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Active COVID-19 cases climb

Since government’s December 11 announcement that the BVI had three active coronavirus cases, a half-dozen new cases have been detected in the territory.

This now brings the total number of active cases to nine and the total number of recorded cases to 83.

During the sitting of the House of Assembly Tuesday afternoon, Health Minister Carvin Malone said four of the new cases yielded positive results from tests done on arrival while the other two positives were detected on Day 4.

The newly imported cases are residents and visitors and are currently in quarantine. Contact tracing is ongoing.

After several weeks of enjoying no active COVID cases, the BVI only began seeing new cases of COVID-19 after reopening to visitors on December 1.

In the meantime, the public is to comply with all health and safety measures that include hand-washing, wearing of face masks in public spaces, maintaining six feet from others outside of your households, disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, avoid touching your face and limiting large gatherings, especially during the upcoming holiday season.

Persons who are experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19 are encouraged to contact the Medical Hotline at 852-7650 for medical advice and testing. Common symptoms include fever, cough, headache, fatigue, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, muscle aches, or difficulty breathing.


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  1. Hmm says:

    Don’t let them island people in here because trouble will Start

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    • Hmm says:

      Like the island people does reap corona in their farm?? Crazy . Its them same people you want to come are the ones breeching the protocal and bringing covid in

    • @hmm says:

      You are a special kind of f**king idiot
      Island ppl are not trouble, you ppl are
      You better start praying cause you might surprise when the virus start kill ayo blasted tolans

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      • SMH says:

        God help Us if you residing in the BVI.

      • @@hmm says:

        Don’t be fooled, swallow the bait and end up hating your own people.

        It is a UK, US or South African troll who understands psychology and division and wants us to be hating on each other. So, they are using the regional tactic to split and keep us apart and hating.

        Don’t fall for it. You are smarter than that.

        It is assumed that that constant kind of divisive rhetoric is coming from a white person. There is no doubt about that. The act of keeping us divided and hating each other is still their daily practice.

        Notice it is a weekly occurrence. No Tolian thinks or behaves like that.

        Wise up and seek to find the real enemy. It is neither the “Island” or Tolian people.

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    • Monitor says:

      TROLL – likely not on-island just stirring up racism.
      It’s about time this site published the IP address of every post. That would cut down much of these “hate” posts.

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      • @ Monitor says:

        I totally agree. Whenever I see posts like that, I usually just scroll past them because at this point, it’s quite obvious that stuff like that is being posted to get a reaction from people.

        If we stop responding to such assishness, I’m pretty sure that they would stop. On the other hand, this news site seem to allow which comments they want, so it’s quite interesting that the “island people” comments always seem to get posted.

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  2. Lockdown says:

    Surely we need to lockdown, I suggest that to be cautious we should lock down for 10 years, (other than government officials) we will have died from unemployment, depression,
    cancer etc but at least we can say we didn’t die of covid ?

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  3. Worried says:

    Need to let ppl know if is locals, expats or tourist
    Cause the last time I check locals are not going to the quarantine boat
    I’m speechless from what I know
    My landlord children came from England, the never went to quarantine instead the said the from here so the don’t need to go quarantine on a boat
    The are in the building with there father, plus the are 8 apartments right in the building
    Plus for the pass couple of days since the are here in the building the father is coughing a lot which is very unusual
    It won’t be fare to lockdown since April and to suffer all over again because of some foolish ppl
    Especially the ones that claiming the from here and don’t need to quarantine on a boat

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    • Protocols says:

      Quarantine does not need to be on a boat. One can also quarantine in a private home, away from other people. Everyone gets his test on day four. And people cans have a cough unrelated to Covid.

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    • Nonsense says:

      Yet here you are blogging the nonsense instead of reporting them to the COVID Hotline.

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    • Returning resident says:

      Residents don’t have to quarantine on a boat. It is charter guests coming here for sailing holidays that are allows to quarantine on their boat. Residents can quarantine in their homes but should not have any contact with others (unless they are also quarantining) and must have their own kitchen etc.

  4. Selective Laws says:

    We have rules that apply only in some cases:

    There’s a video of an incident and the Police Station today where one officer had his mask over his mouth with nose exposed threatening to arrest the person taping but he need fining himself.

    Another officer in the same incident had off her mask completely while speaking to the person taping and none of the officers were 6 ft apart.

    You have carollers going into banks and establishments (15 or more at a time) singing without masks and not 6 ft apart but people must stand outside in a line waiting to get in the bank.

    We have a news reporter interviewing others while not wearing and a mask and asking them to remove theirs and still not 6 ft apart and would turn around with the Big Story about others violating quarantine.


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  5. MJ says:

    Systematic corruption. I born here means

    No tax is paid (but you collect employees share), quarantine does not apply, You do whatever you want. Ask Mitch Turnbull, he will confirm.

  6. SMH says:

    You guys take the bait every time, on every website with this person talking about island people. Ignore the attention seeking idiot and keep it moving. We are the British Virgin Islands, we are all island people. Stop giving the idiot attention.

  7. Anonymous says:

    You feeling the “BVI LOVE”?

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