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Money Available: Gov’t workers urged not to worry about losing jobs

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Government workers are being told not to worry about losing their jobs as there is sufficient money in the Reserve Fund to cover salaries, even as the government scurries to find funds for post Hurricane Irma recovery efforts.

“We have been fortunate as a government over the last several years to build a strong Reserve Fund in the amount of about 65 or 70 million dollars. So we going to come up with a plan to see how we can balance that out. Government workers will continue to work as we get settled in and they will be paid,” said Works Minister, Mark Vanterpool.

“That’s why we had the Reserve Fund for these kind of circumstances.”
Vanterpool added that the Social Security Board has also pledged to offer financial assistance to the government.

“The Social Security team has made an offer to help us out to make sure we can balance out,” he said.

The minister added that as the country seeks to recover, many offices will have to operate as makeshift.

“Many offices will reopen with makeshift and operate until they get up to speed, so we want persons not to panic about their jobs and so on,” he said.

“I would encourage people; you might have been working in an office, but you may have to start learning how to use a hammer because, over the next several months and years, the focus is going to be on construction.”

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