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Aaron blames flat tyre for missing curfew

Tarik Aaron. Fb photo

Tariq Aaron was remanded in custody after he told the court last Friday that he did not stick to his bail condition due to car trouble.

Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards revoked Aaron’s bail for breaking a court-imposed curfew last week. He is on trial for possession of 24 kilograms of cocaine.

The accused man was first granted bail last year on the condition that he reports to the Road Town Police Station twice per day – between 6 and 8 o’clock in the morning, and by 6:30 in the evening.

After reporting to police by 6:30 each evening, Aaron should have been back home for his 7pm curfew.

Reports from the prosecution are that, about 7:30pm on the day in question, police spotted someone who looked like Aaron in the vicinity of Cane Garden Bay.

Law enforcers subsequently made checks at Aaron’s residence and confirmed that he was not there.

It is reported that, around 8 o’clock on the said evening, Aaron visited the Road Town Police Station and signed the log book – as is required on his bail bond.

The court heard that the police officer on duty at the time was not fully aware of Aaron’s bail conditions.

The accused man therefore was allowed to sign and leave.

Police held him the following day.

During his appearance before Senior Magistrate Richards on Friday, Aaron was given an opportunity to explain why he was out beyond his curfew.

The accused told the court that he was in Cane Garden Bay when his vehicle tyre became flat.

He claimed that he tried to address the problem, but ran into delays.

Aaron stated that, when he realised the late hour, he drove on the flat tyre to the police station.

Magistrate Richards however said Aaron did not give a just reason for violating his curfew. Hence, he was remanded.

Aaron will be brought back before the court on September 5.

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