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Absolute abhorrence! Dr Smith blasts Fahie’s alleged actions

Former Premier Andrew Fahie (foreground) beside former Premier Dr D Orlando Smith.

Dr D. Orlando Smith, a former three-term Premier, has expressed disgust at the alleged criminal actions of recently disgraced and immediate past Premier Andrew Fahie.

Dr Smith said in a recent statement: “I begin by stating my absolute abhorrence for the alleged actions of our former Premier [Fahie] and would expect that his actions will be dealt with in the fulness of time and with the full force of the law.

Dr Smith, who declined to run for office again in 2019, is the latest in a string of public officials who have since come out to condemn the alleged actions of Fahie following his arrest nearly two weeks ago.

Current Premier, Dr Natalio Wheatley, a close former ally of Fahie, heads up an ever-growing list of sitting legislators who have all chosen to denounce Fahie’s alleged criminal actions.

In his statement, Dr Smith expressed gratitude for being able to serve three terms and said during his tenure, he always strived to do what was in the best interests of the people and the advancement of the territory, both economically and socially, without any thought for personal gain.

The former leader of the National Democratic Party government stated: “To say that I am appalled and embarrassed does not begin to address my feelings as well as those of the people of this territory.”

Dr Smith explained that he had remained silent since the publication of the Commission of Inquiry (COI) report which followed the arrest of Fahie as he contemplated how to best respond to the people of the territory.

According to Dr Smith, the alleged actions and statements of the former Premier Fahie are not reflective of who Virgin Islanders are as a people.

Fahie was arrested in Miami on April 28 at the end of a months-long sting operation run by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), which allegedly featured BVI Ports Authority’s Director, Oleanvine Maynard in a starring role.

The duo was placed before a Miami court on charges of money laundering and drug smuggling following their arrest.

In the meantime, Fahie, who attempted to use diplomatic immunity to avoid prosecution for his alleged crimes, is expected to appear before the court once more this week for another hearing after previously being granted $500,000 bail.

His bail was subsequently appealed by prosecutors who cited him as being dangerous and a serious flight risk.


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  1. wow says:

    It seems like everybody left foy up to the wolves

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  2. Wait says:

    Can’t be the same former premier who bought a 7 million dollar plane and lose it under his watch, can’t be the same former premier who allowed the pier park and ESHS projects to overrun under his watch. Orlando Smith should be the last man to comment on any corruption! Y’all make the dog sick!

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  3. Bishop says:

    And when the dust settles and the turtle thinks he’s off the hook, here he comes to cast the first stone. Time will tell my brother time will tell. By the way raiding NHI with your doctor in law business first year billed millions is no different. A crime is a crime. All thieves think they smart until they get caught. Time brother time. One retiring politician got away but time dude time.

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  4. Truth Seeker says:

    With all due disrespect, Dr. Smith, please be quiet. Sit this one out. You are no better. Your administration’s ineptness and blatant corruption gave us thishot mess.

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  5. Nobody cares says:

    Your penalty time is coming soon. Silence is a better defense than opening your mouth and removing all doubt of your guilt.

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  6. I THINK 🤔 says:


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  7. Elsa says:

    Bloggers are in denial. The past was nothing like the present. People were holding their breaths with fear and can now relax and breathe. Never in my 50 years have I experienced anything like I did recently.

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  8. Irma Chisit says:

    Dr Smith, immediately elected and you acquired prime land next to your office on Wickhams Cay. You made a big splash in news with a coming soon SMITH building. It’s still a ghost building. No one else could buy land back then but you did!

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  9. The oppresor says:

    Ndp wall and plane he better go from here

    The ports over run was 50 million

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    • Deh Watcha says:

      This VIP Government done pass the wall, plane and pier park long time in only 3yrs.

      We need proper investigations on those as well as this VIP administration.

  10. Real Macoy says:

    All these corruptions not good at all. That’s why some countries around the world can’t catch themselves all now. That’s why if England steps in they need to keep their mouths shut and let them clean up all these corruptions.

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  11. Stop Doc says:

    Please be quiet doctor. This one is not good for you.

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  12. Like Really says:

    When you sit in silence and allow your Ministers in charge to behave as they please… you are part and cause of coruption.

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  13. Secret Bear says:

    Say what you will about the NDP, they seemed to have kept their noses out of the drug trade (literally) for the most part.

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  14. wrongfully says:

    Under your government, the law was changed to allow grown men to lay with 16-year-old children, in order to protect the colleague’s brother who lay with a minor 16yrs old child.

    Smith go sit down.

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  15. The Notorious BIG Brown Bomber says:

    The former opposition leader prior to 2019 called the then Premier Smith lead Govt the most corrupt Govt in the BVI History. I guess he wanted to outdo that notion as he himself is heading for the BVI Book of Records to be the most notoriously corrupt Leader in BVI History.

    Our recent former leader has brought the entire Government and people of this Territory to it knees, not to pray to his Great God of His Universe from Senegal, but for the punishment by the whip of the Massa who will determine what archaic rule of thumb we will be governed. A far cry from the self determination order of the day that he proclaimed that he was going to lead the way too. We were all bamboozled by him.

    As a matter of fact it would appear as if he was working undercover with the UK to come in and take direct rule. It is “AAF” Lead sting operation. The BVI is detained by the UK and is schedule to appear in Court Wednesday 11 May for the verdict weather we will be granted bail or not.

    God Save Our Beautiful Virgin Isles, Long live our beautiful homeland, God Save Our Isles.
    Let us be victorious, happy and glorious, Long may your sunshine shine on us. God Save Our Isles

  16. Vagabond says:

    Pride goes before a fall. Greed is what put u in what u in. U know better and should do better. I support u 100% dr smith. TEACH HIM A SERIOUS LESSON

  17. Oh please - l**r Smith says:

    Dr Smith quit criticising cus when u were busy l**ng to the people to our faces talking bout you’re not paying the airline the entire money until they were in operation, yet the airline never flew but the 7 mill flew out the window (allegedly). U were premier, Where is the tax payers 7 million? Hush yo mouth and start focusing on your **** rather than giving …

  18. Town says:

    Sob went crazy on Dr watch…wonder why.

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