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Accused cop seen leaving police station with evidence bag, court hears


Pamphill Prevost — one of the three interdicted police officers currently on trial in relation to allegations of conspiracy to steal — was seen leaving the precinct of the Road Town Police Station with an evidence bag, the High Court was told on Monday.

Inspector of Police Ivor Fraser testified to the court that this was just one of the police procedures the accused man violated after confiscating the cash from a suspect.

The court heard that on December 20, 2012, Fraser was acting in the capacity of a sergeant in the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) and Prevost was among the officers under his supervision.

Fraser said his duties were to ensure that, if their search-and-seizure operation was successful, all subsequent procedures were followed.

Fraser further explained that, at the time of the 2012 operation, Prevost’s was responsible for contacting the RVIPF Forensic Unit to capture photographic evidence, among other things.

However, Fraser said Prevost did not call the aforesaid unit to the scene after the seizure.  Furthermore, Fraser said when the team returned to their police station, he witnessed something he described as unusual.

“He (Prevost) went out of the station still carrying the brown evidence bag,” Fraser said.

Fraser said he was roughly 15 meters away from Prevost when he allegedly saw him leaving with the evidence bag.

Prevost snatched money bag away, Customs office claims

The aforementioned operation had happened at an apartment in the Tortola community of Cane Garden Bay and Customs Officer Frenchie Gumbs testified last Friday that he along with Prevost were among officers that executed a search of the abode.

Gumbs told the court that during the search, he noticed a stuffed pillowcase behind a dressing table in a bedroom of the apartment. He said he suspected the pillowcase contained cash so he reached for it.

Fraser said before he could grab hold of the case and its contents, a much taller Prevost reached over him and ‘snatched’ it.

“I didn’t feel pleased about it since it was a joint operation,” Gumbs told the court.

Gumbs testified that while he did not open or touch the pillowcase, he said it was clear that it contained cash.

Police and Customs officers had raided the apartment in question after receiving reports that at least three illegal immigrants were living at the location.

The trial of continues on Monday, February 4.

Background of the case

Prevost, Power, and Henry are charged in relation to incidents that allegedly happened between January 2012 to July 2014.

However, only three charges are now associated with their corruption case. The trio is collectively charged with ‘conspiracy to steal’ while Prevost and Power are jointly charged with ‘conspiracy to pervert the course of justice’. Power stands as the only member among the trio charged with ‘acquisition, possession or use of proceeds of criminal conduct’.

Attorney Patrick Thompson represents Prevost, Queen’s Counsel Ian Wilkinson represents Henry, while attorney-at-law Israel Bruce represents Power.

On the Crown’s side, Queen’s Counsel John Black is the lead prosecutor in this case.

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