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Active COVID cases double in one week! Case count now at 50

Dr Ronald Georges

Active COVID-19 cases in the BVI have rocketed to more than four dozen in the past few days.

Acting Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr Ronald Georges gave that indication during the government’s meeting with stakeholders in the local transportation-for-hire industry last evening.

“Currently, today we have 50 active cases, last week we had 25 and the numbers are creeping back up,” Dr Georges disclosed.

He explained that the local hospital continues to see daily positive cases, both from the local community and from persons who are screened as they enter the territory.

During its recent spike several weeks ago, the BVI saw an astronomical spread in the virus that resulted in more than 1,600 positive cases. From that period of community spread, the territory saw more than 100 persons being hospitalised and experienced some 36 COVID-related deaths, Dr Georges said.

The CMO said: “We’ve just come out of a bad place. We’re in a relatively good place but we still have to be very cautious and pensive about where we’re going. So, as we’re seeing the numbers inching up a little bit right now, as I’m saying, we have to be still cautious.”

Mitigation methods

Addressing the issue of managing the risk of increased cases in the territory given a likely resumption of cruise passengers, Dr Georges said passengers can either be tested up to 72 hours before their arrival or alternatively placed in a bubble where the testing option is waived.

Cruise industry officials have indicated that they are not in favour of the first option of testing upon arrival.

The purpose of the second option, he disclosed, would be to limit the potential exposure and risk to the community.

In order to make the bubble option workable, Dr Georges said there needed to be a high level of vaccination and a high level of implementation of public health measures.

The CMO said the issue was a balancing act for the Cabinet, which is the executive arm of government.

“Those are the kind of considerations that Cabinet has to make in deciding how it will move forward with I would say the resumption of cruise [passengers] and it’s a balancing act balancing the potential risks of another outbreak in the territory and the impacts of that together with the benefits,” Dr Georges said.


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  1. until when says:

    until when everyone get vaccinated or we have at least 85% of the population vaccinated we will continue to have these kind of repeat in spike in numbers.

    school is about to reopen and sadly it’s just a matter of time for such to happen.

    1. a lot of kids still think this thing is not real and or with the views of their parents who think’s a conspiracy set up by the bigger heads.

    2. also kids are young and still have not mature enough to keep good hygiene practices, with the numbers will spike quick.

    so therefore he is not wrong with his predictions. However, i truly hope that this will not be the case.

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    • Interesting says:

      You need to go read what’s happening to Israel, the highest vaccinated country in the world. Yes, you can vaccinate but if you don’t get the booster, it’s as if you are not vaccinated sadly.

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      • completely untrue says:

        In Israel the rate of serious cases among unvaccinated people over age 60 (178.7 per 100,000) was NINE times more than the rate among fully vaccinated people of the same age category, and the rate of serious cases among unvaccinated people in the under-60 crowd (3.2 per 100,000) was a little more than double the rate among vaccinated people in that age bracket.

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      • Anonymous says:

        “The vaccinated patients are older, unhealthy, often they were bedridden before infection, immobile and already requiring nursing care,” said Noa Eliakim-Raz, head of the coronavirus ward at Rabin Medical Centre in Petach Tikva.

        In contrast, “the unvaccinated COVID patients we see are young, healthy, working people and their condition deteriorates rapidly,” she said. “Suddenly they’re being put on oxygen or on a respirator.”

    • Hmmmm says:

      Whenever a new shipment of vaccines arrives the cases goes up?
      What’s up with that?

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  2. SMH says:

    Here We go again! ?

  3. Lmb says:

    And none of the cases are sick people or symptom people. But you and CM think you are slick. Rigging everybody test so now people come back positive when they are not and don’t have no covid.

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  4. please do something says:

    what I want to bring to the public attention is that one primary school yesterday had a clean up and asked children parents to send their kids which is fine .but when I arrive at the school sometime during the morning I saw custodial workes mingling with the children without any mask.i saw teaches mingling with the children without any mask.i even took pictures to keep proof .my daughter had on her mask the entire morning. the principal of that school had on her mask the entire morning. but one custodial worker at that primary school in East end was up in the children faces given them instructions. and some teachers was doing the same. ministry of education do something before we parents do it.

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    • To please do something says:

      So, YOU witnessed all that and YOU did nothing???? Now, you come on here to bash the people. You’re the type who would see a dying human and rather than help, you’ll whip out your phone and make a video….sick bshhhh

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  5. Cruiser says:

    I’m happy to stay on my comfortable cruise ship with 100% vaccinated crew and guests than go ashore where unvaccinated people still exist. In fact most cruise ship owners will probably avoid ports where unvaccinated people live.

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    • obviously not says:

      including Florida, where the cruise ships are based, and where there is a law banning even asking for vaccine status.

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  6. tricks says:


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  7. PT9 says:


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    • Lmb says:

      You can call it stupid but prove me wrong. The icu unit has nobody in it. The covid area have people that been there long time with underlying issues like diabetes and on dialysis. None of these 50 cases are symptoms. Prove me wrong. They have manipulated the results in the lab so that the range for negative results is much smaller than the rest of the world. So we are getting far more positive cases that really aren’t positive at all. Prove me wrong.

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  8. Hmmm says:

    Cases will go up because we fail to adhere to safety measures and guidelines.

    Government fail to police bars that are harboring large crowds and fail to follow the necessary protocols in place.

    So local cases will go up until we hold each other accountable.

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  9. Pleasure in negative message.. says:

    Boss Covid aint going no where soon…Tell us how to co exist, how to open the economy safely.. We need Cruiseships. How can we do that safely.. We have to accept the presence of covid and find away forward…Give us positive and forward thinking messages.

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  10. Boosted says:

    While you are all still deciding whether or not to get vaccinated, I just received my booster shot. Now I have so many antibodies, I could lick the door handle of a COVID victim’s vehicle and not get sick. What are you waiting for?

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  11. Them need to stop it says:

    Minister of health and Dr. George one of your biggest outbreak it’s coming right out of the hospital u all need to go clean from the fifth to the fort to the tour to the second to the ground to the cafeteria to the kitchen u f up ppl life and the ppl them That test positive out of the hospital off Have the one shot and fully vaccinated and some if them is hospital workers

  12. @ BOOSTED says:

    U licking everything these days , so you mat
    continue licking

  13. Me says:

    Everytime black face say the vax expiring the numbers start climb misson ayo dont done ??

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