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Air quality monitoring stations to be installed, distribution of 400 filter masks begin today

Health Minister Carvin Malone. (BVI News photo)

Coupled with the hundreds of filtered masks that are now available to residents, Health Minister Carvin Malone said nearly half-dozen air quality monitoring stations are being installed around the smoke-affected western end of Tortola.

“The [Environmental Health] Department will embark on a project to install four air quality monitoring stations in the surrounding communities of the Pockwood Pond Waste Management Site so as to advise residents of the corrective actions that will be deemed necessary in the event of the disturbances caused by fires and smoke,” Malone said.

The minister, who was speaking during Tuesday’s sitting of the House of Assembly, did not reveal the date or length of time it will take to complete the installation of the monitoring stations.

In the meantime, Malone said the Environmental Health Department will be on hand this week to demonstrate and train individuals on the proper usage of the masks.

“The Environment Department is now in the possession of approximately 400 filtered masks which will be available to affected persons and households in Pockwood Pond and west of the incinerator beginning Thursday, July 18 at the office Environmental Health located at John’s Hole next to the Red Cross building,” Malone said.

And while noting that enough masks will be made available to also supply to residents on the sister island of Virgin Gorda and any other areas that may be impacted, Malone is inviting those persons to participate in the training as well.

The legislator assured residents that while works continue on the incinerator to fully restore normalcy, all efforts should continue to reduce the occurrences of spontaneous combustion and the smoke that affect residents and visitors.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What a near sighted useless band aid. Is this the kind of results we get from educated minds?

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      Natures Little Secrets

      • Rubber Duck says:

        Anyone thinking of going on holiday to somewhere where the air is so bad the locals wear masks?

        If this story gets out visitor numbers will plummet.

        Stop this non sense now

        Fix the problem.

    • Arfrodiety says:

      Thank you for the monitors. What happens when they show pollution? Shouldn’t we focus on waste management solutions before focusing on pollution monitoring? We don’t need a million dollar monitoring program to tell us that the dump is on fire.

  2. No Thanks says:

    Who want to use the masks, all well and good but I am not wearing those S”t. What the h”l you people think.want people to walk around looking like some d”n freaks.

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  3. vip heckler says:

    The people in the premier’s district will look like those in the holocaust and i only hope that it is not this minister in the photo above who is making the money off this? Because i read some where where he will be getting exemption also

  4. mark my words says:

    All this means that the end is no where in sight. This incinerator will not be fixed no time soon.

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    • Nope says:

      They are to d**n stupid or dumb to figure things out. I live in the West and I refuse to wear that S**t on my face looking like a fool.

  5. ??? says:

    My God, we all know what the air quality is…. Get off your asses… VIP Government and get the freakin incinerator fixed. You are the ones blowing smoke now. You knew of the problem before you took office, how many months gone now? It is your job to fix it. not buy masks and spending money on monitors. Are we to hear the same story we got from thhe NDP? We voted you in because we were sick of hearing their BS. Now you following in their footsteps. You are silently killing people.

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  6. At least says:

    The former Government will not get the blame for people dropping dead this time. Fix or figure out a way to fix the d**n problem.

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  7. j says:

    will there be any people left in 1st district to vote come next election?

  8. wow says:

    Man I am so ashamed I don’t have the words to type! WOW, just WOW!

  9. Dman says:

    When the tourists set foot in the new West End Terminal, issue masks, nose plugs and a hazmat suit with the free bug spray then maybe something will be done for the long suffering population west of the antiquated and broken incinerator.

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  10. What!!! says:

    No need to spend money on air quality monitors ask anyone living West what the air quality is they will tell you free of charge

    • IMO says:

      What do you think the air quality results will be? A RESOUDING GOOD AIR QUALITY REPORT!!!! Just ask all the bosses that have employees suffering in mold infested buildings. Pure lies to secure themselves. But, I will like to warn them that there is a GOD that is sitting high.

  11. Nope says:

    They are to d**n stupid or dumb to figure things out. I live in the West and I refuse to wear that S**t on my face looking like a fool.

  12. I suggest says:

    This Government swallow their pride and ask and pay a US agency to help them figure out this problem. Do they really think a d**n mask is going to solve the problem? Sooooo, are you expected to sleep and wear these things 24 hours a day? Not in the H*ll I will. Mann,whoever idea this was,has got to be the a real simpleton.It is like the Doctor perform surgery and the incision needs 20 stitches/ staples and the doctor slap a bandage on the open incision and call it a day. I agree, at least the last Government is not going to take the blame when s**t hit the fan this time.

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  13. Caribbean Girl says:

    And what do the four air quality monitoring stations in the surrounding communities of the Pockwood Pond Waste Management Site do or accomplish? What are they for, when we already know that the air quality in the area is BAD? Waste of money with that and the masks. Just to show that they care and doing something. But do the RIGHT thing; fix the problem and start recycling.

  14. My goodness says:

    Is that all you suppose to be highly educated people can do? Well common sense will always surpass book sense.

    • Concerned says:

      What we need is a new incinerator, hopefully one which also creates power. Putting band aids on the existing one, especially parts ordered from the defunct company supplying the original one is a JOKE. I don’t know who we voted in but apparently this government is unable to fix a problem like that which threatens our lifelyhood the Tourism-industry. We rather waste money on bodyguards, air-quality sensors and face-masks. Have people walk around with face-masks and you will see how fast that will be in Social Media spread all over the globe and no more Tourists.

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  15. Hmm says:

    All this going on ! A life and death situation! And where is Andrew? Still bashing NDP before he start getting these critical situations fixed!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Dust masks filter out particulate matter, not noxious gases and vapors (read the labels). Few ever wear them as designed. How often should they be replaced? Should they be worn 24/7? Air monitoring is after the fact because samples have be analyzed in labs overseas. It’s not real time. So what do the results really show? Neither masks nor air testing do anything to mitigate the problem. Stop burning garbage (if quantity is the issue, then better waste management policies should be implemented). Fix the incinerator (or commission a new one).

  17. IT'S TIME says:

    Can we just stop wasting money and time and FIX THE PROBLEM. Like really! This is quite frustrating to the residents of those communities and to the Tax Dollars of us all.


    Looking like some crazy epidemic has broken out in our country. JUST CRAZY

  18. STANDARDS says:

    we Built our house in Carrot Bay in 2005 and the smoke from the incinerator was a problem from even then. It has only gotten worse! The air quality is a mess and a health hazard. Unfortunately, there is no waste management, no adequate maintenance at the dump, broken down equipment. Even if we get a new waste management disposal system that works – without burning the trash and killing us all, the question is, who is capable of running it properly?? Who will have the responsibility of maintaining it on an ongoing basis? While the Minister has issued a good faith gesture by offering masks, are we expected to wear these indoors as well as well as outdoors? 24/7, because the toxins from the incinerator don’t wait for permission to come into my house.

  19. Managing director says:
    Shout out a local company that is being avoided with documented proof from may 2018.

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