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‘A lot of us cry inside’ – Lifeline launched

 Zoe Walcott-McMillan

Zoe Walcott-McMillan

Newly crowned Mrs BVI Zoe Walcott-McMillan said she will use her personal setbacks, including the end of her marriage, as a motivation to other persons who are going through tough times in the community.

She said her experience has made her realize that it is easy to miss the signs that a lifeline is needed.

According to her, it should be noted that persons who often cry for help are those who appear to be strong – those who seem to have it all together.

Walcott-McMillan, who also contested different general elections unsuccessfully, said her platform dubbed ‘Lifeline’ is dear and personal to her.

“An old Virgin Islands proverb says, when your neighbour house is on fire, throw water on yours. Look around you… Look at the faces… They may have a bed that is burning right now.”

“For all intents and purpose, they encapsulate what our society has said success should look like. But, when life happens, a lot of us cry on the inside – too afraid or overwhelmed to confirm that we may be in need of help, in need of a kind word, a spark of positivity, financial assistance.”

“It seems like you are having too many Job-like moments and, while you keep the smile plastered on your face – your mask well in place, the veneer slightly cracks until it widens into a chasm,” Walcott-McMillan further said.

She stated that, in moments when the challenges become overbearing, it is important that the entire community is able to offer a lifeline.

To push that mantra, the Mrs BVI pageant committee is finalizing a number of events and activities that will be announced in the coming weeks. It said the beneficiaries of those events will include the Family Support Network, the BVI Cancer Society, and the HIV/AIDS Foundation.

Walcott-McMillan, who has won various pageants before, stated that she is thankful for the opportunity to wear the Mrs BVI crown. She announced that she plans to use her reign for not only the empowerment of women, but to reignite the call to be one’s brother’s keeper.

“Crowns are not only beacons of light; they do not only shine above the persons that wear them.. [They are also about] bringing dynamic talents together for common good…The next year of my life belongs to the purpose of this crown,” Walcott-McMillan declared.

The Mrs BVI pageant – along with Mrs Globe – is a unique platform for married, separated, divorced or widowed women to contribute meaningfully to the community.

Both pageants are organized by WIN BVI.

Founder and Director of WIN BVI, Alicia Green, said residents should join her committee to impact change in a positive way. The ultimate goal, she said, is to revive and build a bright and healthy community.

While expressing gratitude to the various sponsors of the programmes, Green declared that the committee is ready to roll out the activities necessary to promote Walcott-McMillan’s Lifeline initiative.

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