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7% wire transfer tax now law | Non-compliant agencies will be penalised

Western Union and MoneyGram are popular money-transfer agencies in the BVI.

The controversial legislation mandating that a seven percent tax be taken from all monies leaving the BVI through money transfer agencies has now come into effect and seeks to fine any agency that is not compliant.

A notice published in government’s official gazette last Thursday, said the Financing & Money Services (Amendment) Act became law on Monday, May 4. 

The amended law said the seven percent levy collected must be paid to the Financial Services Commission (FSC) every month unless otherwise specified by the Commission.

Non-compliant agencies to face penalties up to $5000

And if an agency fails to collect the seven percent tax or submit the proceeds to the FSC on time, they may be subjected to what is described as an ‘administrative penalty’ from the Commission.

According to the Financial Services (Administrative Penalties) Regulations, the sanction that would be imposed carries a fine of up to $5,000.

The administrative penalties regulations, however, said the Commission can take “any other enforcement action” against non-compliant money transfer agencies, except to revoke an agency’s operating license as an additional penalty for the same offence.  

The monies collected from all transactions will be deposited into a fund earmarked for various national development initiatives.

While debating the amendment in the House of Assembly recently, Premier Andrew Fahie had said it is a very important development in the territory’s financial services.

He said he believes it is needed for times when economies across the world are threatened by pandemics such as COVID-19.


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  1. Give and Take says:

    Issue hundreds of Belonger Statuses, tax them for sending out the money….simple

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    • Ever says:

      Ever wonder why the rich and famous vacation and have homes in St Barts, St Lucia and Anguilla? It’s because the people are friendly and welcoming. They have a tourism infrastructure. The BVI has racism and nastiness. Such a rancid lowlife people. Enjoy your demise. It’s on its way.

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      • Citizen says:

        And yet you still here. You are so bitter and ungrateful. people like you all have the world in such chaos with your bad vibes.

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      • traveler says:

        Those listed places kiss the rich and famous @ss. I have been to those places as a tourist and the locals there surely dont treat black people well. I am speaking from experience.

        I guess you are one of those kind and expect the BVI people to bahave in the same manner.

        most importantly, can you splease list whic clause states that only expats will be taxed.

        oh by the way I am not a BVIslander.

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      • You are so Hateful says:

        Clearly, you haven’t been to the BVI. YOu haven’t see how our rich and famous live. THey buy islands and build billion-dollar resorts. Get with the times. BVI are loving people. We cannot continue to carry the Caribbean on our backs!

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        • Jason says:

          We can not continue to carry the caribbean on our back!!!! What caribbean countries are you carrying on your backs? Damn rude

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        • Hope says:

          You can’t continue to carry the Caribbean on your backs! ? The education system has failed you surely! I have never heard such foolishness; although calling this foolishness is an insult to fools!

      • Kudas says:

        When in Rome do As the Romans. If u don’t like we do things pack ur s**t and leave

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      • ReX FeRaL says:

        @Ever… you have a right to your statement yes, but its lacking merit. My very first time in St.Lucia I was not treated well by hotel I stayed in. They were ugly but I didnt bitch, just changed hotel.your seemingly anti/negative stance about the bvi is uncalled for. Then again why are you here?

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      • Come on... says:

        Don’t hate on the people that are feeding you! OUR Government officials are trying different ways to keep the country going and some tough decisions will be made. If the BVI Fails, YOU FAIL TOO!

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  2. Lmao says:

    The money is earmarked for Foy’s pocket. The people of the BVI should be ashamed of this tax. It is clearly racist as it only applies to the expat that’s doesn’t have a bank account. There is no tax on wire transfers. Please explain the logic of only targeting Western Union if this is not a racist move.

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    • The real LMAO says:

      @the fake person who is using my SCREEN NAME, cease and desist from using my screen name and get your own. Perfect example of the DOWN ISLAND FOLKS is the ones threading on line pretending to be a LOCAL to start confusion. @ the fake LMAO, you can use LMAZZO, not LMAO.

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    • GTFOH says:

      First of all dummy, racism has to do with race not nationality. Secondly Western Union or Moneygram will charge anybody that sends money the 7% so it’s not discrimination. Fahie himself can be charged the 7%. It’s mostly businesses that use wire transfers to facilitate business transactions that’s the big difference that you are too stupid to comprehend. The businesses aren’t using wire transfer just to send away the money out out the territory. The businesses can’t function without a way to receive money from overseas clients which is a part of our economy. Fahie just wants the “poor people” to keep their money to buy food and clothes and save a bit for a rainy day like hurricane or pandemic instead of relying on government to feed them.

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      • Really? says:

        Most people using transfer services are employees sending money home to their families. Fahie himself would just call his bank manager if he wanted to do a transfer, that’s how the wealthy do it. The poor use Western Union and Moneygram.

        Too many BVIslanders rely on government for their living. Its almost like a cabal. Think of all the civil servants working at government or SSB, receiving big salaries, working low hours, getting all expenses paid vacations to Miami, paid whilst in lockdown, receive large pensions.

        There is a discriminatory financial black hole and government is responsible,

    • Why? says:

      Why would the people of the BVI be ashamed of this tax fee? You step outside of the BVI, you have to pay a tax fee to utilize Western Union and Money Gram services. Damn it man, everything can’t be FREE. The tax fee is going to help stimulate the BVI’s economy.

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      • Concern reader says:

        You are lying who can you tell that to no other country charge tax but the bvi to send money out in other country they charge money transfer fees not taxes separate

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      • Think about it says:

        How are you so sure where the money will end up. The government been getting money from the UK and where have it gone. Cause the road them sure ain’t fix the hospital need supplies may I go on. All over the world people move to better themself and their family. Some work hard pay tax like all of us and now you want them pay more tax cause the Government say it will come in good to help the country I really want to see how this will plan out i really do. Cause one time the government will say yes tax them and we will take the money to help our people but when time come and the people need help the money NO WHERE TO BE FOUND!

        Oh I forget to say I am bvi islander my background is an bvi islander also and years back born here as you guys may say.

        So think about it how are we so sure where this tax money will end up.

    • Thinking Cap says:

      @Lmao that statement is not a true statement. The BVI have hundreds of locals whose children are away to school and from time to time uses western Union and Money Gram to send money to their children oversees and I am one of them. Think before you speak.

      • ghutty says:

        Dont be stupid thinking cap….. The bigger the amount, the highter the tax. People who are paying for school dont pay small amount, tuation fees are not $100, they are thousands. so guess who will feel it more, all of us as local will feel it more who have our kids in school. On the other hand, every week when the expats get paid they send money out and they are paid by the hundreds. there 7% tax will be smaller than us who are using money grams and western union to send thousands in school for our children. think about it.

    • true says:

      @lmao you clearly know nothing about bank wire transfers as you are a broke ass joke, the fee’s for the transfer only a small part goes to the bank the rest goes to the government through the FSC , just so you know for the next time…

  3. Whoop says:


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  4. dumbed down says:

    So we have 2 operators in the BVI WU & MG they send out more then $80million from that you want them to withhold $5.6million for the government but willingly fine them $5000 for non compliance and it states you CANNOT take their operating permit if they don’t comply.

    If I was in charge I would tell people come to my business I will not take the 7% and increase my revenue for the first few months as $5000 fine is nothing to these businesses

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    • @dumb says:

      The so called $80mil. Is not leaving the BVI through Western Union. The money leaves via wire transfer. Are you all that stupid to believe what you sheep are told? This is simply an attempt to fill a void in the pockets of the Premier as other means of personal funding has gone astray. Do you really believe that $220k a day is being brought to Western Union to be sent out of the Territory. How blind you all are to the real reason at hand.

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      • dumb says:


        sorry but the answer is yes 10 years ago the daily takings were nearly $200k during a robbery for 1 of these establishments so YES that number is easily in a day and MORE.


  5. Online Now says:

    I would love to see a breakdown of the $80m. I am really struggling to see how it is so much. That would mean if all 30,000 residents used WU/MG they would be sending an average of $2,667 each.

    Clearly a lot of money is exiting the territory (and I don’t believe a tax will change that) but the figure sounds wrong. Especially when you consider most large amounts exiting would go via banks.

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    • Accountant says:

      Yes, If the wire transfer businesses do handle eighty million dollars annually, your figures are not only correct, I would further add that of the 30.000 or so residents, 18.000 (60%) of the population are the ones most likely using the money services.
      This equates to each and every guest worker sending out of the Islands $4444.00 each year from taxed income.
      I wonder how much of the 80.000.000 transferred is from UNEARNED income? Now, That would be interesting to know.

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      • @Accountant says:

        If your an Accountant then I’m a brain surgeon. $80mil a year equates to $220k a day going through Western Union. Are you really that stupid to think that WU and MG are handling that amount of transfers. Go sit down and STFU

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        • Anonymous says:

          its actually about $150,00 a day between both places and YES that is why the 7% tax is there to capture the money laundering that is going on in the country

        • Accountant says:

          Dear Brain Surgeon
          Please stick to brain surgery.You are correct, $80mil divided by 365 days equates to $220k a day.
          But this is just another way of confirming my calculations above. The $80.000.000 figure is not mine

  6. LMAO says:

    That’s the real reason they didn’t allow them to open, they wanted to pass the law, well well … Government shady af

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  7. Truth says:

    Online now you remembered when they rob money gram some yrs back ? Did you remember the amount of money that was stolen? Please read a bit more instead of commenting for commenting sake. A large percentage of the people using these services hardly pay any tax and that’s a fact. The minimum wage in the bvi is $6 an hour and this means that only the last two months of the yr that this category of workers should pay payroll tax. When I go money gram to send money which I do every two months or so the majority of people i am seeing sending money is strippers barbers hair dressers waitresses bartenders gas station employees and the likes. I been living here for over 30 yrs so I know a lot of people and I see what they do ok. Majority of these workers don’t pay any payroll tax because their employer put down minimum wage at the labour department social security and nhi. And some of these same workers paying themselves and pay their employers for renting a chair or space.its illegal full stop.this 7% should have law yrs ago but previous governments either was afraid or did not want to offend anyone. Some of these same workers have more than one job. Construction workers is looking for $150 a day but only paying tax on 80 90 and less dollars per day. We find every way of cheating the system. I know everyone cannot be the same as me had to pay all taxes because of my employment. But we expatriates that really have this country at heart . Where we born our kids to own a piece of the virgin islands dream should that this government for such bold and warranted move so that we can see a better bvi. Another thing that some other Caribbean is have done is to charge a small fee on electricity bills for the removal of garbage. The government alone cannot foot this garbage collection bill forever. What really happen and I am not against the people that came hear say within the last 15 or so yrs is that they want to get rich quick and nothing is wrong with this thought but not at the expense of my adopted country or myself. I take my time to find ants gut:: This is my home and my children home so you guys dont have to think like me. I am not running from my country of birth but I am more mature now to understand that my children are not going to follow me back to my birth country and I would be a fool to go it alone to asked a nephew or neice to bring a glass of water when I have my own family to asked. That you bvi people to give me the opportunity to live in your peaceful island. You bvi lander’s are the most generous people I ever met . From the early sixties up to now you been accepting your Caribbean brothers and sisters with open arms and now when the rules doesn’t suit us we have all manner of evil to talk about these beautiful people. To the government of the day please find more innovative ways to keep this island afloat and don’t forget to look into the free garbage collection . But leave it for after the virus as subside.

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    • Rubbish talk says:

      The tax is pointless and highly unnecessary. The Labour department is doing a great job with taxation, so is the social security board and their tax regulations are fairly justified, this however only displays man’s wickedness to man.

      Many of the “stripers, barbers and workmen” your are castigating have families who depend on them extensively for survival, and there is no exaggeration to that fact, they save as much as can be saved and at the end of 2 weeks they try to send money home and then you have a 7% tax on the little change they have managed to put together?

      Go to hell.

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      • Online Now says:

        Thanks “Truth” for your interesting perspective.

        And “Rubbish Talk” if that is the case, then maybe the 7% isn’t unreasonable as they have not paid any tax on the money.

        Very interesting. It makes assumptions that most of the people using WU/MG are trying to cheat the payroll tax system no doubt aided by cash in hand employers.

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      • Norris Turnbull says:

        Will meet you there

    • VI Fresh Water Yankee says:

      @Truth, real, honest talk. Up in the states, the city where you live charge a monthly solid waste (garbage) and they only pick up garbage once a week and recycling twice a month. In the BVI, it looks like garbage is picked up every day. This is another fee that can raise some revenue.

      Like your honesty about your adopted home. Most of the people complaining don’t want to go back home. 90% of more of immigrants to don’t go back home. It is always some reason why can’t go home, a)when the chiren graduate high school, b)when chiren graduate college, c)when I retire, d)grandchildren, e)health issues, f)I don’t know anyone there, and g)all my friends are dead.

      Make the bank.customers pay money transfer fees. Everyone should be pulling the wagon.

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    • Tonge Fu says:

      @ Truth

      Glad to hear someone who likes the BVI and appreciates the need for taxes despite a pending recession however I find that you appear to be a bit offended at people making a hard hustle. It is hard to survive in the BVI today on $6 /hour so you must expect people to make a hustle.

      Now you say that barbers and hairdressers are registered as minimum wag earners but who registered them as minimum wage earners not the employers? Based on what I understand is that some barbers have a revenue share agreement with their employers eg. 50/50. While others pay rents but is who set up that system not the employers? It’s called a performance based system. Bartenders and waitresses make minimum wage but make more money in tips. There are other companies like jewelry stores, sales based stores that set up that way where you are paid based on commission. You complain about strippers, they are registered at minimum wage but they work on tips. Its called performance based initiatives. It’s about the honest hustle.

      Moonlighting and freelancing has been going on since Noah built the ark. Again who is hiring these persons?Who is creating the opportunity? It’s a hustle my friend. Very hard to stop this unless laws are enforced and that is not going to happen. Another thing is they can look at a freelance work permit for skilled workers.

      At the end of your post you said implement the fee when the virus subside so he could not have implemented this tax when the virus subsided too?

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    • Concern reader says:

      Shout up you run from your country and come to the bvi ,it seems you dont have to place to go but here so talk all you want it’s the best life you live

    • Concern reader says:

      Read 2 Timothy chap.3 this will tell you about people like you in these last day be careful of the seed you sew it’s the same plant you will ripe

  8. WOW says:

    When Trump proposed this he was lambasted and called a racist…….but its “OK” if the BVI does it.
    That being said, Tortola is one of the most unwelcoming places I’ve experienced (especially since Irma). Locals are rude.

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  9. The Reaper says:

    It’s About time .we get away with it for a long long long time. Stop the crying, and handle your business ….This is not America and America don’t want to see Us Deportation ready an waiting.So humble all of yourself …..BvI I love ❤️ U bad. We don’t have not. Tourism shut down hear..Where other countries more on top of things not going too talk about it ,,but u all know Right ..No. find out for your all self ..Crazy right ,but the funny thing is This US currency ? Got All U Expatriates going crazy ……Should have been 10%

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  10. True says:

    The simple hundred dollar the islander send when Moneygram and never match the hundred of thousands to millions that the elite send out through the banks. As usual, the bottom feeders are made to carry the weight.

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  11. The truth says:

    The simple hundred dollar the islander send with Moneygram can never match the hundreds of thousands to millions that the elite send out through the banks. As usual, the bottom feeders are made to carry the weight.

  12. Diaspora says:

    This law is controversial. Undoubtedly, some may see the 7% fee on wire transfer as may be discriminatory, ie, it is targeting expats. But is it ? The law applies to anyone sending money out of the territory; true, more expats use the service.

    Remittance is big from any country with an immigrant population. Further, some may also see it as double taxation, for tax have already paid on income for social security, national health insurance…..etc. But is it? Is paying land, house tax……etc double taxation?

    True, many families in home countries of the 120 nationalities that reside in the BVI depend heavily on remittances. Further, remittances are an important part of the economy of many countries. In fact, it is big business globally, ie, approx $7B globally is sent out with India, China, Mexico…….etc the leading receiving countries.

    Nonetheless, though compassion and understanding should be shown to our fellow residents, the BVI needs to deliver the services that both local and expat use and expect.

    However, the BVI is a small, resource-poor locale. It does not have the natural resources to build either a primary or secondary economy on, ie, minerals(precious metals, strategic metals….etc), fertile land, forestry, fishing, oil, gas…..etc. Yes, it has some renewable natural resources, ie, sand, sun, wind…..etc that are not yet developed into economic pillars.

    Its economy is fragile and service-based, ie, tourism and financial services. Covid-19 has shown how vulnerable and fragile the economy is to economic shocks.

    Moreover, with a dearth of natural resources, government depends heavily on taxes and fees as it primary revenue stream to deliver services, ie, police, fire, medical, education, water, sewage, roads, drainage, electricity, recreation facilities, ports, social services, civil service……..etc.

    Residents are demanding higher levels of service but have a disdain for paying for it. The attitude is tax someone else. If we want a higher level or quality and reliable service, we must be willing to contribute our fair share to get it. On the other side of the coin, we must hold government responsible and accountable for delivering it; keep its feet to hot burning coal.

    Thus, charging a fee ( it is not a tax) on sending money out of the country is a reasonable mode of generating some money to help in delivering services for the benefit of all residents. Does other locales do it?

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    • Tongue Fu says:

      @ Diaspora

      The majority rules. Expats from the islands are the ones most affected so yes they are targets, the majority of whom cannot and will never be able to vote.

      Definition of a tax:

      “a compulsory contribution to state revenue, levied by the government on workers’ income and business profits, or added to the cost of some goods, services, and transactions”.

      This is a tax.

      House and land taxes are different as you stand to make money off of those possessions.They also have value attached to them and one has to pay for the upkeep of access roads, sewage maintenance etc.

      I am not aware of any countries that tax on outward remittances as you say that is because it is seen as morally unacceptable as it retards development in lesser developed countries. The Spanish and Italian economies of the 19th and early 20th centuries were partially built on remittances from their citizens working overseas. In 1946 the Spanish economy saw 21% of its revenues from remittances. As recent as 2011 a G20 summit Bill Gates said this:”

      “If the transaction costs on remittances worldwide were cut from where they are today at around 10% to an average of 5%…it would unlock $15bn a year in poor countries”.

      So here we are implementing a policy to raise costs on remittances while other countries are trying to decrease costs but why?

      Now we have an environmental fund where $10 is collected per visitor arrival. Does anyone know if any of that environmental fund has been used for its intended purpose?Will this tax be repurposed?

      Are they other means to the end? Let us start with a outdated labor code that charges 8% across the board. Those making 50k-75k can pay 9% and then those making 75k-100k 10% and 100k and over 11% something like that. Cutting costs is another way? Discontinue unnecessary consultancies and unnecessary first class travel packages.How about a salary cut for legislators? How about privatizing some of the Governmental departments? Revision of salaries for some civil servants? Of course this is not going to happen we will just find another way to help pay for the 12000 pound elephant in the room.

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  13. The Truth says:

    I am a local and have used Western Union before. Stop the bloodclot crying. Yall never have nothing to say bout the VAT on every purchase down island.

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  14. Anonymous says:

    Moneygram got robbed $190,501.42. That was only a day’s worth of earnings almost 10 years ago. So it’s easy to see that the number may have doubled considering the population has been doubling every decade. The Premier’s numbers are correct as he would be including Western Union as well.

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    • Anonymous says:


      “Moneygram got robbed $190,501.42. That was only a day’s worth of earnings almost 10 years ago”
      Could have been a good day’s earnings that is why they targeted that day? Could have been two day’s earnings some left in the safe?

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      • Anonymous says:

        Lewis told the court that on January 21, 2011, he had collected the DAY’s cash from the two other locations for MoneyGram, P & M Studio first and then Village Cay, sometime after 3 p.m. Everyday is a good day for Money gram and Western Union

  15. Yzhzhzhz says:

    Hahahaha. So glad I use PayPal ?

  16. Tjdjd says:

    The h03s making all the money and sending it aboard. Milking a helpless loser and laughing in the end.

    Meanwhile they have some loser deadbeat boyfriend they supporting. Or whatever…
    The game always play you when you play others.

  17. Simple reasoning says:

    Okay here what I would like to know if the government has a problem with some much money leaving the country what are the people them supposed to do with the money in the country the outsiders whom are the ones that is sending out the money can’t buy a piece of land cause they are not from here they don’t want them to open business so someone please tell me what you expect the people them to do with the money

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  18. Truth says:

    Anonymous the premier was talking facts when he said that the bvi exported 89 million. This is only through these two money services. The social security and nhi that we pay has save many of us lives. Another think that I have been asking for yrs as an expatriate is for the immigration department to get your criminal records from the respected countries when you coming to work and not allowing anyone to bring it themselves. It is high time for this to stop. We are so innovative now that we alter the records ourselves with the modern technology that is available. Please let’s hold the country accountable when they do falsified a criminal record . Stop allowing us to bring our criminal record and presenting it to you. I know of several individuals that have long criminal record from road town to west end but when they arrive here their record it shorter than the first joint on their little finger. Several former heads of immigration I told about this and I will continue. Safety for my family and my wonderful bvi lander’s. And yes I said wonderful because that’s what you are.we all come here to live trying to dictate our way of life to these people telling them all that they been doing all these years are wrong. When we can’t get anything right the the country of our birth. None of our country that got independence from Britain has got anything right up to now 30 40 50 60 yrs. These people are trying to do their best to keep this island afloat and my gosh we telling them everything they doing is wrong. Listen go back to your dawn country and dictate for your government. These people have all right to be protected of these islands. Look so many of us that cannot go on certain beaches in our birth country because its private. The powers that be already give away our rights. Let these bvi lander’s decide their own destiny. I was born in another island but bread right here. I intend to fight to the end alongside the bvi lander’s to protect the privilege that was granted to me by the great people of the virgin islands. God bless you people. I am still sleeping with my two exterior doors wide open 24 hrs a day with only a screen to stop the mosquitoes. Not a dog not a cat and we don’t want to call this paradise?? Well it is paradise for me and my wife and children. Please put a charge on every adult individual for garbage disposal and start early next yr.some Caribbean islands are charging their citizens $5 on every electricity bill. So please find a way of keeping this island afloat. When we pay house tax and land tax isn’t the same money we had to pay payroll tax on if we did pay??.

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  19. Open says:

    I guess they will open these establishments now

  20. Ded says:

    I wonder where people got the idea that the banks don’t charge for wire transfer. How do you think they make their money. I paid $70.00 last January to pay tuition for my children school. I’ve also paid fees for other transaction especially if it goes to a different bank.

  21. Westman says:

    don’t the banks have online banking?

  22. Ausar says:

    Sufficient to say: Yes” this government should allow for a form of tax on all remittances.

    My only question is: Is it applicable across the board spectrum, of money transfer services, in this country?

    You see, those persons utilizing on-line services can also transfer monies without governmental tax!

    And I think it’s unfair!

    It’s time for similar taxes to be levied on bank transfers, Paypal, and other mediums used,-whether in-person, or for on-line services!

    Yes, taxes should be levied but just not for in-person sevices only.

    Find a way, Premier,that ALL monies leaving this country is similarly taxed, so that the country can make money from All, not just a few!

    • Online Now says:

      It seems to be the difference between cash and banked monies. I guess the government can trace deposits in a bank (if necessary) and tell if it has been taxed. With cash going through WU/MG there is no guarantee that it has been taxed at source.

      • Tongue Fu says:

        @Online now
        ” I guess the government can trace deposits in a bank (if necessary) and tell if it has been”

        Oh really? Are they asked to present audited financials on an annual basis? No.

        The fact is Managers and higher level staff can put a lower salary say $5000 on their payroll tax while they making twice that.

        Black Man is black Man worst enemy. The poor indeed will remain poorer.

  23. @true says:

    Thank you for spelling out all the truth. And who dont like the way our government rulling here. get the f..k out of this island n stop complaining. Go back to your own islands n dictate your own government.
    Why would u here in the first place if u dont like the way our government is rulling.
    Btw I’m not from here. I been here lest then 10 years. But I love this island. Most of the time I dont even lock my front door when I sleep at night.
    People here are friendly and kind.

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  24. Jason says:

    We can not continue to carry the caribbean on our back!!!! What caribbean countries are you carrying on your backs? Damn rude

  25. Wide eyes says:

    Uncle Sam is coming to investigate

  26. Smart says:

    Just send the money online by western union. You dont have to pay no 7% .think like the rich there ways to beat taxes… no one here owns or operates the online money transfers system.

  27. Upset says:

    I just hate the way these bvi people behave if is not for the other down island ppl as you all call them ur island wouldn’t be so much develop I hate the way you treat down island ppl they contribute just as much as you do yo the economy that’s how landlords make money that’s how western union makes money darm it am just hurt if in svg they dont even behave like how the bvi people does they are friendly ppl most welcome ppl darm it

  28. Keeping it real says:

    This is how government wins and get away with hurting businesses. This is a direct attack on local businesses and it’s just the starting. Much more to come! While government take care of their rich friends.

    Government knows that dividing us they win all the time. We know government is business killers and will bankrupt the country. The only way to survive is come together as one. ONE VOICE and demand what you need as a whole.

    Government knows that there a lot of free apps out there. F*** the 7%! Use Western Union free app or other free apps to help your family. I am a local and my family comes first. So, I understand your pain and frustration if I was in your shoes.

    Wakeup people! Our businesses, jobs and our lively-hood are on the line! The financial institutions are not our friends!

    Conclusion: Fight for your freedom of movement. Real life nothing comes for free. Always remember, whatever you believe in – there is always someone to take advantage of it. Think of your situation!

  29. Great says:

    Okay, the tax can work.. Let also place a hefty tax on those shopping in St Thomas, as this is a way that revenue leaves the BVI regularly. Let us keep all the money local and improve upon services.

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