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Accused policeman may not be safe in prison if denied bail, court hears

The accused Davis brothers being escorted from the Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, November 10, 2020.

Placing local policeman Darren Davis on remand at Her Majesty’s Prison presents a risk to his safety since he will be surrounded by inmates — some of whom he may have arrested in the past.

That was Davis’ argument through his attorney, Reynela Rawlins, when applying for bail at the Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

The 41-year-old and his brother Liston Davis are accused of being involved in the territory’s largest-ever cocaine haul in the history of the BVI and any other British Overseas Territory.

The Davis brothers are charged with keeping a firearm without a license, possession of a prohibited firearm, and three counts of possession of cocaine with intent to supply.

The prohibited firearm was listed as a FAB MWG rifle with one magazine, while the second firearm was a Glock 40 Taurus handgun.

As for the drugs, 23.70 kilos of cocaine was allegedly found in a red Ford Explorer truck, another 159.04 kilos was found in a white truck and 2,170.84 kilos was packaged into 60 bales in a shipping container.


According to the allegations laid before the court by the Director of Public Prosecutions, Tiffany Scatliffe-Esprit, the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) was conducting an extensive investigation on a suspected drug smuggling operation. 

She alleged that on Friday, November 6, the RVIPF’s Special Investigations Unit conducted a surveillance operation at Balsam Ghut for several hours.

During the surveillance, the police allegedly observed Darren around 6 pm in a vehicle heading towards the East End area then returning to Balsam Ghut towards the property where the container was located. 

He allegedly met an unknown person who accompanied him to the container before both persons proceeded to the property.

Liston was observed in a pick-up truck around 5:45 pm heading towards Balsam Ghut while being followed by a rental jeep. They stopped and parked in the driveway of the property, the court heard.

Around 6:30 pm, police reportedly executed a search warrant at the Balsam Ghut location. They approached the parked rental vehicle where two unidentified persons exited and fled the scene. 

Pursuits by the police were unsuccessful, but they later returned to the property and observed three bales suspected to be cocaine in the aforesaid white truck.

As for the red Ford Explorer belonging to the accused men’s mother, two boxes containing 10-kilogram blocks were found.

The container was found to not only have the 60 bales of cocaine but also a garbage bag with two loaded guns.

Rental driver still at large

Police conducted investigations into the driver of the rental vehicle. That motorist was identified by the rental company and this led to the police going to the house of the individual. Nobody was home but a set of keys retrieved during the operation at Balsam Ghut successfully opened the door of the unidentified person’s home.

On November 8 at Pockwood Pond, police apprehended Liston at his home and arrested him. Darren was later arrested on November 9 at his residence in Cane Garden Bay.

DPP objects to bail

In objecting to bail, the DPP argued that the nature of the charges coupled with the fact that persons of interest are still at large presented too much of a risk that could affect investigations. 

She further said if bail is to be considered, she believes the amount should be 10 percent of the total sum of the seizure.

While defence attorney Rawlins represent Darren, another attorney Marie-Lou Creque represents his brother, Liston.

And as Rawlins used her client’s law enforcement profession as an argument for him not to be remanded, Creque’s said in Liston’s bail application that he is a father of three who should be allowed to continue to execute his duty as boat captain to continue to provide for his family.

Magistrate Christilyn Benjamin denied bail for both brothers.

Safety risk for police in prison

She said she felt the magnitude of the charges did not warrant bail as too many risks existed. She also said she felt that proper infrastructure exists at Her Majesty’s Prison to safely facilitate the accused police officer.

The Davis brothers are scheduled to return to court on January 27, 2021.

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  1. My say says:

    Well, they deserve to sit in Prison without bail. PUT THEM IN GENERAL POPULATION WITH THE REGULAR PRISONERS

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    • So ohhhhh says:

      Safety risk for police in prison? Reality has set in. Now he is

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      • :) says:

        We should not rush to condemn these men too soon – however, the case for bail is pretty weak if the DPP accurately described the police case (and that may be a big if).
        If they are guilty, they have a fairly easy choice between taking the rap themselves or delivering up the names of who they were working for. Even our DPP ought to be able to see that there is an advantage to letting these two turn Queen’s evidence in return for a minimal sentence.
        I suspect that they are worried for their safety because those they were working for will have connections in the prison that could secure their silence. I doubt that the DPP appreciates that, and it would come as no surprise if there are a couple of accidents at the prison.

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  2. Hmmm says:

    Funny how the others fled the scene and were not caught. The RVIPF need to invest in a few dogs

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    • @Hmmm says:

      I was wondering the same thing.The ones that fled is the ones that is running scared. What are they going to tell THE TOP DOG. SOMEONE LOST A LOT OF MONEY AND DRUGS AND I DON’T THINK THE TOP DOG IS HAPPY.

  3. Good call says:

    Don’t commit the crime if you can’t do the time! Clearly they will receive a long custodial sentence, so there are no grounds for granting bail.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Prisons are for criminals….If you could do the crime you could certainly do the time

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  5. oh ho says:

    Prisons are for criminals….If you could do the crime you could certainly do the time

  6. SMH says:

    What happens when a crooked lawyer defends a criminal?

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  7. Chosen says:

    I want to know when criminals get caught or end up dead family and some people always started by saying he was a good person or he have children and have to provide for them

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    • for real says:

      when they were doing their dirty deal didn’t they consider if I get caught what will happen to my children. they make the dog sick with them stupideness, sad, dumb, idiotic excuse. but they have children. all the time you didn’t know you have children when they money you were getting were sweetening you pockets

  8. Enforcement is Key says:

    And now Mr. Michaels and Gov. Jaspert, why people in the BVI are distrustful of the police. Bring in the US Warship….. we need help!

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  9. pope paulie says:

    How come they are not wearing handcuffs like other accuse prisoners?

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    • Chosen says:

      They have children to feed what about decent people children they have hurt or kill out there the lawyers don’t take time to think about that

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      • @ Chosen says:

        Some of these lawyers need their license revoked from practicing

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        • BS! says:

          @Chosen Everyone has a right to representation and should be considered innocent until proven guilty. Having said that Mr Policeman should have been well aware of all the risks when he started down this path and should not expect special treatment – unless he gives us the Big Man on this drug lord totem pole.

      • lawyers vs liars says:

        [Some] laywers are as set of idiots to. but then again they working for money so they want to make it look like they fighting a case so they will come up with all sort of stupid excuse. Commisioner have your officers dig deep into this situation, there might be females involve as well who may have known of their dealing or probably was helping in some way or they other with transactions. Dig deep.

    • @pope paulie says:

      Because they are special and given special treatment. Both there BEHINDS SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE SILVER BRACELETS.

  10. Heckler says:

    We not interested in these guppies. Where are the big fish that they work for?

    You can’t tell me these two two bit hoods are the ones that masterminded this and just happened to get caught.

    Until big fish in high towers start falling nothing will change.

    This is why we need not listen to these cats about independence and no UK Navy.

    Like 42
    • Independence says:

      The only reason the BVI pleading independence is because they don’t want the registries public, they don’t want people to see who’s owns and operates different illegal businesses in the British Virgin Islands.

      Look up the movie Laundromat, it about 2 guys that created over 400,000 registered companies In the BVI.

      Everybody chasing this money and the ones that actually making it don’t like to have to give it back to tax, and BVI help see to that.

      They will burn down Rome before they let the U.K. reveal Nature’s Little Secret secrets.

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  11. Where says:

    Let me hear from my Government of the day in regards to the record breaking issue.Give Covid a break let me hear some voices from the sitting Govt.

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  12. We don’t care says:

    You should have considered that before indulging in a life of crime. As far as I’m concerned those tasked with protecting the law and break it should be prosecuted more severely than a regular citizen. No bail.

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  13. Hmm says:

    Is one uh ayo own. Let me hear de down island talk now. Y’all too quick to de draw. Always misfiring ayo mout. Lock dey a**es up and trow away de key. I hate dirty cops.

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    • son of the soil says:

      Is SKB part of the BVI?

    • me to says:

      it doesn’t matter who own it is, once they doing dirtiness that can or has caused the lives of other person, whether the drug the smoke make them crazy or get kill. they need to be punished to the highest extreme. but then again BVI prison is 3 square meals, sit and watch tv, listen to radio, play games and even have lovers or family member come in and comb hair that can comb. so they will be fat and clear by now and January. watch you will see.

  14. Taxpayer says:

    You found a good reason to escape from the crime! You are right , they are more safe in the community and allow them to do their business, no one would touch them! Let rest of the world follow your advise! Waste to spend money on maintaining prisons! My tax money may be saved!

  15. Real talk says:

    Liston boy ah next man going to eat your m***, u used to want to watch all who f***ing your workers well watch who going to f*** your woman

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  16. ooohhh booiii says:

    This is sad ;3 brothers in the same prison .Now they got their mother name involved too;sadddd

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  17. fbi says:

    These 2 moomoos dont have the recourses to bring inn that much drugs, who were they [allegedly] storing it for, thats the big question, another thing is that i read that everybody jumping on the police as though those drugs were found in every member of the rvipf houses, there are honest good officers in the rvipf and yes there are bad eggs, the problem remains when you have an administration protecting those bad eggs, i recommend that all the senior officers be sent home and bring inn the uk officers to replace them, oh and they need to break up that Dominican ring within the rvipf, it is reaping havoc.

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  18. vote says:

    no confidence for the gov, police, etc. this rot all through the tree of the BV. can’t run that amount without help from all depts. london calling . . .

  19. Hell No says:

    He will be just fine in Prison among his friends. He never arrest any body yet in his twenty plus years,so he doh have nothing to be afraid about. Just look where and with who he hangs out on the block in Road Town.

  20. Local BVISLANDER says:

    These two are just greedy patsy’s, everyone who had common sense know these are the fall guys, the real culprit/culprits are men in society, maybe a politician a Doctor a lawyer or even a pastor. A fish stinks from the head, make these two talk, get the real person or persons the drugs really belong too.

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  21. dey know says:

    nice work

  22. Pumpkin says:

    A tube of KY and a box of condoms. They don’t call it the pokey for nothing. They’ll be fine unless the kingpin is out to get them now and thats a sure thing. Bye bye

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  23. VIP says:

    Everybody calling those guys name but did y’all ever sit and think this is not about those two guys only higher ppl involved
    But the luck ran out this rounds

  24. lawyer says:

    check their known affiliates. Birds of a feather flock together. I am only sorry for their parents who have to endure this embarrassment. Money corrupts us absolutely. We will even kill our own brother. Word to the young people. Crime don’t pay!! You live by the sword you will die by the sword!

  25. Stand up straight says:

    How come prisoners are his concern xand now he is thinking about his children?
    Only now?.
    Dont let them have any bail that great lost could bring on their death. Who goin take such a loss and be cool
    More killing in the vi soon.
    Parents check your childrens’ life style. They are moving up the ranks too is a normal man’s greatest matter how it comes. Cars,Boats,bighouses long luxury trips.then death.,h**l soon full.

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