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Adjustments to be made to the RT traffic reform following simulation

Following the completion of the historic traffic simulation exercise which was conducted in Road Town on Friday, May 1, Transportation Minister Kye Rymer said a few adjustments will need to be made.

Minister Rymer noted that the exercise, which saw more than 100 motorists participating, was a success but said his team of experts spotted some changes which will be added to the existing plan.

This is to ensure that the new directional traffic flow intended for the capital before the end of 2020 runs smoothly once it comes into effect.

“What we saw today is that we have to do some alterations to one of the roads at Noel Lloyd Park. Public Works, they have committed that it is something that they will get done in the short term, so we are hoping to come back again and update the public before we set a date,” Rymer stated.

“What we are doing also is that we are putting in traffic signs so that you will have directional signs, stop signs, yield signs and we are working along with the Public Works Department. They are out, they have assessed exactly where will have dotted lines and where will have solid lines,” he added.

Rerouting of traffic only viable option

Minister Rymer also explained that the decision to reroute the traffic to ease congestion in Road Town was the only viable option.

He said: “Usually a proven way to mitigate traffic congestion is to increase capacity of the road network. We acknowledge that we cannot increase capacity in Road Town by adding new roads. This would be impractical as the constraints and layout does not allow for such measures.”

“Another popular method for increasing capacity to address traffic congestion is to construct additional lanes to existing roads; however, this is not practical in Road Town,” the minister added.

Other phases of the project to come

Meanwhile, Rymer said the rerouting of traffic in the capital is only one phase of the project and revealed some of the other plans intended to complete the full transformation of Road Town.

“We will add an additional lane going westbound coming out of Admin Drive onto Waterfront Drive, where we will hold more capacity of vehicles so that the traffic can flow and move quickly going to the western end of the island,” he said.

The other phases include the implementation of paid parking lots within the Road Town area; free parking at the Festival Grounds to accommodate up to 270 vehicles; and free shuttle service from the Festival Grounds into Road Town.

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  1. Click says:

    Mark suggested this same plan when he was with the VIP during his Chevette, nothing new.

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    • Really says:

      The most proven method where increase in traffic has caused delays and overloading of “trips” of the existing thoroughfares is to not change the traffic flow but to add alternate routes to the most used destinations. Re-directing traffic on the existing roads will prove to be a “cluster f**k”. Can’t wait to see how long this will last.

    • But says:

      The discussions were during the previous administration time. It does not matter though, if it’s the right thing to do for the country just do it – it really doesn’t matter who did it.

  2. Ms.Corona says:

    Who will pay for the ” FREE SHUTTLE” I’ve heard NOTHING IS FREE.

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  3. Retired says:

    Please do something about the continuous traffic congestion at the Road Town Ferry Dock. Taxis and private vehicles are always blocking the west bound lanes and turning into the east bound lanes.

  4. Suggestion says:

    Restrict the number of vehicles per household to address the growing traffic congestion.

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    • See says:

      Vetter have police stationed by the banks to ticket people who park in the road for a drop off. One blocked lane and the new plan is shot

  5. Lee says:

    Hon. Kye, what the BVI needs is a bridge that connects anywhere from the waterfront straight to Baughers Bay area that will definitely ease some of the traffic in Road Town. It would not hurt to get some ideas from foreign engineers and see if that is feasible. I believe Elmore Stoutt had suggested that plan when he was the Minister for Communications.

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  6. Click says:

    Totally agree with retired, that is where the main traffic lies, we need a proper study to be done to measure the amount of vehicles transiting the area hourly which would detail exactly where the problems lie on a hourly basis, because it seems eyerone but the persons in Government knows that the vast majority of the problem lies with the ferry dock and adjacent parking area in front of Pussers.

  7. Traffic chief says:

    We need to carefully review this traffic change. We have to take into consideration the following.
    Corporate Road Town
    Business Road Town
    Residential Road Town
    Cruise Ship and School impact on traffic
    Parking restrictions
    Time parking,paid parking,booting of vehicles
    Emergency vehicles
    Pedestrian traffic
    Traffic lights and signage
    Amendments to the RT regulations

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hon Kye. While this is on the agenda, do a feasibility study on shoreline connecting roads where possible.

    Last, the possibility of under ground tunnels or elevated road systems.

    Population growth is inevitable. Road infrastructue must keep pace to accomodate.

  9. why says:

    why is this map so small? Why can you go to the pier park but you can’t leave?

  10. Texas Blood Tolian Roots says:

    Need to slow pop growth with some of these ungrateful people coming her to prog.

  11. Right Sed Fred says:

    Remember when Hon Fraser tried to out traffic lights on round-about. How long did that las5?

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