove they are sharing with mother. Bam, as they get closer to boy friend, he start gets feelings. Looking appealing, he is a man, he reacts to his feeling.

      Women, keep your boyfriends out of your house with your precious daughter inside.

      A lot of us are doing it. It is time to take a stand.

  7. Anonymous says:

    “Cases of sexual offences against minors are seemingly becoming more prevalent in the territory .”

    Perhaps, but it has always been a part of the immoral landscape doe to the invasion of economic migrants from across the diaspora, as such was unheard of before 1960.

    Neither is it unheard of in the history of humankind. Such is a behaviour that is very common for centuries throughout the diaspora.

    So, just as serious extended education is needed to eradicate genital mutilation in parts of Africa, so to is such needed to eradicate child sex molestation at home in our diaspora.

    Sadly, just about any man from the Eastern Caribbean and beyond can describe the use of a penny other than to spend it.

    Hence, it is known fact that penetrating young children girls is a long age old practice.

    Only education will decrease its prevalence.

    Finally, it may take death consequences to change the moral compass of most men who engage in such activities.

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  8. Peaches says:

    My dear Auntie Mary, as bad as it might seem, he still needs a lawyer. Jesus himself intercedes on our behalf to His father.

    On the other hand, there seems to be a ‘Spirit of child molestation in this territory!



    Jesus got to come back soon because only God knows what the devil will instill in the minds of unconsecrated mankind next! LORD HAVE MERCY!

    Before I go, mothers please have a special relationship with your daughters. Talk to them about these situations and that they should not keep it a secret. If this mother hadn’t seen this……

  9. Lord Jesus please help the youths says:

    Society is failing these young people. FAILING! Parents are failing to educate the youths about this grooming thing. The school system is failing. The church is silent. The legislations are too slap-on-the-wrist. And these so-call fathers and stepfathers have failed everyone! They have created curses in their generation. They are taking too much from these children. Lord Jesus send help. Stop raping these babies! They are our future leaders. Evil men! stop it!

  10. Gender wars says:

    This is not the place to try downplaying man as a whole. Fact is the majority of men are good proud people with a concience. Hard working and loyal.

    The few female violators probably do not get reported, and the few sick male violators do not represent the mindset of the majority of healthy men.

    Were the judicial system to cease to exist then protectors would physically wreck predators on these criminal occassions

    What is wrong is this sad individual choosing to do evil. lets keep the gender war & man bashing in check.

  11. Brad Boynes says:

    Rape/ molest my child….Be prepared to be seriously injured.

  12. Anonymous says:

    This is why I talk to my children all the time and parents NEED to do the same. I have one just out of high school and one in primary. I never hid anything from my oldest now 20 and I don’t with my youngest either who’s 10. I made it my business to have that open relationship with my daughters so that we can talk about anything & they don’t feel they cant come to me with whatever. I’ve been talking to my lil one about boys/men & the things they do and say in the event she gets approached that way she knows what to do. No matter what they say dont ever be scared to tell. They will threaten to kill either the child or the mother, they will offer money, phones, toys etc you name it they will do it to keep the child quiet & that’s why I drill these things in my daughter’s head. I will gladly spend my days behind bars to protect my children. These waste of human life who commit these sick acts need to be castrated.

  13. ghutty says:

    i think parents need to educate these young girls more and so our country leaders. many times you go at up’s after watching a movie late in the night, little girls there parading the streets as ladies of the night. after school, they are on the race tracks sitting in boys laps etc. parents have no time for their chirldren. childrens wants the biggest phones etc, parents renting the most expensive apartments when they know they cant afford and in order to afford,children and raising children when their parents are out doing two or three jobs. the children are seeing so many different ppl that their parents are bringing in the homes. you know what happen there? if my parents are doing this or that, then it must be good because they are the ones training us. looking at how these young girls dress? robbing themselves of being kids but instead their wants to grow up fast. how can these soddom and gomarro style be control? they cant. we are living in end times. children will have children, babes will have babes.

  14. Interested says:

    How do you leave your 14 year old daughter in the care of a man who is not related to her .

  15. BVI Diaspora/Enclave says:

    This perv cruising for a lock up or lock down. Big t..e man violating minor defenseless girls. with all the “Sketals” all over the territory and you go violate this young girl. cat-o-nine tail fuh eh a..s and some years of hard labour. Make him the cellie of Pu…n.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Innocent until proven guilty, we are so quick to cast judgement….All lies the truth will be reveal one day, A sacrificial lamb going to the slaughter

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