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Age is just a number — Lorna Smith


Former First Lady Lorna Smith has dismissed concerns over her age as being a barrier to her electability ahead of the upcoming general elections.

Not for the first time, Smith has contended that her energy and experience are the assets that matter and according to her, that experience is needed now more than ever to ensure the future of the country.

“Indeed, while some people have commented about my age, I would never swap the experience I have had, working with some of our most inspirational leaders,” Smith said recently. “Like my former schoolmates Ronnie Skelton and Honourable Julian Fraser, who are of similar age, I consider age to be merely a number.”

Smith said she believed in a combination of young, fresh-thinking leaders combined with tried and tested persons with know-how to move the country forward.

The former First Lady said she has had the good fortune of working with ‘illustrious BVI leaders and politicians’ including the late Cyril B Romney, Ralph T O’Neal, her husband and former Premier Dr D Orlando Smith, Omar W Hodge, Conrad Maduro and the great H Lavity Stoutt.

Smith said it was Stoutt who first entrusted her with overseeing the creation of the community college, which now bears his name. “It was then that I fully understood what it means to turn dreams into reality and to turn our territory into a first-world country,” she remarked.

In the meantime, Smith contended that the ability of youth to thrive and prosper is central to her vision of a sustainable future for the BVI.

She counted her mentorship of young professionals and her decade-long tenure with the board of the Youth Empowerment Programme (YEP) and the board of the HLSCC as critical in helping her with understanding the challenges that some young people face.

“These challenges are greater than ever before and to address them, I believe we need to start with fundamental reform to improve our childcare and our education system. At the most pivotal, we need to ensure we are providing the very best education at both elementary and high school levels,” Smith said.


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  1. Baby Ruth says:

    Ronnie is your age and Fraser is older than you so what is their point on age. We are too sexist in this place.

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  2. well sa says:

    Do not waste your time because I am not voting for you. You walk around this country believing that somehow you are better than others.

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  3. Friend of the BVl says:

    Having travelled often to the BVl, and also having the opportunity to work with the wonderful people of the BVl, l indeed think that this upcoming election has the right balance of youth and experience, both of which have its part to play in steadying the ship of state.

    I thank the good lady therefore in giving the electorate the option of mixing youth and experience, which will augur well for the nation. Much success to you the people of the BVl, your best days are ahead of you.

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  4. Wellsaw says:

    Listen we need experience. When the USVI Governor was pressuring Andrew for water rights Andrew went and put fees and policies in place to keep our water rights.

    After he was removed this inexperienced yahoo with the consent of his other ministers including mitch and Marlon went ahead and remove the fees and policy and gave it to the USVI Governor.

    If the people of this country allow Natalio and Kye to run this country for the next four years it will be balling and gnashing of teeth. They don’t have the experience or ability and maturity to manage a country. What they are good at is killing you with a smile on their faces deceptive and dangerous.

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  5. ??? says:


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  6. Lol says:

    She done pass 70 and everyone can see that she has …. Comparing to Frazer or Skelton based on age is nonsense. We have eyes in our head! We also remember the scandals at the BVI London House …. More. This is not just about number age.

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  7. The TRUTH says:

    Facts. Joe Biden is a 1,000 years old.

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  8. Faith says:

    Lorna, I like you, but it is time you and the good doctor retire fully, enjoy your grandchildren and travel the world. You do not need the added stress that comes with running the country.

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  9. Lol says:

    Stop editing free speech that you media likes to claim. Editing people post. I said she has not aged well! What is wrong with that? I said we remember her * fridays. What is wrong with that? Quitos, Pussers, Bambooshay. Public knowledge. Media don’t want to be censored but you stay censoring people posts.

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  10. DOA says:


    Get the caskets ready mah boi!!!

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  11. To Lorna says:

    Dear Lorna, I will never make a comment about a person age, because I too cherish each day the master grant me another day. We see so many young people cut down in the prime of their youth and it is a blessing to see advance years. Im not going put no curse on myself and then get cut down because of karma. I will not.

    I feel if the constitutiom gives a person who meets the requirements to put themself as a candidate once they have sound mind, I see no problem in them running for office. Its their democratice and constitutional rught if they think they would be an asset to the governance and leadership of the country. Go ahead and be great.

    What I have a problem with though is that you were the Mrs. Prenier from your home and watched the dear doc and NDP drive nail after nail in BVI coffin, but it was all for the advancement of all of the NDP and family and cronies who all prospered. Your family medical squeeze the NHI teetee and became millionaires off the back of the country.

    And now you have the answer? And now we must vote for you on election morning? And now you are our humble servant who we can trust? Nobody from NDP or VIP deserve to have not as much as a toilet key to the government. None of the other candidates so far give me any confort either because its all people who have their personal agendas and cant wait to sock it to some of us.

    Wish the ballot would have a line for UK rule for 2 years. Mr Governor where are you and what are you planning to do

    No one has to agree with me, but I have a right to my opinion and you have yours.

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  12. Belonga says:

    BVI needs Lorna with here experience and know how in Gov’t. If you put Lorna in a debate with Ronnie and Frazer she will mall them over. Neither one is as articulate as Lorna. She has my vote

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  13. says:

    Guess she saw my ole jack comment still don’t change the fact that you a walking bubbler

  14. @belonger says:

    No debate winner can’t clean up the islands ppot of piss we in right now. Not a soul who running can make us look good. Not a one

  15. Anonymous says:

    7.2 million is just a number too but I hope they get every cent back from your husband or lock his @$$ up.

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  16. Correct says:

    Age is just a number and at your age number of 70+ it is time for her to retire and STOP TAKING JOBS FROM YOUNGER MORE QUALIFIED BVI ISLANDERS.

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  17. blindman says:

    @ wellsaw that the problem with you people everything is personal with you all , election is about the most capable person to move the country forward and so far of all the canidates contesting Miss Smith is more than qualify, so your one vote cant hurt.

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  18. lol says:

    Running for a fourth term. Had three previous terms as Premier

  19. Cherry says:

    I think people are not thinking, this woman is an adult with great knowledge. You people need to stop.
    Friends don’t run the BVI.
    Let People like her show the younger head the correct road.

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  20. What? says:

    And she did show her husband the correct road? She was right there in the engine room.

  21. Obviously says:

    Age is not just a number. It is an indication of
    the time elapsed in years since your birth. How stupid must this woman be to not know that?

  22. Delusional says:

    You really think the BVi and vi are the same?
    You crazy! We will NEVER have the Americans
    anywhere near running this place nor will
    they be British. We have loyalty to our own, not some imaginary
    brotherhood. Might as well say we one nation with Anguilla.

  23. Butt flaps says:

    It’s a island not a country

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