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All cargo shipped to BVI via airlift now subject to new gov’t taxes

All cargo entering the British Virgin Islands via airlift will now be subject to new fees starting next month.

A number of local cargo shipping companies have already begun notifying their customers of the new change, which they said will take effect on September 1.

The fees range from $1 to $30 depending on the weight of the item being shipped.

The new cargo transfer fees approved under the previous NDP administration.

These fees were approved under the previous NDP administration days before they were voted out as the governing political party.

The fees have been included in a document titled Virgin Islands Airport (Fees and Charges) Order of 2019. This document was published in government’s official newsletter on February 6 this year and is now part of the territory’s Airport legislation.

According to the said document, the fees will be paid into the general revenues of the BVI Airport Authority.

Due to this new tax, at least one local cargo shipping company has advised its customers, who want to avoid these additional costs, to exercise the use of maritime shipping services.


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  1. strupppssss says:

    yal going tax us to death? soon there will be tax for the air we breathe….

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  2. BA says:

    Good move an them a$$ asked and it shall be given

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  3. Tax says:

    Yes tax tax tax. We can’t get our hands on the $350 mil and we are losing financial sector money. Less cruise ships also. We need this money for our bank accounts. When we become politicians we are expected to fill our pockets. Where do you think the money will come from. Just pay us and shut up!!

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  4. :) says:

    NDP the gift that keeps on giving.

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  5. smh says:

    Poor Islanders

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  6. vip heckler says:

    The VIP welcomes this money to help pay for the bodyguards, fancy SUV’s and the posh interior decoration for the premier’s office

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    • STFU says:

      We welcome any donations to help pay for your psychiatric treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder. Every article the same rhetoric, like dude/ madam get a life.

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  7. Hmmm says:

    What is the purpose of the tax?

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  8. Retired says:

    This new tax seems to be another nail in the coffin of the BVI’s aviation industry. The funeral will be when Branson’s plane is the only plane still landing on a BVI runway.

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  9. It’s crazy says:

    These fees were already being charged by the local receivers here, Govt working for the people… yea f—ing right!

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  10. CW says:

    How else do you expect the gov to pay for the services you lot CONSTANTLY COMPLAIN ABOUT?


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  11. Concern says:

    Customs wasn’t getting enough on all the online products, so yes, tax away. Keep in mine, the shipping companies also have the option to pay taxes for customers up to a certain weight – that would actually be a great business incentive – but that would be too easy, since everyone trying to make more dollars.

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  12. Anonymous says:

    While the idiots were busy arguing about “their party” NDP was busy raising taxes in secret.

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  13. B******T says:

    BVIAA wants money so badly and have I***r Caribbean not paying a cent in parking fees among other fees but want to kill the small man.

  14. Must get bad b4 better says:

    The locals have no choice but to complain and or adapt…..but others 9 times out of 10 will be goin back to where they from. Taxin us to death with this new airlift fee, the money being sent outside and along with the high cost of living in order to”take the country back”is brilliant! This will force us to be independent and produce with what we have so i agree……only the best will survive therefore adding value to every aspect this place has been lacking. Soon locals, both men and women will be aspiring carpenters,mechanics, plumbers, and more. Also many apartments/houses, jobs etc will become available and no local can complain because they will get what they ask for but they got some buckin up to do!

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  15. Check It says:

    This will divert the goods to the PORT but can the Port handle the additional traffic.
    Just saying.

  16. Democracy boy says:

    Didn’t take this to the public meetings did he ?
    Don’t worry he’ll be trying to nickel and dime us on the qt

  17. Really says:

    This is such a small fee??
    The airport currently has no charges and collects no revenue apart from the landing fees of the planes.
    All cargo arriving at the seaports pay 1% wharfage FOB.
    You are all lucky they did a fixed per weight and not a % of value!

  18. Lettuce says:

    Does that mean my package of lettuce that weighs less than one pound will be taxed $1?

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