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Accused murderer reportedly attempts suicide

One of the persons accused of murdering Trumanyne Daway has tried to commit suicide, BVI News understands.

Highly-placed sources said the suicide attempt happened sometime after appearing in the Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

Our news centre was told that the accused murderer attempted self-hanging by using a shirt as rope.

It is said that the accused offender was in police custody at the time of the incident.

Prison Superintendent David Foot yesterday confirmed that the accused is now being housed in the maximum security wing at Her Majesty’s Prison, pending a reappearance in court on May 25.

The murder

Two persons have been charged with Daway’s February 27 murder. They are 21-year-old Maybelline Rodriguez, and 26-year-old Vernon Bernard.

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Kim Hollis described them in court as the masterminds behind the murder and alleged that the duo had WhatsApp conversations detailing parts of the plan to kill Daway.

It is alleged that the two accused also shared photos of the murder weapon during their conversations.

The DPP further alleged that Rodriguez was the honeytrap used to lure Daway, who wanted to have sex with the accused woman at the time.

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  1. Killmonger says:


  2. ha says:

    Glad I’m not in Law Enforcement cause I’d supply an actual rope.

    • @Ha says:

      Its really something. I am here mourning the loss of a loved one who suffered thru terminal illness. That loved one would have given so much for longer life and here it is these young people simply tossing their lives away. Young man you made a grave mistake in life, but you have hope. You can deeply and truly repent and at least have a shot at eternal life.

    • Double knots says:

      Yeah, but easier – who had found he should have put another knot in the shirt and go get lunch. Case would be close by now

  3. Bams says:

    Good the pressure on. … Dont let them kill themselves …

  4. Ford says:

    So no one can donate a piece of rope? Or how can I get a length to h-?

  5. Butterfinger says:

    all bad and tough…It was all fun and games until they got caught,but they allegedly did the crime now they gonna do the time. Tough it up buttercup and await your trial. It’s easy to take someone’s life,but I am sure if the allegations are true the guilt can torture one’s soul. I hope they all can’t sleep and see the victim’s face every day and night.

  6. (284) says:

    Well Suh. Can’t do da time…dont do da crime…

  7. Hmm says:

    We would do anything to try ease ourselves when reality and da kinda pressure hit us misson… I never been there but I could imagine how he or she feels… the rest of your life controlled by prison guards from such a young age…

  8. Cat says:

    You could allegedly sit down come up with a plan to kill a man but you cant sit down to do 30 years in Prison.

  9. Just Try says:

    And he/ she allegedly messed that up too?

    While taxpayers are stuck with a lifetime bill.
    Keep trying, Don’t give up.
    Wish you could be given a relief…

  10. Peanut the real nut says:

    Like i said before we all know —– was soft…

  11. Mick Mars says:

    Now it’s time to pay the piper for your alleged sloppy misdeeds and you trying to skip out on the bill? Nah. You guys need to feel that 25 to Life verdict in your bones as the finality of it all sinks into your consciousness and make your stomach hurt with dread.

    That first night when you lay down longside yourself and try to go sleep, your thoughts buzzing with despair at your situation, your mental vision filled with the vision of the ruined person y’all allegedly chopped down over such trivial matters, a person you grew up with, broke bread with, dapped Facebook pages with and took a multitude of “At horse race wid my boys, love alone” type fake pictures with haunts you to the point you can do nothing but cry.

    Cry like his parents did when they heard the horrible news and realize that they were the ones chosen to be inducted into Tortola’s ongoing carousel of tragedy that’s being powered by small minded fools with amoral thirst to be “The baddest” around at the territory’s expense.

    Cry like his girlfriend, siblings and possibly kids who are going to be without their brother, their father, their friend, your friend, off of your inability to talk it out or at the very least, take a lesser course of action to get the results you wanted (It was money right?)

    Nah, pana. As much as you don’t need to be breathing….you ain’t ready for the slaughter yet. Back in your pen and wash your face, it got more to come.

    • @Mick Mars says:

      I… Fricking…. Love this! My sentiments exactly, there is no better way to articulate what you said and I felt it in my bones. Thank you!

    • Out here says:

      Wow… Well said.. I mean it’s late for those caught up in this situation,to got off.. But I hope other young people reading on here can slow their role and rethink any duppy vibez they may be planning..

      Without the ability to reason or think or education, actions like this will also cause problems and sadness to all..

      Find other ways to settle issues, even positive means are options..

    • Just looking says:

      Can I like this one more time

    • Milage says:

      Mick Mars. I share your sentiments. That was a good read. I really hope they never sleep ever, I really do. I waish they scream every night for the next 30 years. Consumed by an anguish which no modern day medicen could cure. Before death, I wish every hothead and onlooker would never ever think about walking the same road as they did. I hope they repent. We are our brothers keepers. Better believe it.

    • @Mick Mars says:

      I’ve realzed a long time ago that not many people learn from the mistakes of others. Many will go down that very same road for trivial matters as you said. I doubt it was even a substantial amount of money. Talk it out or maybe even a fight or two. But why kill?? 4 lives down the drain. But like I said, sorry to say…..they won’t learn. I guess it’s just those evil forces out there that are consuming our youths more than ever before.

    • Joseph says:

      Excellent writing.

      Poetry in prose…!

  12. No nonsense says:

    Bring the matter to court sooner … End of story!

  13. Meg Griffin says:

    Next time slit your wrists “Sideways for attention, long way for results!”

  14. Mark says:

    The amount of —– he gonna be getting in jail from now he mite as well kill himself.

  15. Smh says:

    To think about spending the rest of your life or even giving birth while in jail… must be really hard to deal with… so sad

  16. Resident says:

    Looking for sympathy! Happens a lot!!

  17. ??? says:

    The answer is probably no but I really wonder if some of these people are influenced by the devil or are under some kind of possession when allegedly planning to kill or actually kill other people, and once done, the devil releases his hold, snapping them back into reality. Music promoting murder and drug use is quite common now and is embraced by many…allegedly, For someone to attempt to kill themselves some guilt or even a further possession must be taking place. A real cold hearted killer in my opinion will smile at all this and be calm, cool and collected. 30 years in prison? No problem, I’ll just kill a few more while in there… Sorry, that’s just me sharing my thoughts…..

  18. WHO? says:

    Which one tried to kill themself?

  19. BoyBlue says:

    Yeah that too is part if the television script.

  20. Chupps says:

    Attempt? Only attempt. Man try again and do the job next time,

  21. TurtleDove says:

    @ Wow

    True ghetto boys don’t try to kill themselves… Not that I am celebrating ghetto boys.

  22. 25 to a L says:

    So the man was allegedly blocking u from getting ur money and u allegedly kill him u pose to be happy he dead now an do d time not try kill urself might as well u rat out on the rest of them dats hiding behind d scenes n reading theses news….i kno u going feel pain in every last bone of urs …..tell ur cell mate how stupid da plan was from in mid february da was more like a last minute plan. Anyway d judge waiting on you tough it up n face her she wont bite!!! She might jus give u couple years or a couple couple more years and den a couple more it might add up to life jus dont try keep count consider u move out from d “safe house” and u gone in a unsafe house……wonder if da AK got more bodiessssss boyyyy mayb das why u wan left earth

  23. Show Time says:

    Time to face the music. Young people out there…please stop being so immature and foolish. That’s all it is . You cannot give life. Stop trying to take life. Life’s a b*tch. I know that. But you won’t solve your problems by taking someone else’s life. Trust me… it will come back to haunt you in one way or the other. Stop sacrificing long time freedom for a little bit of so-called pleasure.

  24. Good job officers says:

    He stopping u from making money so u allegedly killed him so now he dead and u going jail I wounder who going stop u from making money now and wen ayo was allegedly planning da death y she never say she don’t want to take away nobody life?s… ayo Young ppl need to think das y everyone has a mind on their own nobody ain’t put a gun to ur head and make u did wa u did nw ayo get catch u want to kill ur self if u knw u was breed u was to tell he no in da frist place cause u was going to become a mom to from allegedly taken someone is child life away..

  25. Hmm says:

    Them need to go st lucia now …

  26. Dr Spock says:

    The effect on the psyche of men whose female relatives are sex workers suffers. Oft times, serial rapists,serial killers grew up in such an atmosphere. We have many children growing up with this mind altering condition in the VI. The callousness, the premeditation in the recent murders speaks to minds that are beyond redemption,forever altered. The participants were sober drug free,cognizant. They were being themselves. Prostitution in the VI is illegal but like other illegal happenings there is open unstated permission. There are consequences,always. Most children in the Vi are well adjusted with good parenting. Casting a blanket of negativity is unfair,insulting. There is however,behavioural issues and cultural practice of a specific demographic which needs to be eradicated if the VI is to survive.

  27. Critah says:


  28. @killmonger says:

    Lol, ????♥️????????????????????????

  29. Food for thought says:

    Everyone here complaining about our youths…. I blame their parents!!! They have fail their children!! Any parent reading this,,, if your son or daughter out there just being a bum or whatever you need to step up and get them off the block or wherever they be at doing shit… can’t blame the youths if they never was raised properly… anyone planning on bringing children in this world… PLEASE !!! Mold your child into a someone who can be someone in our society,, rich or poor … TAKE CARE OF YOUR SEED!!

    • @@@ says:

      You bring children into this world you done bring there mind for everyone have a mind of his own, and once they reach adult can you really telly them it is 9 pm time to go to bed!!!!!!!!!!! hmmm seriously let me see you try telling a 21 years old to go to bed.. smh at your comment… remember these are not kids

  30. Jez Bell says:

    To smh -Whoa! So the plot thickens. Interesting that she’s preggers but was allegedly willing to lure the victim to his death with intentions of s e x….Sad for the baby that the mother didn’t think of making a wiser decision rather than a dumb one. Smh

  31. Wait Wait says:

    Did Maybelline and Vernon, Count the cost, and consider all the ramifications of their alleged intended plan prior to murdering Passion? Did Maybelline deliberately, cold heartedly, set about ruining even her own unborn child׳s life, and without shame bring humiliation and ruination on all who loved her? Is it that Vernon and Maybelline lived a life of hatred ? Did all the other unsolved murders, convince them that they would never be caught?

  32. Ms wize says:

    Oh well oh well. Keep them alive.. When the honey trap delivers they shouldn’t even tell her the sex of the child… Let her spend the rest of her years wondering. She devil ????????????????☠️????????

  33. God says:

    Everyone has now found the courage to finally sit down and talk shit about people on the local news site about who take life and who commit what so ever crime but y’all r real cowards Hiding behind the face of the internet. And then ayo sitting down blaming people’s parents for the choices there kids have made. Y’all need to stop judging people’s parents I’m sure some of you have children and your children are proberly criminals themselves. All the choices that bones has made are his decisions and I’m sick of hearing this dominican thing the man grew up here in school everything. He is one of us raised right here in the BVI so r u going to look at BVI different now?

    • Spanish heritage all the way says:

      Boss accept your own, if he was a lawyer, doctor or spanish chief, you will be on here blessing him up, so take your own and have several seats.

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