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A second lockdown could cripple the BVI’s economy — Premier

Premier Andrew Fahie has said he believes the British Virgin Islands economy would be crippled if the territory undergoes a second COVID-19 lockdown.

In a recent public address, Premier Fahie warned residents of the dangers associated with a second lockdown, stating that COVID-19 remains an imminent threat to all countries, including the BVI.

“All of our precautionary measures for protecting our people from the public health threat of COVID-19 are soundly grounded in the law of the land. And, your government is being very cautious in dealing with this very fluid situation because another round of lockdown can cripple our economy to the point that we may not be able to bounce back,” said Fahie, who is also Minister of Finance.

“Indeed, we understand and empathise with the inconvenience and hardship that COVID-19 is causing to everyone. However, we must be cognisant of the double-threat to public health and the economy,” he added.

Government to continue with cautious approach

Premier Fahie also said his government will continue with a cautious approach towards the reopening of the territory’s borders as they do not want to make the same mistakes seen across the region and the wider world.

“We continue to see countries rushing forward with haste to open their borders, refusing to close their borders, or disobeying the recommended hygiene and safety protocols, only for them to hastily retreat as they experience a surge of infections in their population,” he stated.

“Can I tell you that right now, the only measures that are scientifically proven to keep us all safe are social distancing, wearing of appropriate masks or shields, and washing our hands regularly? These measures are simple for us to do, so let us continue to do them.”

Fahie said the phased method to the reopening of the territory’s borders is evident of his administration’s careful approach.

He said he believes this approach will aid his team of professionals in realistically managing the BVI’s environment and surroundings, as the world continues to adjust to the new normal of co-existing with COVID-19.

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  1. TRUTH says:

    Learn how to live with Covid, can’t simply shut down every time a new case arises, it’s not rocket science

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  2. vip heckler says:

    Like he just woke from his sleeping slumber

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  3. finally says:

    he came to his senses

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  4. YOUTH says:

    Thank you Premier and your Government for all you all do to keep us safe in this CoronaVirus era.

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  5. FACTS says:

    Let’s all do what we know we have to do to keep our BVI free of Corona or from the spreading of it.

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  6. lol says:

    he removed his mask and smelled the coffee

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  7. Laugh out loud! says:

    A little too late now!!

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  8. Styles says:

    The premier states that a second lockdown could cripple the economy. Is he still pretending the internal economy is not crippled?

    There is no money coming in from abroad. Yet, we import all goods in this territory.

    1-1=0. So what do you do when you have spent everything on import and your so called ‘stimulus’?

    The economy is already crippled. Staycations and local patrons cannot keep the economy afloat.

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  9. Shame says:

    Cripple what is already flat on its back and can’t move?? So out of touch with what is really happening, very sad. We may have a low number of COVID cases but the number of poverty/stressed out cases are rising and don’t forget what happened after Irma where people were dropping like flies due to strees/anxiety.

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  10. Getting off subject says:

    Did anyone saw Micheal Obama in action last night? She read and called out Donald Trump for who he really is. His words, it is what it is came back and bit him hard in his orange behind.

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  11. The Answer says:

    Big Mike, can’t stand that dude.

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  12. Trump says:

    Trump is the greatest president in the history of the US. The Obamas stole like their brethren in the BVI. Came into office with nothing and left with $300 mil and counting. Nobody bought her book except large corporate donors as payback. The Black man is a racist and evil lot.

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  13. @getting off subject says:

    She is out of place for messing with Donald. If the Democrat’s had done so great there wouldn’t be a Republican President after Obama. GTFOH!

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  14. E. Leonard says:

    The VI under the leadership of Premier Andrew A. Fahie has been recognized for its sterling effort in managing the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Through strong and forceful actions, it was able to keep its numbers relatively low. To date, it has had 11 confirmed positive cases with 1 death; currently has 2 active cases. Its effort has earned it some Covid-19 dividends that it cannot squander and must used effectively and wisely.

    The inscription on the VI flag/coat of arms reads Vigilate—-be watchful/be vigilant. The war against Covid-19 is raging and is moving full steam ahead. Consequently, the VI must be vigilant and be on the ready with a strategic and tactical plan to aggressively confront the virus. Covid-19 posed an existential threat to the VI, a small 59 square mile chain of 36 of islands.

    Thus, faced with further eminent threat, another lock down that will imposed punishing inconveniences, hardships and sacrifices may be necessary. Nonetheless, health and safety must take precedence over the economy. Take care of the deadly virus and the economy and politics will in turn will be taken care of.

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  15. BigD says:

    Open da schools!

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  16. Hmmmmmmm says:

    If majority of quarantine cost is going to security, why not use customs, immigrations or port securities..since by now all ports are closed. Use these guys during the day and use private security at night. This virus is not going any where now, we got to start saving .

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  17. funny man says:

    We are STILL in LOCKDOWN Tortola might be limping onwards but the outer islands are devestated so go ahead and lockdown Tortola to stop the virus getting a foothold, DO IT NOW.

  18. Realistic. says:

    Many persons in the countries who tried to open to save their economies are now being faced with 2 serious consequences:#1 the economy is still failing. But in addition to that,# 2 the people who are needed to drive the economy is getting sick too quickly and could possibly die.
    The health of any economy is directly proportional to the health and well being of the same people who actually creates the supply and demand for the same economic system.

  19. Realistic. says:

    The health of an economy is directly proportional to the health and well being of the people within that same economic system. The same people create the demand supply and services that drives any and all economies. Some people are under the erroneous assumption that potentially sick,sick and possibly dying people can sustain a normal economy. I am sure they are the ones who never stop to think how it’s possible to give 1350.00 and get back 10500.00 ! They probably think its luck.
    People need to be realistic and understand it’s a careful and delicate balance. How many persons died of starvation or bankruptcy due to covid 19. How many died so far of covid 19? Do the common sense math.

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