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Accused looters allegedly advertise stolen items on Facebook

A trio of persons charged in connection to post-hurricane looting.

A mother, her son, and another female resident of Sea Cows Bay allegedly caught advertising looted items on Facebook for sale has been arraigned before the Magistrate’s Court.

Tara Naval, her son Nikita Naval, and Cathy Martin are all charged with theft and handling stolen goods. They were not made to plead when they appeared before Magistrate Shawn Innocent late last week.

The trio allegedly stole a total of $15,000 worth of items from three local stores a day after Hurricane Irma.

Among other items, Nikita Naval allegedly stole sneakers, USB cords, an X-box game console as well as a speaker system from Said Department Store.

His mother, Tara, is accused of stealing blankets, perfume sets, a mattress, curtains, and other items from Bolo’s Department Store.

Martin, on the other hand, allegedly stole bags, dresses and other clothing items from Pusser’s.

The owners of the stores made a report to police after discovering that their stores were looted and seeing the stolen items being advertised by the three individuals on social media.

The stolen goods were positively identified by the company logos and price tags still visible on them.

The trio was subsequently arrested and charged on suspicion of theft.


They were each granted $5,000 signed bail with one surety.

As part of their bail conditions, they had to submit their travel documents, they are not to leave Tortola without permission from the court, and are to report to the Road Town Police Station every Monday between 7 am and 7 pm.

They are scheduled to return to court on December 10.

Defence attorney Stephen Daniels is representing Tara Naval and Cathy Martin while Nikita Naval was unrepresented.

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  1. Good says:

    Only D—– would.. I am glad to see that these cases were pursued even after a year has passed let them know they cant get away with it. And I hope they dont get a slap on the wrist [if found guilty].

    They should be deported and if they local imprisoned even for a month and heavily fined since we cant deport them. Looting is a terrible act.

    —- are not even taking the stuff from the streets but going into people stores and in many cases breaking in. We did not use to be this way.

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  2. L says:

    They should be on the next episode of “World’s Dumbest Criminals”.

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    • Scramble for Africa says:

      Anyone ever heard of that term in the header? Research it, scramble for Africa,

      Europe stole Africa, and royals still wearing the diamonds in their crown.

      If this historical fact is published on this site, I want readers see who is looting and who is victims of it.. see apartheid see who owns 80% of farm lands today.

      If you really want know bout looting, see how it is that some wealthy and some have none.

      News site let this be on here, tired not getting to comment for real discussion.

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      • @Scramble for Africa says:

        Like so many here, it can be perceived that your comment was not motivated by or shared to garner “likes,” but to educate and or compare.

        Indeed, the truth haters and those who show that denial by dislikes will hurridly jump on that botton.

        Little knowledge they possess does not inform them that truth will never perish. No matter how long hidden, it will some day be revealed, and no filthy opinion will change a fact to fiction.

        Thanks for that tid bit of factual history.

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    • duck1951 says:

      add brazen !

  3. I FROM HERE says:

    What happen to the guy at the radio station ?

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  4. What!!! says:

    Disgusting people , looting is horrible, kicking people when they are down.I hope these scum sre punished to the fullest extent of the law, how can a lawyer defend their actions? When they have served their sentence plesse deport if not from here we do not need people like this living amongst us.

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  5. Riley Freeman says:

    they should pay what they owe for stealing the stuff and get jail time

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  6. %%%%% says:

    No shame in the game.So dumb, steal people stuff and then put it on line for sale.

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  7. DumbtionOfficial says:

    Tha boy Kita ain tired take Ls

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  8. Brad Boynes says:

    OK. The need becomes a greed.

  9. Sound Cloud says:

    Well the nerve of these people. How you going steal and turn around and try to sell stolen goods. Heartless!

    Let this be a lesson. Let me see if they will get community service hours like those looters gone before.

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  10. Retired says:

    Convicted looters should have all their assets confiscated and sold by the court to raise the funds to compensate the victims of their looting. After the convicted looter completes the court ordered prison sentence then that person should be deported from the BVI.

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  11. Moesha says:

    It is a shame especially the mother is there with her SON. Before they fall on their knees and thank God for seeing them through those two terrible storms they are out there looting from people who is loosing their living. Lock them up and throw the key as far away as possible dumb, dumb dumb.

    Like 20
  12. Jamiez (LineHead) says:

    Boy, I was looting to but Meen geh catch. Sucks to be y’all. Imagine everyone in town was basically looting and only a hand full got caught. #G4LLooting #StreetSmart #LootLikeAKing #LootWithoutgettingcatch #feelingblessed

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    • Sound Cloud says:

      Everyone?? Your post is funny. Who is this everyone. Can you define everyone – because that would include every single soul and that can never be true. Anyways, I know you joking so I aint even taking your blogging serious – carry on!

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  13. Damn says:

    Four r——- g—–. The judge should have remanded them until there court date. How is it that you [allegedly] steal someone’s property and then post the stolen property on line for sale. The ground sea must have dropped kick st—d in those four i—-s.

  14. Wind says:

    Some of the biggest looters can be found in the HOA

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  15. Government says:

    NDP where is the money for the airline and plane?

    Where is the money for overspending on so many projects without audits?

    Statutory boards.. how do we know how you are spending off the countey’s Budget year after year?

    Looting start from the top and trickle down!

    Private businesses did you pass on the import tax concessions for consumable products?

    Private sector why many of you cheated customs right after Irma by presenting fake or no duty forms?

    We can’t all be small minded, some of us are seeing the big picture also.

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  16. Soo says:

    I am positive they are not Sea Cow’s Bay local. They just happened to migrate there. As the song writer says put them on the next plane.
    Firstly they should be penalized and then make them purchase their own airfare and face deportation.

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    • police says:

      Where are the female police officer and female Auillary officer who were looting. The police need to be fair and deal with their own. we the public are watching and waiting for these arrest.

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  17. Sea Cows Bay resident says:

    I see them all the time. I just don’t want to see them near or around my property. They up and down the place like they have no shame. For every piece of item stolen, they should be made to pay the value back to the businesses they stole from.

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  18. Guns and roses says:

    It’s ashame how they go hard to protect these serians who destroying our beautiful island, am sure if it have 100 person kill by gun in this territory 90 of them was kill by guns brought to this country by those same serians, BVI we need to open our eyes and stop been fool by money, these serians are born dangerous people!

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  19. Seeker of truth says:

    What happened to the Bishop? Did he get a second chance?

    • Good question says:

      I want to know too. Those who are leading others should be held accountable. That is one place I would not step foot in, can’t trust someone like that.

  20. Hah says:

    Perfect example of how children are influenced by their parents. Baby goat learning from mother goat is life’s cycle. Nobody to set a good example.

  21. Innocent says:

    The Spanish folks should have been caught too. They were bold but not Facebook bold. This trio was on another level.

  22. CAUGHT ON CAMERA says:

    I have seen pictures and vidoes that I save from various sources, of alleged looters,right after Irma.They are CRIMINALS. They must be treated as such.

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  23. Realistism says:

    The greatest majority of looted goods left Tortola, by boat and air, destination South, directly after the natural blows were done falling on people, homes, businesses and other.

    Looting is a natural human response to disasters that will continue to exist for as long as stark disparities exist between the haves, have nots, low wages and high living costs.

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  24. Good question says:

    I want to know too. Those who are leading others should be held accountable. That is one place I would not step foot in, can’t trust someone like that.

  25. Amazing Amy says:

    But this is ridiculous, why would her son loot an electronic to plug in where ?? With what current?? Lml

  26. OH BOY O BOY says:


  27. Strupz says:

    Just look @ these stinking island M’s!

  28. Joe says:

    Tara should not be given a spot in the village if she did that

  29. Joe says:

    How in the world Tara was looting and give a spot in the village

    • Anonymous says:

      Know people who looted from our store but cant do any thing .first question will be did you see them no but i see them wearing the clothes.

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