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Accused VG shooter charged with attempted murder


Police have named 28-year-old Dillion Thomas as the assailant behind the July 10 shooting from which a male victim sustained non-fatal injuries on Virgin Gorda.

Thomas – a resident of Petty Pasture, North Valley – has been charged with attempted murder and possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life.

The accused man is expected to appear in the Magistrate’s Court this week.

Meanwhile, the reported victim of the incident continues to receive treatment at Peebles Hospital for the gunshot wounds, police have said.

Police have not released the victim’s name but highly-placed sources have identified the victim as Rudy Vanterpool.

Investigations are ongoing.

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  1. BALO says:



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  2. BVIYoungman says:

    Lock he a-s upp yess. He wasn’t thinking of his kids nor other people kids because he allegedly shoot in a residential area. And the kids DID witness the shooting! kids under 12 smh

  3. strupes says:

    Send he backside up balo pasture til he learn some sense

  4. Vg dummy says:

    Lord give him a chàncé

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    • @vg dummy says:


      so that the on going gun war can continue?!!!

      you’re really a dummy!

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  5. Pass says:

    Free that man first of all them boys always messing with dude and he got tired of it wa you think was going to happen don’t care wa people have to say need (a better shooter )

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    • no guns says:



      shut TH upp please (@pass & vg dummy)

      • Lol says:

        Talk what you know …how the dude going fight when its 3 of dem always going for the man…..when aint pulling he out he house ….ig going on he work beating he and locking he up in a room…..pulling gun on he …..all of are you here talking but I know if are you aas
        Was in the same situation are you might have done worst ….i aint said he had the right to shot him……all dem complaints he made how come the police dem aint do nothing dem should be to blame as well …..THE MAN WAS FED UP CAUSE NOBODY WAS THERE ….DO YOU KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE LIVING IN FEAR

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        • @lol says:

          what happen to Using a ROCK AND BUSSING HE HEAD??

          and btw, this incident, it was a ‘One-on-one’ battle. But the Coward still used a Gun

          a Gun makes a Coward, MORE COWARDDDD!

  6. ... says:

    He’n just come outta ——- not too long ago ?

  7. Darn!!! says:

    It’s so sad that Rudy isn’t —- yet, tr————… Maybe nextime

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    • Gun man says:

      Ayo better back off my dawg name All he ga do is say the word#trust

      • @GunMan says:

        U better hush ur stupid childish a$%…..You think ur “dawg” will go jail for u ? Ayuh learn sense mehson….Ayuh is bad man behind a trigger..face up ayuh still in pamper. Do smg for me plz. You try to get ur life on the correct path with ur DUMMY self and if ur smart enuff , ask ur “dawg” to join u on that move

    • Facts. says:

      You will remain sad if thats what you re waiting for.


  8. hmm says:

    weak men rely on guns.

  9. Two story says:

    Even when he went and make a report after they beat him up. They attack right in the road outside the police station. They live close by there
    Those have have D—– in their minds since the ———.

  10. Anonymous says:

    why the hell yall don’t shut up if yall don’t know the story if somebody fight u barehand y go bk with a gun. He is a weak p**sy . he should’ve think before he acted.

  11. Justice says:

    —– had it coming long time ….. they walk around playing as tho they are untouchable and that they are the baddest thing out ….. they have bin tormenting this guy for some time now …. he has had enough obviously

  12. Truth! says:

    We are very sorry on how things turned out for both parties, both young men are loved in the community. But the truth must be told.T—did the wrong thing by using a gun, on the other hand provocation is against the law, every body have a breaking point,but this is where anger management comes in.All will try to play this “T guy as the worst, but no saints in this picture.My boy you done in it, tell all, the truth.Remind the public in case they forget that the place ofthe incident was not only indangered by you, but is a place of danger on a daily basis for all because drugs as well as guns is reckless. TALK THAT. “WHERE THERE IS DRUGS in a community and people pretend for who they wa,that this block dont exist, things like this will continue.We were just wondering,what was the reason for both parties meeting up at this special place?.

  13. Sis O' de Soil says:

    It’s unfortunate what happened to Vanterpool but we got to give Jack he jacket and —‘s been a problem. And on the other hand Thomas has been dealing with this young man for some time now. But, he’s wrong too because now he’s facung serious jail time. Both young men are gonna drop down their parents, but truth be told- this has been brewing for some time. Im sad that law enforcement didn’t intervene before it came to this. BVI Young Men- yall aint gonna be around to reproduce or even raise your children. What are yall existing for? The path a lot of you guys is on is short lived… and it’s not called living. Sad

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