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Airport Authority head chided for incomplete COI submissions

Managing Director of the BVIAA, Clive Smith.

Managing Director of the BVI Airport Authority (BVIAA), Clive Smith, was issued a stern rebuke on Monday after failing to properly fill out and submit requested documents for the Commission of Inquiry (COI).

COI attorney, Bilal Rawat, told Smith there was a tranche of documents that he ought to have submitted in response to the COI’s request.

Smith told the COI that his failure to properly complete the affidavit was because he had been rushing to get the documents submitted in time for the COI’s deadline.

The BVIAA boss further told the COI he only realised certain documents were left out after the fact.

As for the documents Smith did send, he included a statement invoking ‘privilege’. This is a fundamental legal right that allows persons to resist sharing confidential or sensitive information.

When questioned by Rawat about the privilege he asserted in his submissions, Smith was unclear about the reference and could not properly explain the premise on which he made that declaration. It was later discovered that the document on which he asserted privilege was given to him and Smith told the COI he did not seek to find out what it meant.

Submissions unhelpful

But the COI’s Commissioner, Sir Gary Hickinbottom, was not content to accept Smith’s responses.

“I think it’s safe to say from this morning, that your affidavit is, to say the least, extremely disappointing because there are a lot of documents, clearly relevant to the requests, clearly falling within the requests which have not been produced and your affidavit is simply not complete.”

And as far as the COI was concerned, Sir Gary said Smith’s submissions were really unhelpful, especially in light of the strict timetable it was facing.

Sir Gary encouraged Smith to seek advice from attorneys available to the BVIAA board or any other that might be necessary to assist him in preparing the affidavit.

Smith was then directed to prepare a full affidavit within seven days in accordance with the initial request that was sent to him through the Chairman of the Airports Authority board on June 14.


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  1. Strruuppes says:

    Thing he want to be in. It was addressed to Bevis he should have allowed Bevis to respond. Now he is made to answer and clearly he dont have a clue. Embarrassing to say the least.

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    • TikYok says:

      Well what was insinuated w a s that thisxwas pushed on Smith hurry hurry.Bevis opted out and sent the lamb to be slaughtered.
      Note the repeated questions early on put my Rawat..
      Did you VOLUNTEER to be here,why,where is Bevis etc..
      Why did Smith find himself in that position and did not /could not say No noki won’t go.

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    • He says:

      He got spanked by Sir Gary and Rawat. He signed his name to documents which he clearly didn’t prepare and had no clue what anything meant. This episode clearly shows how totally inept many are in high positions. It appears that if they went to school in the US for basket weaving they are now material to head all sorts of high level government positions. This c**wn and Foy are perfect examples.

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  2. Shame says:

    Wow. Ah shame big time. Ah shame, Ah shame, Ah shame. How he leading the authority when he cant lead himself and follow instructions?

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  3. Staff says:

    That’s what happens when lil bowy think he could do big man job. This must have been the worst of all the COI interviews. It was so embarrassing. Imaging the Acting Managing Director of two years cannot answer how many board members are on the Board.? IMMATURITY AND INCOMPETENCE!!!!

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    • @ Staff says:

      My sentiments exactly! He could not even list the board members. My mouth was on my desk for the entire interview. It was painful to watch.

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  4. Not Surprising says:

    Unfortunately, this is not at all surprising. I would be surprised if any of these so called ‘leaders’ on this island could tie their shoelaces. They should be walking around with helmets.

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  5. hhhhhmmmmm says:

    how on the planet he get to head anything, didn’t use his brain back then so he cya use it now……

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  6. Resident says:

    This is why the CoI needs more time; keep going ’til you get the answers Sir Gary.

    100,000 pages in no sort of order, or not responsive to what has been requested, doesn’t move matters forward.

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  7. itstime says:

    Most of the people Andrew Fahie picked for these positions are ready for the job.

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  8. Rubber Duck says:

    Wait, isn’t this the competent brother of the competent attorney general. She should have advised him to prepare properly.

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  9. TikYok says:

    Well what was insinuated w a s that thisxwas pushed on Smith hurry hurry.Bevis opted out and sent the lamb to be slaughtered.
    Note the repeated questions early on put my Rawat..
    Did you VOLUNTEER to be here,why,where is Bevis etc..
    Why did Smith find himself in that position and did not /could not say No I won’t go.

    It appears to me that the IRU is determined to not cooperate with the COI in submitting all the evidence requested and that what is submitted is not completed.
    This puzzles me given the fact that we have much to lose by being uncooperative.
    Reminds me of the unexplained and puzzling hostility towards the former Governor from the day of his arrival to the VI.
    I am beginning to think that we are out of touch with reality.
    Or perhaps it is simply the attitude of the VI civil servants who are always resistant angry,uncooperative,annoyed and surprisingly stupid.

    ,resistant, and stupid.

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    • Friend says:

      Google ,,Bevis Sylvester

      The Economist
      July 30,2019

      Some clarification on Bevis Sylvester.

      • BVI Future says:

        Thank you for that article, my Friend.

      • The Economist? says:

        That is not The Economist magazine. That’s Jaspert’s propaganda site. Y’all forget that was when Jaspert was pressuring Fahie to sign on to the loan guarantee.

        • Hmmm says:

          Well then what magazine is it
          How did you locate the article…and know that it is the said article that is being referenced.
          Are you saying that Bevis Sylvester has never been previously convicted and sentenced for corruption within the BVI Government?

        • Really? says:

          Thanks for the clarification. I located it withn the Economist as directed.
          The article also mentioned Cline and also Willock.
          Jaspert seems to have had keen insight within a relatively short time.

  10. SCAPEGOAT says:


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  11. BVI Future says:

    Privilege on government documents?
    Apparently, Smith was not the person who wrote the word privilege, so who did?
    The time has passed, and these politicians, commissioners and directors need to know that he has to protect himself. The COI is a serious matter.
    Lord, have mercy on us!

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  12. Deh Watcha says:

    This is a prime example of what ‘stay in yuh lane’ means.

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  13. I guess I understand says:

    After watching Mr. Clive Smith’s testimony I’m impressed he was able to tie a tie.

    Seems like the perfect guy to have on the team. Do anything you want, he won’t notice.

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  14. Anonymous says:

    All who enter politics across the globe become greedy. Many went into politics just for them big money.The. VI is no exception.

    Sadly, the population has seen itself sold by those people since at least 19440 at least. The selling of the people continue to this day to obtaining millions for themselves, and their circle, forgeting that no matter how rich they get, they still going to die leaving those millions behind.

    Almighty God is watching, spceially when genuine help is needed, can be offered, but is not given, even though it can be done.

  15. SMH says:

    I don’t care( point of correction) I do cCare. But this whatever he name Sir Whomever, seems to have a hidden Agenda. From My observation, he indulged deeply into questioning Some Government Positions (held by Young Virgin Islanders) as if they shouldn’t have the Position. LOOK only in the Virgin Islands it appears to be a bad thing to have folks under Senior Citizen Category to hold such Position. It’s very bad when Our Own bashed these Folks and disgraceful when they are in agreement with Outsiders. SMH! BVI WE GOING FORWARD! THEY NOT GOING STOP US! WE SHALL RISE!

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    • @SMH says:

      if they are not fit to be in those positions of course they shouldn’t be there. But we should get the best people in and have locals train and rise up on merit here and abroad.

      This is also the reason there was so much fuss and a destruction of the RDA. There was an insistence that work was done properly. Local business owners and professionals missed a trick or were blocked from it because it could have worked by local businesses partnering above board with imported skilled specialists.

      We need to see the light to move forward.

  16. Born here says:

    Jamaicans say” shame ah na load but it does break neck”.
    Try go sit your sorry a$$ down in a corner, all ah you dey so are an embarrassment to the Territory.

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  17. Quick Find says:

    Did a lil research on Bevis Sylvester. Quick reference in The Economist July 30 2019 detail a stint for corruption conviction right here within the BVI Gov…. this gives some insight as to why the cowardly action to not face the COI…
    Handpicked by F***e along with Wi****k,C***e.

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  18. observer says:

    If is one thing the Smith dem look like they loyal they don’t jump ship like the Clines.

  19. Friend says:

    Google ,,Bevis Sylvester

    The Economist
    July 30,2019

    Some clarification on Bevis Sylvester.

  20. thanks says:


  21. GO SIT Down says:

    Rushing my foot you had plenty time
    On your hand to get your sh$%$ in order you take everything for a big JOKE you make I shame mon. YOU NOT FIT FOR THAT POSITION CLIVE GO SIT DOWN.

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  22. GO SIT Down says:

    you take everything for a big JOKE you make I shame mon. YOU NOT FIT FOR THAT POSITION CLIVE GO SIT DOWN.

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  23. Scribe says:

    Their lineage (Smiths)and contribution to the USVI and BVI and other Caribbean Islands is well documented and can be traced for almost 2 centuries.
    Cline, a Vincentian according to the sages is,as I have observed, an opportunist and a poverty p**p capitalizing on human sufferings.

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    • Leave a comment says:

      The reason we have i***ts running out he country and appointed in senior positions within the government is because we make decisions based on lineage and not qualifications.

      Can’t you see that this born here mentality is destructive.

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  24. indee says:

    Just imagine what the poor workers on Beef Island have to go thru daily with folks like that at the helm? SMH

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  25. Big man thing says:

    This goofy guy thinks he knows it all and can’t run an airport, like his predecessors… One of whom he undermine to kiss a** under Bevis. I’m glad you got handed over and spanked, you failed the staff and the airport. The board is controlling and out of tune with aviation, I’m happy this day has come… They need to replace you immediately… ASSI is on there way. I’m smelling a shutdown of the airport.

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  26. Wow says:

    GOD don’t like ugly. He went on there l**ng saying that we don’t have a procurement policy and HE trying to write one. LIES. We have one and been using it since 2014. The former FC made sure she made those policies before she left…

  27. @ SMH says:


  28. Crosses says:

    What an embarrassment! They need to go tourism board for the other C***e too. 2 waste of time unqualified cronies AF and Bev put as puppets. COI will have a field day Tourism board wth that Board and the chairman there too.

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  29. concern says:

    Wtih all due respect after looking at this guy testimony/evidence am appall as to how he got that top post. Inability to comprehend simple question and to answer those question in an academically.

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  30. STAFF ST BVIAA says:

    …he just not ready and thats why the airport is in a total mess from … all setta use less donkies

  31. Oh says:

    I hope someone explained the word rebuke to him.

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