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After frustrated cries, Paraquita Bay water woes being addressed

The government has commenced work to address the longstanding water woes faced by farmers at Paraquita Bay, with the installation of new distribution lines on farmlands in the area.
A statement from Agriculture Minister Dr Natalio Wheatley said the work is being done through the “collaborative efforts of the Minister for Agriculture and the Minister for Transportation Works & Utilities along with the hardworking professionals at the Water & Sewerage Department.”
“This project has been promised for years but never materialised until now. Since this new government has taken office, farmers will soon have a reliable and steady supply of water. Another promise made and promise kept. A promise delivered with BVI LOVE,” Dr Wheatley stated.
The announcement that the longstanding issue is being addressed follow the complaints of frustrated farmers who last week spoke to ZBVI radio and highlighted the struggles they were facing in their line of work.
The farmers explained that they didn’t believe the Agriculture Ministry was doing enough to address the problem as they bemoaned the costs of purchasing water for farming.
“It’s ridiculous that the government talks about agriculture and all our farms are burning up. They gave us a stimulus package but what should we invest in? There’s no water and this is garbage! We need action in Paraquita Bay, this is our livelihood. The government filled their pockets with money and we’re up here suffering, starving to death,” one farmer said.
“I want to move my farm from Cane Garden Bay to Paraquita Bay but I can’t because you cannot rear chickens without water. There’s a water plant by the foot of the road! So what’s the problem? I’m calling on all the representatives, not just one Minister. Don’t come to Cane Garden Bay to tell me stupidness. I have chickens with a friend here and it’s better for me to kill them because there’s no water,” another farmer explained.
“Right now if the food stops coming in here, everybody will die of hunger and we cannot eat marijuana. Right now, it’s either Andrew Fahie come out of his seat and the Chief of Agriculture. Two years now and he’s not doing anything for farmers. So we need food and we are getting angry now,” one female farmer explained.
Another female farmer added: ” Buying water costs me $350, I cannot afford it. If we can’t farm, how are we going to feed the people of the BVI. Please we need help concerning water.”

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  1. Sarah says:

    why do we need a picture for this??? just do the work and leave out the need to post everything..

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    • Deh Watcha says:

      Posing they like.

      Everything is a press conference

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    • @Sarah says:

      So that y’all same people don’t wonder what they do for you the past 4 years before election. Duuuuuhhhh…you people complain about everything. Have mercy!!!

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    • @Sarah says:

      You’re lucky we didn’t have a GRAND WATER-BACK-ON CEREMONY!!! They are beyond sickening with the childish bulls**t. Speed bumps, parking lot paving, bathroom building and it’s plastered all over as accomplishments while minor kids are home alone for a year barely learning s**t.

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  2. lol says:

    If they patch a hole in the ground there is a live or a facebook post

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    • @lol says:

      That’s how its done. Didn’t you know that’s what Winston Churchill did…no good politician would carry out the people’s job in secret

  3. .... says:

    everything is a selfie moment.. do some real work, work in the shadows hurry fix the schools…take a look outside more liming by the gate than actually being home online.. take a pic of that

  4. SMH says:

    Maybe We need to look into Water Purification, taking Sea or Pond Water and purifying it thus filling Wells, Cisterns or Containers on hand for irrigation.

  5. @Sarah says:

    U see anyone does things for free ….

  6. Ok says:

    Water should never be an issue for the residents of this place. Some people can’t even go home after work to shower.

  7. Hmm says:

    The fact that this is news, shows how complacent we have become. Our infrastructure should be regularly maintained to the point where the article does not begin with “After frustrated cries”

  8. Hmm says:

    The fact that this is news, shows how complacent we have become. Our infrastructure should be regularly maintained to the point where the article does not begin with “After frustrated cries”

  9. Stupps says:

    Only post and publish the negative for you guys right? Get a life – you all are sickening.

    Happy to know that you do view and read everything though.

  10. heckler says:

    why he don’t go pose by the empty schools?

  11. Styles. says:

    Hey Natalie

    Really? A selfie with the “good work” you are doing?

    What about a selfie with all the parents frustrated that their children can’t go to school.

    What about a selfie with the high school that is still in shambles.

    What a bout a selfie sitting behind a desk doing nothing all day like you actually are.

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  12. Skeptic says:


  13. Eyas says:

    Hawks Nest is a sub-division in the East End Area. It has vast potential for agriculture both for livestock and crops. It, however, has no running water even though street water is 1/2 a mile from the Prison and 1 mile away from Queen Elizabeth Bridge. Mr.Natalio Wheatley, could you urge your colleagues, Mr. Malon Penn, Mr. Neville Smith, Mr. Carvin Malone, Ms.Sharie de Castro, and Ms.Shereen Flax to invest some “Capital” and time in assisting this community in getting street water?

  14. Half full says:

    What a difference a picture makes … lol! Actually won’t have been that bad if that one picture was not included… who is advising on PR?

  15. Exactly says:

    Everything does not have to be a KODAK MOMENT.

  16. CGB says:

    When the water begins to flow, he will come up with some other excuse for not moving his stinking fowl farm from the neighbourhood!

    Instead of choosing the heart on the shelf, my hands grabbed greed, envy, money, lies … It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle …

  17. Natalio Wheatley says:

    When are you going to stop s***ing the people of the BVI? Leave …. Thanks though for dealing with the water woes in the Paraquita Bay Area.

  18. Misery says:

    They are showing everything they do so that when the miserable people say the Government not doing anything we the people know better.

  19. Let me take a selfie says:

    Photo op government . Suits on job sites

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